Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Kelly G Rogers and Takedown Debt Settlement

Kelly Gordon Rogers has started a new company called; "Takedown Debt Settlement". This information is recorded with Stacy Kemp, County Clerk of Collin County. We've enclosed two documents to validate the information (simply click on the photo's to enlarge). Kelly G Rogers registered the information with the State on August 14th, 2009. On July 21st, 2009 Kelly Gordon Rogers filed the paperwork to record Takedown,LLC with the Texas Secretary of States office.

According to the website, "Takedown offers an aggressive debt relief option for people who have found themselves in a financial hardship and want to avoid filing bankruptcy. This program only works for people who understand there are very few options left, and are willing to make a commitment to the program. We will work with you to will help determine if debt settlement is a viable option for you. After reviewing your financial situation, analyzing the debts, considering what creditors are involved, we can then formulate a savings time-line and settlement plan, based specifically on your situation".

Kelly G Rogers has co-opted Curt Sanders as a Partner in Takedown Debt Settlement. This information has been acquired via Linkedin. To see the Linkedin profile, click here. So the obvious questions becomes;
Does Curt Sanders know about Kelly Gordon Rogers background?

In review, Kelly G Rogers was indicted by the State of Texas on July 30th, 2009. See Kelly Gordon Rogers Indicted. Kelly Gordon Rogers has requested a jury trial and an annoucement is scheduled for December 3rd, 2009. Click on the Collin County link and enter Rogers, Kelly to look up case 380-81600-09.

Additionally, Kelly G Rogers filed bankruptcy on July 27th, 2009. See Kelly G Rogers of Texas files bankruptcy. Additionally, SIX various groups have filed lawsuits against Kelly Rogers for a variety of investment schemes gone bad. See Investors sue Kelly Gordon Rogers; claims fraud and embezzlement. Additionally, the SEC sued Kelly G Rogers for his involvement in a illegal ponzi scheme. See Kelly G Rogers sued by SEC in 2007.

Recently, after having his law license suspended on 2 different occasions, Kelly Gordon Rogers has been reinstated by the State Bar of Texas. We have contacted the Bar to question this reinstatement.

This story is provided as a warning to anyone who may encounter Kelly G Rogers and his investment schemes to beware of his history. It's ugly, it's extensive and it has financially ruined many.


Anonymous said...

Seems like there's a fox in the chicken coop

Anonymous said...

If you notice past behavior, Kelly G Rogers is always on the cutting edge of the next wave in the scam world. If you study his past;

1. Bilking Medicare of tens of thousands of dollar by promotion free wheelchairs that were reimbursed by Medicare. Medicare loses $85.0 Billion a year in fraud annually.

2. Promoting level par as a "can't miss" high yield opportunity with promises of "bringing his friends along". Even personally guaranteeing the money invested. Yea right.

3. Now, debt help. Oh yea, let's have a guy who's trying to screw over 70 investors out of $4.6 Million owed and he's going to help you reduce your debt?

Be aware; it's not uncommon for someone to have their debt reduced by a significant amount, say $50,000. That person is all happy until they get their 1099 for the amount of $50,000 and have to pay taxes on that debt relief as income. So this same client who thought they're prayers had been answered now get socked with a tax burden on $50K.

Look for this area of Debt relief to be the next "hot-bed" for fraud and deceit. Naturally, Kelly G Rogers is on the cutting edge.

Anonymous said...

richard weyand what is his part in all this, there are lots of cases against him also for fraud on the internet legal sites

Shining the light of truth on Kelly Rogers said...

Since exposing the connection between Kelly Rogers and Takedown Debt Settlement, the Takedown website has been converted to a password protected site. Additionally, Curt Sanders has removed his Linkedin profile connecting him to Takedown Debt Settlement. Fortunately, we captured the quotations before they covered up the information.

Anonymous said...

Kelly Rogers worked for Richard Weyand and stole the investor funds from the companies, 'under the table'. Stole money from the companies, from his friends, from his co-workers. Creating mess and havoc.