Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Falcon Ten Energy, LLC and Kelly Gordon Rogers

In an earlier story called; "Thomson Lawsuit Creditors sue Kelly Gordon Rogers: Claims Fraud and Embezzlement", 20 investors filed a motion to have the bankruptcy trustee in Kelly G Rogers’s bankruptcy grant a "2004 examination". The purpose was to help the group
determine the whereabouts of $180,000 of business money that was returned to Kelly Rogers’s personal account.

In terms of this investment, Rogers solicited money to fund a supposed entity called "Falcon Energy, LLC-Buck Hamilton Series" but there is no evidence that the entity was ever created. According to the case; it is presently unclear as to the status or nature of the company. Although Rogers solicited investments in a limited liability company, and Rogers had each of the investors execute both a subscription agreement and an LLC agreement, it is unclear if Rogers actually formed the entity. A review of the Nevada Secretary of State records indicates there is no entity named "Falcon Energy, LLC-Buck Hamilton Series". A review of the Texas Secretary of State records likewise establishes there is no entity with that name. As such, it is unclear as to the exact nature of the relationship between the plantiffs and Rogers. Rogers raised $1,400,000 from Plaintiffs, ostensibly for the purchase of membership interests in the company. 

According to the motion; Amazingly, when testifying in response to a 2004 examination request made by this group to the Trustee presiding over Rogers’s bankruptcy, Rogers testified; he did, in fact, "Form a Company" but could not remember where? Rogers further testified that documents reflecting the formation of the company could be found in his prior office space, which has been taken by the landlord. Rogers have since participated in an examination of the records located in Rogers’s prior office space and have yet to locate any records of the company".

Today we came across a Nevada LLC created on March 15th, 2007 called Falcon Ten Energy, LLC. This goes along with the other entity called Falcon Energy, LLC created on March 29th, 2007. We're not sure why these two entities were created but this raises the question; why did Kelly G Rogers create Falcon Ten Energy, LLC and did this corporation receive any of the funds invested in the "Falcon Energy-Buck Hamilton Series" project?

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