Tuesday, August 28, 2012

George Shipp rents home to Kelly G Rogers

This is an amazing home that Kelly and Carrie Rogers are renting considering just two years ago, Kelly G Rogers filed bankruptcy and stiffed creditors out of a whopping $6,458,794.38.

But in a pinch, Kelly G Rogers took a meat cleaver to the people he owned by filing bankruptcy. As the wolves began surrounding his life and asking difficult questions like; "where's my money", Rogers took the predictable and consistent way out. Yes, screw the other guy.

But now, having lost his home to foreclose at 8 Riva Ridge, Rogers was in a bit of a pickle; how to keep the appropriate level of status (worthy of a Oil and Gas Tycoon/Attorney) while skirting around the fact that his home was recently foreclosed upon? 

Enter George Shipp. I wonder if Mr. Shipp knows about Kelly G Rogers past?

From what we could find on Mr. Shipp, he splits his time between Colorado and Frisco where he builds his investment company called Equable investments. His partner is Steve Perruzza.

Apparently Mr. Shipp has done OK for himself as he owns this home at 18 Stonebriar Way in Frisco TX.

It appears the home was purchased on 12/27/2005 at the very apex of the housing bubble.

If the S&P/Case-Schiller/U.S. Index showed a drop in home values by 33% since August of 2006 (the peak), then we can conclude the initial list price in of $2,574,900 would reflect an approximate purchase price from 2005.

Over the next 24 months, Mr. Shipp continued to lower his list price down to $1,978,999 before it was removed from the MLS in July of 2012. It's obvious it was not going to sell at that price.

Considering Rogers has solicited funds from a variety of individuals who lived in this Frisco neighborhood AND since George Shipp is the President of an investment company, what's the chance that a professional relationship exists between the two?

Think about it; have you ever know Kelly G Rogers NOT TO SOLICIT someone in his neighborhood with money? And is it a total coincidence that Rogers is renting Mr. Shipp's home or is it a result of a existing relationship?

I'm just asking the question.

********Comment from a reader****************

 Anonymous          Anonymous said...comment 1:
"It really is a sad day in this Country and this County when a person can continue to abuse citizens, the system, the judicial system and society overall. 

This man is an "economic pedophile" The equivalent of Jerry Sandusky for low grade fraudulent economic schemes. The system is partially to blame.....why is Rogers even out on bond? He filed a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and it was discharged this year, so where does the bond money come from? Isn't there an asset question? 

Shame on the State Bar of Texas. If you check the web-site he is still "licensed and in good standing". How can that be possible? He has to be convicted to lose his license? Victims of economic crimes suffer the same ramifications that all victims of crime suffer, yet it seems to be overlooked. The prevailing question is why is Kelly Rogers not in jail as we speak? 

 A person accused of Murder is usually held on a very high bond to Keep them out of society. I challenge the Texas Securities Board, The Collin County District Attorney's Office, The United States Trustee's Office, The United States Attorney's Office; Take affirmative steps now! We all know this liar and cheat is going away for a long long long time. 

Why allow more victims as the inevitable approaches. I'm just saying". 

Anonymous said...Comment 2:

"The interesting question of the day is this. Rogers posted his surety bonds through a Bail Bond Company called Act Quick Bail Bonds in Mckinney, Texas. This company is owned by Dallas Attorney Tom Benson. 

 At this point Rogers is without an attorney and out on over 350,000.00 in surety bonds. Who is the signer? Is it Carrie Rodgers? If so where did she get assets of 350,000.00? Rogers is purportedly broke and his Chapter 7 Bankruptcy was discharged, so where does the money come from? 

Is Act Quick or Act Now about to be another victim in the slew of carnage of the Rogers clan? Why is the Collin County District Attorney's Office not moving to hold the bonds insufficient? Once again, my point is that there are safeguards in our judicial system to impede "economic predators" like Kelly Rogers from perpetuating his fraudulent activity upon society. Why are they not being employed? Why is Rogers not being subjected to a GPS monitor as part of his bond conditions? is he not a flight risk? Seven Felony First Degree Indictments, you would think someone could submit this to the Court and implement a stricter bond requirement. 

Rogers attorney withdrew quite some time ago, yet nothing filed to hold his bond insufficient. What is Greg Willis doing? I would suggest readers of this blog and victims of Kelly Rogers make inquiries to Act Now Bail Bonds in McKinney Texas, The Collin County District Attorney's Office and The United States Trustee's Office and hold them accountable. We can save tax payer money and victims if Rogers is behind bars pending trial. I'm just saying".

 Anonymous said...comment 3:

 "My thought is that the day of reckoning for both Kelly and Carrie Rogers is approaching like a fast moving Tsunami. If specific motions are filed in the pending criminal cases, then both Rogers will have to attempt to explain this whole "bond" situation which is yet another ROGERSQUE maneuver to attempt to trick and beguile more people in their futile pursuit of sadistic materialism. 

It takes a lot of nerve to live in a nearly 2 million dollar home, use the United States Bankruptcy Court for protection from Creditors for funds, that according to the indictments on file and the Securities Exchange Commission lawsuit, were in fact "stolen" or at the least "misappropriated". Explaining to Judge Benjamin Smith how this entire scenario is possible would be a trial in and of itself. 

 I would hope that the Collin County District Attorney's Office and Or State Security Board will expeditiously move forward with an affirmative pleading before the 380th Judicial District Court and compel the Rogers to explain these actions under oath and on the record. For once, Rogers will be unable to hide behind a lawyer, his wife or the protection of the judicial system which he has continually perverted as an officer of the Court. Let's hope and pray that the Labor Day Weekend finds our favorite scammer dining on the fine food and cuisine at The Collin County Detention Facility".

 Anonymous said...comment 4:

"This just in! Carrie Rogers is in fact the Co-Signer on Kelly "The Red" Rogers bonds totaling over $350,000.00. Let's see if Act Now or Act Quick required the normal 10 (ten) percent of the total bond amount which would be $35,000.00 then wouldn't it be a safe bet that the source of these funds was in fact proceeds of the alleged stolen investor funds? If so then it appears once again the Rogers have conspired to try and perpetuate another fraud upon the 380th Judicial District Court, The State of Texas, The Collin County District Attorney's Office and The United States Bankruptcy Court by and through The United States Trustee's Office and its attorney.

The parachute didn't open Kelly and the concrete is approaching fast. The irony and the nerve to possibly use converted investor's funds to fund the bonds to keep Kelly Rogers out of the place he should be, will be and is going to be, jail then prison".

 Anonymous said...comment 5:

"Another update. According to the 380th Judicial District Court and other sources, Rafael De La Garza is not accepting the proposed appointment to Kelly Rogers. Readers of this blog should be aware that Kelly Rogers is once again trying to manipulate the system and ask for a "free" attorney that is only available under the Texas Fair Defense Act...which provides legal counsel to "indigent" defendants. 

Is Kelly Rogers trying to play the indigent card? If so, how does an indigent person pay for $350,000.00 in surety bonds? De La Garza is smart, he doesn't want saddled with the legal "Titanic Case". It appears that Carrie Rogers has attorney Craig Price representing her and the Rogers "Trust" (oxymoron) in the civil case. Interestingly enough, Price is primarily a criminal attorney. Two Rogers for the price of one?"

In checking the Collin County Website, Rogers has given his cell phone number of 214-837-0000 as the number for Rafael De La Garza. Arrogant at best. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Kelly G Rogers Trial

Two new topics to discuss today. With the next court date only 16 days away, Kelly Gordon Rogers has hired Democrat defense attorney Rafael de la Garza.

This is an excellent move and shows that Rogers finally is getting the fact that he's in deep "Caka". His hiring of Mr. Garza may possibly explain why Rogers was spotted a few weekends ago moving furniture from his 18 Stonebriar Way, Frisco, TX 75034 rented home. Is he selling furniture to pay an attorney or did he stash enough OPM to stroke the check? Only Discovery will tell.

Topic two dated August 9th, 2012 Press Release: Gov. Rick Perry has appointed Benjamin N. Smith of McKinney as judge of the 380th Judicial District Court in Collin County for a term to expire at the next general election.

Smith is an attorney in private practice, a former chief felony prosecutor for the Collin County District Attorney's Office and a former assistant district attorney of Kaufman County. He is a member of the State Bar of Texas, the Texas District and County Attorney's Association, and a former member of the Collin County Young Lawyers Association.

Smith received a bachelor's degree from Boston University and a law degree from Boston University School of Law.

It's interesting: the democrat defends the "alleged" crook while the republican works towards serving justice to the "alleged"crook.

8/23/2012 Update: We now have a a reader who's giving me a bunch of crap for my last comment. "He finds my comments sophomoric". 

I think the comment was accurate in that if you have no standards for yourself, then you have no issue representing others who have no standards. And you have no issues quitting the one party and crossing over to the other side...just to win an election. Zero integrity. You just need the check.

I've been writing this blog since 2009 to make the public aware of the schemer Kelly G Rogers. If any readers is offended by the commentary, then go somewhere else and read about it or start your own blog. The more attention given to the topic, the harder it becomes for someone to invest with him without knowing about his shady past.

Only 14 more days to his next court day!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Kelly G Rogers moves furniture from home

Oil and Gas investor extraordinaire, Kelly G Rogers was spotted moving furniture from his rental home in Frisco Texas last Saturday.

Speculation initially gauged it as moving the kids back to college. However, unless the kids are taking the expensive and rickety antique dinning room set, something else must be up.

Upon further speculation, they're either selling off furniture to pay for a new attorney (since his last one quit), they're moving to another location OR Kelly's preparing for the event that he's going to jail and his Carrie S Rogers and kids need to move. 

If I had to wager a guess, I'd say they're selling stuff at top dollar to buy an attorney before word gets out that he's done some dirty deeds and he's desperate for cash. Then, the price will be at fire sale levels. 

Remember, if he chooses to show up for the September 7th court date without an attorney, he'll either be assigned a public defender or have to go it Pro Se or representing himself. This judge looks to have had enough of this guys crap. Time for Kelly G Rogers to put up or shut up. 

Friday, August 3, 2012

Kelly G Rogers Makes Court Appearance

In the words of Bob Seger's song, Let it Rock: "In the heat of the day, down in mobile, Alabama, Workin’ on the railroad with a steel drivin’ hammer".

And the "Steel Drivin" Hammer' in Kelly G Rogers' life is the trio of Jim Skinner, Michael F. Pezzulli and Texas State Securities Commission's Dale Barrow who are beginning to crash down on Rogers freedom.

Yesterday's court appearance was a good day for our "Law Dream Team" and a bad day for the criminal, Kelly G Rogers. Of coarse, all people are Innocent until proven guilty.

According to the Collin County Website, it seems that the Texas State Securities Commission has taken over the prosecution of all the actions filed by indictment. This would include all SEVEN actions starting with the 2009 indictment--3808160009, the FIVE from May 1st, 2012 and the one from June 20th, 2012.

Like SEVEN gold medals hanging around Micheal Phelps neck, this is a fine achievement for any businessman who's on the fast track to wealth creation.

Yesterday was Kelly G Rogers first appearance for many of the recent indictments and it was a really bad day for him in court.

First, his lawyer John Charles Hardin resigned. According to the Collin County Site under Kelly G Rogers, case #3808160009 (second page) on 8/2/2012 the court "Granting the motion to withdraw as the attorney of record". Smart man. 

Second, presiding District Judge of the 380th District Court R. Davis put the hammer down on Rogers who once again showed up without council in hopes of delaying the inevitable...again.

His ruling; "Reset in 30 days for counsel and if counsel not retained, then proceed with appointment of attorney or Pro-Se and set for Trial by December1, 2012. Judge R. Davis. 

As I read it, the Judge is saying that Kelly G Rogers Frisco has had ample time to hire an attorney and prepare. You show up next time with a lawyer or the court will assign a public defender and we're going to trial NO LATER THAN December 1, 2012. 

Merry Christmas everyone! Next appearance on September 7th at 9:00 am.