Monday, November 14, 2011

Kelly G Rogers Activates Falcon Ten Energy, LLC

Kelly G Rogers, Indicted by the State of Texas and set to stand trial on December 12th, is on the move again. In checking with our friend Ross Miller, Nevada Secretary of State, Kelly Gordan Rogers--Attorney Dallas, TX has activated a revoked LLC called Falcon Ten Energy, LLC--E0185712007-8. 

The LLC was reinstated on August 25th, 2011 when money was paid to the registered agent INCORP SERVICES, INC at 2360 CORPORATE CIRCLE STE 400 in Henderson, NV 89074.

So why create an LLC in Nevada? One reason--Nevada has long been known as a state committed to maintaining privacy and flexible corporate management.

It's interesting if you check out WHEN he re-instated the LLC--on August 25th, 2011, he listed his address at 8 Riva Ridge, Frisco, TX. However, Kelly G Rogers and Carrie S Rogers had been foreclosed on by the Bank of Texas on September 7th of 2010....TEN months PRIOR to him updating this LLC.They had long moved out and we're renting a home in the same neighborhood in Frisco, TX.

Also, the Falcon Energy, LLC entity was involved in a previous lawsuit during Rogers bankruptcy. Here's the lawsuit as filed in the bankruptcy proceedings back in in Summer of 2010.

I wonder who is getting ready to lose money and issue a lawsuit to find their investment invest in Falcon Ten Energy, LLC? They're going to get one hell of a surprise when they find out the investment history, lawsuits and past dealings with Kelly G Rogers Attorney Dallas.

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