Saturday, September 19, 2009

Kelly G Rogers Suspended as an Attorney in Texas

Kelly G Rogers of Frisco Texas has identified himself as a lawyer for many years. A graduate of Southern Methodist University, Mr. Rogers earned his law degree in 1986, according to an Avvo account set up by Mr. Rogers. However, if you click on the "LICENSES" section of the Avvo website, specifically "SEE LICENSE DETAILS", you'll notice Mr. Rogers’s status is SUSPENDED. Which begs the question; why does ones law license get suspended? (Since breaking this story, Rogers has updated his license and is now calling himself a lawyer. We have contacted to state bar association to raise questions as to how the bar can justify a license when so many are calling out Kelly Rogers on his business dealings and actions?)

We dug a little deeper into this issue. After all, someone who claimed in 2005 to have an "Extensive Knowledge of Securities and Exchange Law" would surely know how to keep a law license current. At least one would think so. However, this is not the case. On March 25th, 2002, the Texas Supreme Court issued Misc docket no 02-9063 ordering the suspension of Kelly G Rogers of Frisco Texas among others. His name is found under "COLLIN COUNTY", the same county who issued an indictment of Kelly Gordon Rogers on August 3rd, 2009. His State Bar number is listed as 17194020 and we crossed checked the number against the Kos Final Judgment and found it was accurate.

The Supreme Court of Texas has established a "minimum level of requirements" to maintain a basics of a law practice. The basic requirements are outlined in Misc. Docket No. 06-9075. In this order, the Supreme Court observes; "Despite notice and the availability of the Guide to the Basics of Law Practice course, many Texas attorneys have failed to heed this Court’s orders requiring attendance". Mr. Rogers has failed to meet the MINIMUM requirements in both 2002 and 2008. Having established this failure, let's look at how Mr. Rogers utilizes the status of  being a "Lawyer" to build credibility in the community.

Free Market Foundation

The Free Market Foundation's Board of Directors listed Kelly Rogers as the
Secretary. He's is also listed as an Esquire, meaning a lawyer. OK, so is it wrong to list yourself as an Esquire even though you've been suspended by the Texas Supreme court? Probably not. However, the willingness to be listed as an Esquire, while knowing your license has been suspended, demonstrates a weird kind of need to have the "appearance" of being lawyer. It's almost seems like kind of badge of honor to build up his credibility.

We found the attached document on the internet back in January 5th, 2009 listing Kelly G Rogers as the secretary of Free Market Foundation. Mr. Rogers lists himself as Esquire, Frisco Texas. Based on this information, one has to ask themselves if the Free Market Foundation knew Rogers had been suspended. Did they know Mr. Rogers had been sued by the SEC for his part as a "Facilitator" in an illegal ponzi scheme, case 07-CV-346? Did they know that Mr. Rogers sold investment opportunities to his friends, business associates and strangers that resulted in the loss of millions of dollars? Did they know that for many, it cost people their life savings? Did they know the Rogers is being sued by a variety of disgruntled individuals and corporate entities?

To the credit of the Free Market Foundation, they must have figured it out. If you link to the "About Us" site today, Kelly Rogers is no longer listed as Secretary. Good for them!!

Legacy Christian Academy

On November 3rd, 2007 the Legacy Christian Academy hosted its "Legacy of Champions” Auction event. We've attached the brochure from that event. On page 6 of the handout, the 2007-2008 Board of Directors are listed and none other than Kelly Rogers name appears as a board member.

This raises a host of questions that need to be directed to Legacy Christian Academy. The obvious questions is how well do they know Kelly Gordon Rogers and are they aware of his actions from 2004-2009 that have resulted in a flurry of lawsuits against him? Has anyone pointed this out to fine institution?

And is he still listed part of the board in 2009? Further, are they aware of the following;

1. Do you know that Kelly Rogers has been indicted on a Felony 1 count by the State of Texas? Go to the     State of Texas site and enter the name of Rogers, Kelly to see the current  proceedings.

2. Do they know he was sued by the SEC as a result of his role as a facilitator in a ponzi scheme?

3. Do they know he raised money for a variety of business entities that are mostly bankrupt today?

4. Do they know that many investors solicited by Kelly Rogers lost their life savings, have been forced to file
    bankruptcy and lost valuable relationships due to his actions?

5. Do they know he's being sued by many is his Amway business?

6. Do they know a he filed bankruptcy in July of 2009, owning others $6.5 Million?

It would be interesting to find our if he's still on the Board of Directors? However, they may not know about all this public information so let's hope our goal of protecting the public and presenting the truth has a positive effect in this situation. Only time will tell.


Kelly Gordon Rogers said...

As a follow up to this story, Chris Harmon contacted this site. Chris is the head master at Legacy Christian Academy. He wanted to let us know that Kelly Rogers is no longer on the Board of Directors.

Three Cheers for Chris Harmon!

Anonymous said...

Kelly Rogers is a Judas without question. All parties beware. He is a Master deciever and manipulator, liar and thief and knows how to use the law for his gain and your loss. He knows the talk of virtues and the mind set of the pure and trusting so he can set you up for the kill. He is wreckless and his wife is the same. You are a fool to even be in his presence. We cannot post names or he will sue us.