Thursday, January 7, 2010

Series C Holding Inc Illinstrates the need for the Kelly G Rogers Report

Series C, LP illustrates the value and need for the Kelly G Rogers Report.

Let’s review.

On February 2nd, 2009, Michael C. Black working through the lender name of Series C LP, loaned Kelly Gordon Rogers and Carrie Sewell Rogers $125,000. Series C LP is located at 5622 Dyer Street, Suite 200, Dallas, TX 75206. The Rogers promised to pay this debt in regular periodic payments and to pay the debt in full not later than May 1, 2009.

In February of 2009, what was happing in the lives of Kelly and Carrie Rogers? Well, more than a few things were going on but the Rogers' were able to hide these happenings from people like Michael C Black. Let's run down the list and you determine if this track record would justify a loan to Kelly and Carrie Rogers "for work on his homestead, and to pay some bills on which Debtor was behind in making payments". This loan is just so unusual considering this set of events;

In 1997 the Kubota Credit Corporation filed a lien against Rogers for non-payment
In 2002 Hutchers Plumbing Company filed a lien for $245.63
In 2003, Automated Legal Systems filed a lien after winning a judgment for $2,685.35
In 2005, Invacare and Bruno won judgments against Rogers for $145,431.00
In July of 2006 McKinney Lumber and Hardware issued a lien for $11,453.87
In February of 2006 Kelly Rogers establishes the Level Par Ponzi Scheme
In August of 2006 Kelly Rogers is locked out of his office by partners due to SEC disclosures
In November of 2006 the Creative Roof System filed a lien for $6,400.00
In April of 2007 Kelly Rogers was sued by the SEC and agreed to a final judgment of $150,000
In fall of 2007 Kelly Rogers gets sued by an Investor in Level Par Ponzi Scheme
In 2007 Kelly Rogers is sued by the DK group for his part in Lionheart Energy
In February of 2008 the Rogers borrow $1,232,000 for home improvements
In 2008 investors from Rio Grand Mining sue Kelly and Carrie Rogers for Embezzlement and Fraud
In February of 2009 Series C LP loans $125,000 to Kelly and Carrie Rogers for Personal use
In March of 2009 Ari-Tex Electric files a lien for $28,592.00
In April 2009 arbitration board awards plaintiff’s $712,623 against Kelly Rogers for the Lionheart energy.
In April 2009 Williams Insulation files lien for $2,784.00
In April 2009 Metro Architectural Sheet metal files lien for $6,753.00
In April 2009 Wellborn Roofing Inc files lien for $32,555.00
In May of 2009 the DK Joint venture group file suit against
In June of 2009 Bank sells 3 rental homes purchased by Rogers from 2005-2007
In July 2nd 2009 MJB Distinctive Homes files lien for $104,929.24
On July 27th, 2009 Kelly G Rogers files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
On July 30th, 2009 Kelly G Rogers is indicted on Felony 1 charges for misappropriating $435,000
In August of 2009 Kelly G Rogers stops paying on his GMC Denali vehicle

Kelly Gordon Rogers describes the action in his bankruptcy filing; “Debtor is being sued by a Plaintiff who loaned Debtor $125,000 for work on his homestead, and to pay some bills on which Debtor was behind in making payments. After the loan was made, Plaintiff demanded that Debtor and Debtors wife execute a Deed of Trust giving Plaintiff a security interest in debtor’s homestead at 8 Riva Ridge in Frisco, TX. Debtor and Debtor’s wife vehemently objected to the request, but finally consented when Plaintiff told Debtor’s wife that he would not try to take her house, and if there were any problems with the loan, she could just call him, and we would all work it out. Three days later Plaintiff called the note in full, and accused Debtor of fraud because Plaintiff discovered that the lien he demanded was invalid as a violation of the Texas HELOC laws. Plaintiff’s admitted violations of the Texas HELOC laws invalidating Plaintiff’s lien, and cause him to lose all of his principal and interest in the Promissory note. So Plaintiff is suing Debtor claiming that Debtor somehow tricked Plaintiff into demanding the HELOC against Debtors objections, because Debtor had practiced law in the past. Plaintiff’s claims have no merit, and Debtors’ affirmative defenses in the case will cause Plaintiff to lose his claim for the $125,000 loan. Debtor also has counterclaims against Plaintiff for slander, breach of contract, tortuous interference with a business relationship, and theft of corporate opportunity, which Debtor has not yet filed in this case. The Plaintiff is suing Debtor for the $125,000 loan, $100,000 for fraud damages, and attorney’s fees and cost of court. The case is still pending”.

The Kelly G Rogers report could have served Michael well if it was up and running in February of 2009. We review our goal;  This blog is dedicated to; telling the Truth about Kelly Gordon Rogers, exercising my First Amendment rights to Free Speech, and acting in a matter of "public concern" for the sole purpose of protecting individuals from getting involved in his financial schemes.

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