Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Kelly G Rogers and Takedown Debt Settlement

Kelly Gordon Rogers has started a new company called; "Takedown Debt Settlement". This information is recorded with Stacy Kemp, County Clerk of Collin County. We've enclosed two documents to validate the information (simply click on the photo's to enlarge). Kelly G Rogers registered the information with the State on August 14th, 2009. On July 21st, 2009 Kelly Gordon Rogers filed the paperwork to record Takedown,LLC with the Texas Secretary of States office.

According to the website, "Takedown offers an aggressive debt relief option for people who have found themselves in a financial hardship and want to avoid filing bankruptcy. This program only works for people who understand there are very few options left, and are willing to make a commitment to the program. We will work with you to will help determine if debt settlement is a viable option for you. After reviewing your financial situation, analyzing the debts, considering what creditors are involved, we can then formulate a savings time-line and settlement plan, based specifically on your situation".

Kelly G Rogers has co-opted Curt Sanders as a Partner in Takedown Debt Settlement. This information has been acquired via Linkedin. To see the Linkedin profile, click here. So the obvious questions becomes;
Does Curt Sanders know about Kelly Gordon Rogers background?

In review, Kelly G Rogers was indicted by the State of Texas on July 30th, 2009. See Kelly Gordon Rogers Indicted. Kelly Gordon Rogers has requested a jury trial and an annoucement is scheduled for December 3rd, 2009. Click on the Collin County link and enter Rogers, Kelly to look up case 380-81600-09.

Additionally, Kelly G Rogers filed bankruptcy on July 27th, 2009. See Kelly G Rogers of Texas files bankruptcy. Additionally, SIX various groups have filed lawsuits against Kelly Rogers for a variety of investment schemes gone bad. See Investors sue Kelly Gordon Rogers; claims fraud and embezzlement. Additionally, the SEC sued Kelly G Rogers for his involvement in a illegal ponzi scheme. See Kelly G Rogers sued by SEC in 2007.

Recently, after having his law license suspended on 2 different occasions, Kelly Gordon Rogers has been reinstated by the State Bar of Texas. We have contacted the Bar to question this reinstatement.

This story is provided as a warning to anyone who may encounter Kelly G Rogers and his investment schemes to beware of his history. It's ugly, it's extensive and it has financially ruined many.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kelly G Rogers sued by Wheel Chair companies; Invacare and Bruno

Indicted Attorney, Kelly G Rogers, was sued by two Power Wheel Chair companies in 2005. The suits name Kelly G Rogers; DBA Kabec LLC and Kabec Medical Equipment. Kabac stands for Kelly-Andrea-Ben-Ericka-Carrie Sewell Rogers. 

Invacare Corporation and Bruno Independant Living Aids are leading manufacturers of Power Wheelchairs who provide chairs to the most disabled Medicare patents among us. Kelly G Rogers began this medical business to reap the rewards of the huge amounts of reimbursements available from Medicare to those who "Qualify" for a power wheel chair.

Both Invacare and Bruno received judgments totalling $109,959 and $35,472 respectively. These judgments were filed with the State of Texas on May 26th, 2005 on behalf of Invacare and on August 21st, 2006 on behalf of Bruno Independent Living Aids. Apparently, Kelly G Rogers simply forgot to pay these suppliers to the tune of $145,431 from his business operations. I wonder if he ever received Medicare reimbursement for the chairs he took delivery of but never paid?

So the question becomes; did Lawyer Kelly G Rogers ever pay back the $145,431? Yes! We're proud to report that these judgments must have been paid back because a release of Judgment lien was issued on Invacare's behalf on December 31st, 2007 and for Bruno on June 20th, 2007. We've included both the Abstract Judgment for both Invacare Corporation and Bruno, plus the release of judgment lien for both Invacare and Bruno. These are public documents avalable on the Collin County Clerk's website in the "Deeds" section.

But in light of the recent lawsuits in 2008 and 2009, the question now becomes; who's money paid off these liens? Was it the Lion heart investors groups money who won an arbitration award from Kelly Gordon Rogers of over $700,000? Was it the $200,000 the SEC identified that CR Davis transfered to Lawyer Kelly G Rogers personal account? Was it the money Kelly G Rogers removed from the Rio Gande Coal operation and invested in the Travis Correll Ponzi scheme that was paid into his personal account? This group has a pending lawsuit against both Lawyer Kelly Gordon Rogers and Carrie Sewell Rogers claiming fraud and embezzlement. I don't know.

Only a good Attorney will be able to get to the bottom of who's funds were used to payoff these two Power Wheelchair suppliers. One thing is for certain; this will not be the last questionable business operation Lawyer Kelly Gordon Rogers becomes involved within.

Next up on the report; "Takedown Debt Settlement" business started by Lawyer Kelly G Rogers on August 14th, 2009. Another industry that appears to be "HELPING" people but are on the cutting edge of scammers all over America....just like the fruad of the Medicare industry. 

As the State Bar discloses; A lawyer is a representative of clients, an officer of the legal system and a public citizen having special responsibility for the quality of justice. Lawyers, as guardians of the law, play a vital role in the preservation of society. The fulfillment of this role requires an understanding by lawyers of their relationship with and function in our legal system. A consequent obligation of lawyers is to maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct.

Is Kelly Gordon Rogers upholding this State Bar creed? You be the judge.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Kelly G Rogers issues Cross Claim

In response to a lawsuit heard before the American Arbitration Association, the following information is pulled directly from the Cross-Claim issued by Kelly Rogers, Kelly G Rogers, Kelly Gordon Rogers. In case 71-198-Y-00111-07 and 71-198-Y-00112-7, the AAA eventually issued a judgment against Rogers in the amount of $712,623. See “Investor Group files complaint against discharge ability of $712,000 against Kelly Gordon Rogers; Claims Fraud”.

On February 29th, 2008 Rogers claims against Richard Weyand;

1. Indemnity Claim against the Weyand respondents,
2. Contribution Claim against all Weyand respondents
3. Conversion of Personal property claims against Richard Weyand
4. Fraudulent conversion of business interests against Richard Weyand
5. Libel and Slander against Richard Weyand.

The purpose of this story is to report on number 5; the things Kelly G Rogers claimed Weyand said that was libel and slander. It's interesting how time eventually exposes who's telling the truth.

Rogers begins: Since July, 2006 and continuing until as recently as February 15, 2008, Richard Weyand has repeatedly made material, false statements of fact, both written and oral, about Kelly Rogers to numerous third parties, which, at the time they were made, were know by Richard Weyand to be false. Richard Weyand has made the following false statements about Kelly Rogers since July 2006:

That Kelly G Rogers embezzled $2,000,000 from companies controlled by Weyand.
• That Kelly G Rogers was in jail.
• That Kelly G Rogers has been indicted.
• That Kelly G Rogers used embezzled money to remodel his house.
• That Kelly G Rogers has $1,000,000 of stolen money buried in his back yard.
• That Kelly G Rogers has $1,000,000 that he is trying to hide in an investment.
• That Kelly G Rogers is trying to hide $1,000,000 in a restaurant investment.
• That Kelly G Rogers is using $1,000,000 cash to build his house.
• That Kelly G Rogers embezzled money and was stealing from Christian Recile.
• That Kelly G Rogers embezzled $200,000 from Level Par Investments, LLC.
• That Kelly G Rogers habitually lied to investors.
• That Kelly G Rogers committed crimes against the State of Texas.

The above statements are all completely false and Richard Weyand knew that they were false when he made each statement. Upon information and belief, Richard Weyand made each of the above false statements to cause injury and damage to Kelly Rogers. One or more of the statements were made to good friends, neighbors, colleagues, associates, investors and/or acquaintances of Kelly G Rogers including; Jay Allison, Roland Burns, Kimball Norman, Todd Wagner, Fred Swell, Carrie Sewell Rogers, Neil Brown, John Miglautsch, Joel Moore, Tim Wijt, Robbie Gowdey, Roland Hughes and many others. AS a direct and proximate cause of Richard Weyand’s intentional communication of false and misleading statements of material facts to the above personas, and others, Kelly Rogers’s reputation has been severely damaged.

This Corss-Claim was issued on February 29th, 2008. As of November 2nd, 2009 a little bit of time has passed and now it sheds some interesting light on SEVEN of the ELEVEN charges;

That Kelly G Rogers was in jail. Kelly Gordon Rogers was in fact indicted on July 30th, 2009, mug shot taken, briefly jailed and now is out on bond. Rogers has requested a jury trial but was in fact in jail.
That Kelly G Rogers has been indicted: In fact, he was on indiced on July 30th, 2009.
That Kelly G Rogers used embezzled money to remodel his house: In fact, Rogers has been sued by several investor groups for fraud and embezzlement. Most state that money was used to remodel his home. Specifically; Bill Thompson, CR591, LLC et al v. Kelly Gordon Rogers, Rio Grande Coal Mine, Investor group asks judge to not discharge $712,000 claiming fraud.  In one claim, Falcon Energy, LLC-Buck Hamilton Series, investors claim that Rogers took $180,000 and applied it to remodel his home!
That Kelly G Rogers is using $1,000,000 cash to build his house: Rogers did borrow $1,232,000 from the Bank of Texas. Right amount but not cash.
That Kelly G Rogers embezzled money and was stealing from Christian Recile: Rogers has been named in several lawsuits against him for Fraud and Embezzlement.
That Kelly G Rogers embezzled $200,000 from Level Par Investments, LLC: This transaction was documented in Securities and Exchange Commission vs. Global Finance & Investments, Inc Case No; 4:07cv346. Item 55 on page 13 of the SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION, vs. GLOBAL FINANCE & INVESTMENTS, INC.
That Kelly G Rogers habitually lied to investors: I’ll let the investors make comments on that one. In fact, Rogers was informed about the SEC investigation into Level Par during the first week of July, 2006 yet the truth was not told to investors until August of 2006. Is that lying? Read the letter yourself.
That Kelly G Rogers committed crimes against the State of Texas according to the Indictment issued this summer: State of Texas vs. Kelly Rogers/ Case 380-81600-09. What do you think?

Finally, several names have been mentioned “as good friends, neighbors, colleagues, associates, investors and/or acquaintances” which Weyand “cause injury and damage to Kelly G Rogers”. Did anyone except Kelly Rogers cause injury and damage to his own name? In his own

The best example is how Rogers has stiffed the very lawyers who wrote up this Cross Claim! He stiffed Scheef & Stone LLP who are listed as a creditor on the bankruptcy filing for $77,934.46. Additionally, Rogers stiffed Fish & Richardson PC for another $28,263.88.

That’s $106,198 dollars worth of damage and illistrates why we created this blog; to protect the public from these financial schemes.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Kelly G Rogers attempts to sell another scheme

 Another investment scam has been uncovered. We bring this information to the general public as a warning that Kelly G Rogers has learned nothing by the civil and criminal suits he's faced since his the Lionheart Oil and Gas debacle back in 2006. This latest example illustrates perfectly why this website has been established.

According to the Joint Venture Agreement dated March 27th, 2009, the scheme purported to allow Kelly G Rogers to market a "Digital Business Card" and have an exclusive in the MLM and Network Marketing industry. A list of 72 MLM clients are listed in the attached Joint Venture Agreement. The agreement would assign "Potential Commissions and Profits" to the investor in exchange for investment increments of $50.000. According to the JV agreement; "Rogers has acquired the exclusive rights to market the JumpLab Digital Business Card to any and all Multilevel Marketing Organizations listed on Exhibit A. Rogers hereby agrees to assign $250,000 of the potential commissions and profits received from those interests to (name) for every $50,000 contributed to the Joint Venture by (name), up to, but not more than, $150,000 for and assignment of $750,000 of commissions and profits from the sale of JumpLabs cards".

It's all appears to be very slick and Kelly G Rogers-esk but it's simply more of the Lawyers Kelly Gordon Rogers whiffle-dust that has become his trademark. As a review of the facts; Both Carrie Sewell Rogers and Lawyer Kelly G Rogers are being sued by seven investors for the Rio Grande Coal mine operation for fraud and embezzlement, 5 investors are suing the Rogers bankruptcy to keep the court from discharging $712,000 awarded by an arbitration panel, another 20 investors are suing him over the "Falcon Energy-Buck Hamilton Series" oil & gas deal gone bad, the District Attorney has indicted Rogers on July 30th of 2009, the SEC sued and Rogers agreed to an AGREED FINAL JUDGMENT and Rogers filed bankruptcy on July 27th of 2009. In total, Rogers listed 6 separate lawsuits in his bankruptcy filing.

Three interesting observations about this JV Agreement.

  1. First, while Lawyer Kelly G Rogers makes the claim that Kelly G Rogers has "acquired the exclusive rights to market the JumpLab Digital Business Card to ANY AND ALL MULTILEVEL MARKETING ORGANIZATIONS LISTED ON EXHIBIT A, a closer look at Exhibit A shows at least 6 that are "Taken" or the comment "Hmmmm".
  2. Second, this JV Agreement is written on March 27th, 2009. Rogers filed bankruptcy in July 27th of 2009 just days before he was indicted. If an investor had given money to the Rogers Family LP, would they have ended up as an "Unsecured Non-Priority Creditor" on Kelly Rogers bankruptcy filing only 4 months later?
  3. Third, who borrows money to begin a sales organization anyways? Earning commissions is risky at best. Who knows if clients will even purchase your product? Is it priced right, does a need exist? This is the equivalent of loaning someone money to invest in the stock market.
Last. We spoke to a representative from JumpLabs and they said they'd broken off discussions with Lawyer Kelly G Rogers. They stated he should not be representing the company and if we heard he was, they instructed us to call them immediately. So, if the investor had invested in this project and JumpLabs had broken off the agreement, would Kelly G Rogers refund the investors money?

All good reasons to stay away from this financial predator at all costs.