Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Kelly Rogers' Trial Postponed until April 2011

The jury trial of Kelly G Rogers has been postponed until April 18th, 2011 according to the Collin County website. The pretrial conference is now scheduled to take place on April 13th.

Apparently a pecking order exists within the DA's office of who gets priority to stand trial. The bad guys are bucketed into two groups; those in jail awaiting trial and those out on bail. Unfortunately, Mr. Rogers is not in jail and therefore has been bumped...for now.

According to sources, Kelly G. Rogers is now at the top of the list of those out on bail and stands a 80-90% chance of going to trial on the 13th of April. The prosecutor assigned to the case is Coleman Sylvan graduated in 2001 with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Furman University. He received his law degree from Southern Methodist Dedman School of Law. While attending law school, he volunteered at the Dallas Public Defenders Family Division. He began his career with the Collin County District Attorney's Office in September 2005 as a misdemeanor prosecutor.

To review; Kelly Rogers was indicted, booked and freed on bail over allegation that he misappropriated corporate funds and purchased personal items such as swimming pools and other. Additionally, Rogers has been sued by numerous groups who invested in various schemes he organized, he's been sued by the SEC for violating security and exchange law and has recently filed and was granted bankruptcy protection. Kelly and Carrie Rogers have also been foreclosed upon by the Bank of Texas and are losing their home at 8 Riva Ridge in Frisco, Texas.

We will continue to post any factual information as it becomes public. We also welcome any comments from former investors or participants in any of Kelly's business schemes or experiences from his Amway business.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Bank forecloses on Kelly and Carrie Rogers

Kelly and Carrie Rogers of 8 Riva Ridge, Frisco, TX has officially been foreclosed upon by the Bank of Texas. On September 7th, 2010 the substitute trustee assigned to the Rogers Bankruptcy, David Garvin, submitted a statement;

"AND, WHEREAS, default has been made in the payment of the Indebtedness and Bank of Texas, N.A., the holder of the Indebtedness, has since the said default demanded and requested the Trustee to sell the Property in accordance with the provisions of the Deed of Trust, for the purpose of paying the Indebtedness".

This action was taken on September 7th, 2010 and the Bank of Texas paid the sum of $1,400,000 to get the house from the Trustee. I would imagine the house will be sold at action. No word yet if the Rogers have moved out or will remain in the property.

So the big question is what's the house worth? According to Zillo, the property at 7 Riva Ridge is estimated to be $1,990,000. So what's this house worth? It's worth what ever someone will pay and not a penny more.

Other news; a meeting of the creditors for the Rogers bankruptcy was held today at 2:00 pm. As reported on September 20th, the decision will be whether they allow Rogers to proceed in Chapter 11, force him into Chapter 7 liquidation or not allow any protection under the bankruptcy protection laws. Big implications. Stay tuned.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Kelly Rogers' not fulfilling his bankruptcy committment

A notice of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy hearing has been scheduled for September 27th, 2010 in the case of Kelly G. Rogers. The notice was sent out by the United States bankruptcy trustee who has filed a motion in the Kelly Rogers' bankruptcy to either dismiss the bankruptcy all together, or convert to liquidation under Chapter 7.

This is significant because the original filing by Kelly G Rogers was Chapter 11 reorganization. It required that Rogers' sell his home by July 30th, 2010 and pay the Bank of Texas their $1,728,278 and the Thompson Creditors $180,000. However, the home at 8 Riva Ridge was taken off the market on June 17th, 2010. Did they give up? Only they know.

Additionally, Rogers listed his monthly income (according to Federal Bankruptcy paperwork) as $23,759 for Kelly G Rogers and $31,750 for Carrie S. Rogers. With a combined monthly income of $55,509, Rogers' has failed to pay fees to the trustee and has failed to file operating reports to the trustee. Therefore, this will be a very interesting proceeding to determine whether Kelly Rogers shall be removed from Bankruptcy protection or if a total liquidation is ordered under Chapter 7.

There is a hearing set for 2 p.m. on September the 27th, 2010 at the following location; 2000 E. Spring Creek Parkway, Plano, TX 75074. The Bankruptcy Trustee is Linda S. Payne will be presiding.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Kelly Rogers trail date postponed to November 8th, 2010

The indictment of Kelly G Rogers was handed down on July 30th, 2009 and the trial was scheduled for July 19, 2010. However, the Collin County website is reporting that the trial is now delayed until November 8th of 2010.

Does this surprise anyone? It shouldn't...let me explain. Kelly Rogers was recently overheard telling a friend at a baseball game that his "Life Long Friend" was about to be elected as the District Attorney's. John Roach had decided to retire and this election is to determine he successor. In checking the election results, Greg Willis handily beat out Jeff Bray to win the primary. Rogers said in no uncertain terms this will finally put an end to this alleged conspiracy that Rogers believes has been launched against him.

It's interesting to point out that Rogers attorney; John C Hardin was a contributor to the Greg Willis campaign. You can see where all this is headed.

So, if this is true, expect more extensions until Greg Willis is elected and sworn in. Rogers can then exercise his influence to get the entire issue dropped. Imagine lost all your money and Kelly Rogers uses this relationship to ensure the long arm of justice will not be served. Would that suck or what?
In the meantime, the July 30th deadline for foreclosure on 8 Riva Ridge in Frisco is fast approaching. Maybe an extension will be as easy as extending his misappropriation of funds indictment with the Collin County DA? The Rogers have now raised the price from $2.2 million to $2.49 million on a home that been on the market for at least 365 days. The next door neighbor’s home at 7 Riva Ridge has been on the market for 505 days and is listed at $2.4 million. Hmmmmmmm.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Investors take heart; God said to Joel; "I will restore to you the years"....

This story is a gift to all who've been wiped out financially as a result of being involved in the various schemes offered by Kelly G.Rogers. Whether it was; Level Par, Discovery Energy, Discovery Oil and gas, DRD, Flagship CW, Gibraltar Energy, Golden Eagle Investments, Global Lime, Global Lime No La, Greystone, GS Investors, Jet Operations, Lionheart Energy, Mexicoal (Rio Grand Coal Mining), Orion Energy, Orion Oil and Gas, Star drilling and Workover, Superior Soils, Superior Concrete, Texas New Homes, Vinton Drilling, Weyand Properties, Series C Holdings, Industrial Alliance or Falcon Energy-Buck Hamilton Series, you know who you are.

Many of you have suffered unbearable consequences from having known or trusted Rogers. Some have been completely wiped out financially and pushed to the brink of bankrupt. These burdens have taken a heavy toll on marriages, strained family relationships, ruined friendships, ended professional careers and have caused several divorces. All the direct result of two individuals who wanted to run on the financial "fast track" and they needed other peoples money to get them to the "promised land".

Well guess what sports fans, it failed miserably. Most of these entities have been taken bankrupt, lawsuits have been filed, the SEC has sued, indictments handed down and the investors are still waiting and hoping for justice to be served. We've paid one hell of a price for our sins. It’s like the gift that keeps on giving...whether you want it to or not.

So this one is for you, to let you know theirs hope for your situation. It comes from one of the greatest promises in the entire Bible; that God will restore YOU and that these years lost will not be lost forever. The promise that God gave to Joel in Joel 2: 25-17; “So I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten, the crawling locust, the consuming locust, and the chewing locust. My great army which I sent among you. You shall eat in plenty and be satisfied, and praise the name of the Lord your God, who has dealt wondrously with you; and My people shall never be put to shame. Then you shall know that I am in the midst of Israel: I am the Lord your God and there is no other. My people shall never be put to shame".

Isaiah 40: 29-31— He gives power to the weak, and to those who have no might He increases strength. Even the youths shall faint and be weary, and the young men shall utterly fall, but those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up on wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.

So as you wait on the Lord to restore to you the years you've lost, you cannot recover on your own. No way. Look, you invested with this group and look where that got you? So here's a simple action plan for your recovery;

• Prioritize you Spiritual Life: When life is not working, we need to set aside your normal life and change your habits. “Fast” during difficult times and rededicate yourself to the Lord.

• Declare the goodness of God: Focus on what he is and not what your emotions are. As difficult as it may be, declare God’s goodness and give him praise.

• Accept the Supernatural: God is saying that you cannot do this on your own. God can do what you cannot, so be willing to accept every bit of the great plans he has for you and not your own vision, as it may grossly underestimate the blessings God has in store for you. God is good and does not want you to stay in your current “Valley of Death” forever. He wants you to win!

Invite God to be bigger in your life than you’ve ever dreamed and have faith…he will restore to you the years you’ve lost when the wheels came off this man-made financial train!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Judge Approves Kelly G Rogers Bankruptcy

The Honorable Brenda T. Rhoades, United States Bankruptcy Judge, approved the Kelly G Rogers Chapter 11 plan on April 28th, 2010. Download the final order for case 09-42154-BTR-11.

To Summarize

Kelly Rogers has until July 31st, 2010 to sell his home and payoff The BANK OF TEXAS ($1,728,278) and THE THOMPSON CREDITORS ($180,000). If the home does not sell, the Bank of Texas can foreclose on Rogers. Kelly Rogers claims enough equity exists in his home to pay off the Class 3 ($1,908,278) and Class 4 ($105,000) creditors or $2,013,278. In the event the Bank forecloses on Rogers and the subsequent sale does not satisfy the class 3 & 4 claims, they would then be dumped into the "Unsecured Creditor Class 7" and would split a pool of $6,500 per month paid by Rogers over the next 60 months, or $390,000 on a pro-rata basis.

So, let's look at reality. Rogers needs to sell his home for a minimum of $2,013,278 to meet the class 3 & 4 amounts. The home is currently listed at $2,249,999 and it's been on the market for at least 301 days that we know of, since discovered on July 27th, 2009. The home was offered back then for $3,250,000. By the way, how is it that Zillo only shows the home listed for only 59 days? And here's another one; Rogers originally listed his home as 10,675 square feet as compared to the neighbors 12,249. However, the NEW listing says 11,826! Did they recently add another 1,151 feet or just didn't notice it before?

The home at 7 Riva Ridge has been on the market for 486 days and is currently offered at $2,399,900. However, Zillo estimated this property is worth $1,896,500 or 21% lower that the current list price. Obviously, this home is overpriced for the market...based on 486 days on Zillo. At this discount rate, Rogers would need to sell his home for $1,777,499 or 21% lower to move it. As of this writing, we have no way of knowing if a contract is pending but Jan Richey would change the status from "Active" to "Sale Pending" if an offer had been accepted.


Rogers originally filed bankruptcy in July of 2009 and listed his total monthly income as $23,759 per month and $31,750 for Carrie Sewell Rogers. If Rogers loses his home and his $4.6 Million in debt and exchanges it for $390,000, paid over 60 months, thus walking away with a monthly income of $55,509... is that a trade off you'd make? In a New York Second!

Hardly seems fair to those who lost major money in the Rogers/Weyand business schemes. Oh well...on to the indictment for some type of justice.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kelly Rogers pins hope on Lawyer John C. Hardin

In checking the Collin County website, I noticed that Kelly Rogers will rely on John Charles Hardin as his defense lawyer in his July 19th trial. At issue will be Mr. Rogers indictment concerning the "Misapplication of fiduciary property" amounting to $435,355. The indictment details the transfer of money from Lion-heart Energy to his personal account, QBiz, Rio Grande Coal, Pool Environments, Superior Soils, GS Investors, TNT Office Supply and Cash. This is a Felony 1 indictment and Rogers could face jail time.

Rogers is hoping the retirement of John Roach as Collin County District Attorney will put him on the fast track to freedom. It's rumored that Rogers was overheard discussing his indictment and pointed out that a "Lifelong Friend" was about to become the DA and he'll finally be able to put this entire "conspiracy" in the past. In checking the primary election results, one can only assume that "Friend" would be Greg Willis who won the primary handily over Jeff Bray. Even more bothersome is the fact that John Charles Hardin openly endorsed Greg Willis in a published webpage. Here's a link (go to bottom of page and you'll see the bar to scroll across) for you to view. So you can only imagine what could happen from here.

Given this arrogance towards his past actions, one can only wonder if the criminal justice system in Texas would be so politically driven that it would change direction at a drop of a hat. In this "Culture of Corruption" would an incoming DA overlook the string of lawsuits that outline in detail; the multitude of investments gone bad, the 70 creditors owned $4.6 million, the SEC lawsuit over the Level Par Ponzi scheme, the money removed from businesses and invested for Rogers personal gain, the taking of company funds to purchase a swimming pool...all while he shows not a single shred of remorse towards his "victims" who lost everything?

I challenge the DA's office to complete this trial before the November elections so there is NO
CHANCE that justice will not be served. I challenge the DA to push forward, bring all the evidence from the various scams Rogers perpetrated so these investors can finally have the peace of mind.

Justice must be served. Put this man in jail, take away his freedom and let him think about what he's done to others while sitting in his orange jump suit. Let him lose his house through the Chapter 7 liquidation he's facing in his bankruptcy proceedings. Many have suffered at his hands and lost everything. Many were forced to filed bankruptcy, lost friendships and lost entire careers due to his actions.

And Rogers attitude towards the entire episode? Screw them, I'm moving on with my life, tuff luck, they approached me, it's a conspiracy.... hey, I'm the victim here?!

Yes, justice needs to be served so we can finally enjoy a good night sleep knowing Kelly G Rogers bully tactics didn't get him what he wanted this time around. Yes, justice needs to be served to Kelly Rogers.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kelly and Carrie Rogers lower sale price for the THIRD TIME!

Kelly and Carrie Rogers have one again lowered the sale price of their 8 Riva Ridge home. Originally offered at $3.2 Million back in December,  it was quickly lowered to $2.999 MM, then $2.4 MM and now $2.25 Million. The listing is still being offered by the Jan Richey team.

A quick check on Zillo shows the 11,826 square foot home worth an estimated $805,500. I'm sure it does not take into account the additions. But it's curious that it shows the home sold on 2/7/2008 but does not list the amount. The neighboring home at 7 Riva Ridge is a 12,249 square foot compound that listed at $2,399,999. This home’s been on Zillo for 467 days and shows an estimated value of $1,838,000. In light of the days on the market, it would appear that both homes are grossly overpriced.

The pricing of this home, relative to its valuation and the ensuing lack of sales results are haunting similarity to the outcome most experienced when investing in one of Kelly G Rogers’s opportunities. One distinction this time around; unlike in the past where Rogers was the only one who make money, it appears this time Rogers will join those who ended up losing everything. I'm sure the 70 creditors who are owed $4.6 million in debt will continue to watch this situation, along with his bankruptcy proceedings, very closely.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Rogers handling Bankruptcy clients?

According to this recent document, Kelly G Rogers is now handling bankruptcy filings for individual clients. In a Chapter 7 filing (case number 09-43972) Kelly Rogers submitted a document to keep Marco Frattarelli's case from being dismissed due to a failure to file the required declarations.

According to the document; On January 22nd the court entered its order to dismiss the case for reasons of not following the rules. On January 29th, 2010, the counsel of record files a motion to ask the court to reconsider the order to dismiss the case because the debtor’s council experienced an "Administrative procedural oversight". The possible reasons for this oversight?

First, Kelly G Rogers is in a Bankruptcy battle of his own. To review; Rogers has filed Chapter 11, hoping to reorganize $4.6 Million owed to over 70 creditors vs. having his estate liquidated and paying the money owed. Proceedings should conclude this month. Second, Rogers has been indicted for misappropriation of over $435,000 from Lionheart Energy. His trial date has been set for July 19th, 2010. Third, according to his own bankruptcy filing, Rogers is embroiled in some SIX lawsuits including; DK Joint Venture vs. Richard Weyand, TIFD III-X vs. Richard Weyand, The Stephen and Robin Perry Family Trust vs. Kelly Rogers, Rio Grande Mining LLC vs. Kelly G Rogers, Plains Capital Bank vs. Kelly Rogers and Series C LP vs. Kelly Rogers. Fourth, Rogers is trying to sell  his 8 Riva Ridge, Frisco, Texas home. It was this remodeling job that seemed to trigger a variety of issues that could explain this oversight.  

Monday, March 22, 2010

Kelly G Rogers Trial date set...

It's about time!

On Friday, March 19th, the DA of Collin County finally announced a trial date for Kelly Gordon Rogers, set for July 19th, 2010. This announcement follows a multitude of delays, dating all the way back to October 29th, 2009.

One plausible reason for the delay was to give Mr. Rogers time to return the money. He either chose not to or he couldn’t come up with the money and now time has run out.

The pretrial conference is scheduled for July 14th, 2010. Pretrial conferences are conducted in criminal cases to decide matters that do not inquire into the defendant's guilt or innocence. Under rule 17.1 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, pretrial conferences for criminal cases may be conducted to promote a fair and expeditious trial. In practice, federal and courts use the pretrial conference in criminal cases to decide such preliminary matters as what evidence will be excluded from trial and what witnesses will be allowed to testify.

At issue will be Mr. Rogers involvement concerning the "Misapplication of fiduciary property" amounting to $435,355. The indictment details the transfer of money from Lionheart Energy to his personal account, QBiz, Rio Grande Coal, Pool Environments, Superior Soils, GS Investors, TNT Office Supply and Cash.

As an interesting side note, TNT Office Supply was sued in December of 2005 and shut down by the SEC in connection with the Travis Correll Ponzie Scheme. Mr. Rogers was invited to participate in the Travis Correll scheme by Harry Robinson "Robbie" Gowdey, a friend. Rogers was the trustee of Gowdey's personal trust and not only participated in the Travis Correll scheme but also solicited others to participate. According to the SEC (Top of page 12). Rogers went on to create Level Par, for which he was sued by the SEC. He eventually signed an agreed final judgment and paid a $150,000 fine.

At this point; “Fair and Expeditious Trail” has a nice ring to it.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Master of deception--Kelly Gordon Rogers

Does Kelly G Rogers speak with forked tongue? More importantly, is he a master of deception? This is an excellent question and one that's been discussed often among those who've lost money or been involved with Kelly Rogers. After all, how else can you explain why one person ends up being indicted, sued by multiple investor groups, disliked by so many......all the while claiming that somehow he's a "victim" of a vast right wing conspiracy...a plot of some type.

The short answer to this question can be found on the professional networking site called Linkedin. This is the site used to discover his involvement in the "Takedown Group" and "Land and Minerals Corporation" and a host of other corporation.  Recently, we conducted a search for "Kelly Gordon Rogers" and found 4 different profiles. First, Kelly Rogers; President at Land and Mineral Corporation of Dallas, TX. Second, we found Kelly Rogers; Law Terms and Legal Definitions in the Greater New York City Area. Third, we found Kelly G Rogers Kelly Gordon Rogers; Legal definitions in Houston, Texas. Fourth, Kelly Rogers Dallas Kelly Gordon Texas; Lawyer Kelly Rogers in the Greater Los Angeles Area.

Hmmmmmm, Dallas, Houston, New York and Los Angeles? The master of deception?

This information was turned over the General Counsel for Linkedin as a violation of the User Agreement as published by the company. In response; "We have received your inquiry regarding profiles belonging to Kelly Rogers on LinkedIn. We are currently reviewing the profiles in question and will take the appropriate actions upon them. Please note, per privacy reasons, we are unable to disclose further details regarding actions taken upon the accounts”.

Our guess is that these profiles are an attempt to deluge the internet with misleading Kelly G Rogers’s propaganda so the truthful site that discuss his indictment, lawsuits and bankruptcies are hidden to the general public. When attempting to pursuade someone to invest in one of his finanical schemes, the last thing he wants is to have any information about his real life available for all to see.

And as evidence to support these deceptions, Mr. Rogers evoked the cooperation of a convicted felon assigned to harass and intimidate individuals related to cases against Kelly G Rogers. These activities were abruptly halted after phone calls were placed to the Collin County District Attorney's office to report what was happening. No one knows exactly what happened from there but the campaign came to an abrupt halt.

And were happy to report that Linkedin has enforced their user agreements to the extent that the deceptive profile pages have been removed from the site. Chalk one up for the good guys!

These are just a few of the bazaar events taking place in the day to day operations of our subject. Master of deception? You draw your own conclusions.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Series C Holding Inc Illinstrates the need for the Kelly G Rogers Report

Series C, LP illustrates the value and need for the Kelly G Rogers Report.

Let’s review.

On February 2nd, 2009, Michael C. Black working through the lender name of Series C LP, loaned Kelly Gordon Rogers and Carrie Sewell Rogers $125,000. Series C LP is located at 5622 Dyer Street, Suite 200, Dallas, TX 75206. The Rogers promised to pay this debt in regular periodic payments and to pay the debt in full not later than May 1, 2009.

In February of 2009, what was happing in the lives of Kelly and Carrie Rogers? Well, more than a few things were going on but the Rogers' were able to hide these happenings from people like Michael C Black. Let's run down the list and you determine if this track record would justify a loan to Kelly and Carrie Rogers "for work on his homestead, and to pay some bills on which Debtor was behind in making payments". This loan is just so unusual considering this set of events;

In 1997 the Kubota Credit Corporation filed a lien against Rogers for non-payment
In 2002 Hutchers Plumbing Company filed a lien for $245.63
In 2003, Automated Legal Systems filed a lien after winning a judgment for $2,685.35
In 2005, Invacare and Bruno won judgments against Rogers for $145,431.00
In July of 2006 McKinney Lumber and Hardware issued a lien for $11,453.87
In February of 2006 Kelly Rogers establishes the Level Par Ponzi Scheme
In August of 2006 Kelly Rogers is locked out of his office by partners due to SEC disclosures
In November of 2006 the Creative Roof System filed a lien for $6,400.00
In April of 2007 Kelly Rogers was sued by the SEC and agreed to a final judgment of $150,000
In fall of 2007 Kelly Rogers gets sued by an Investor in Level Par Ponzi Scheme
In 2007 Kelly Rogers is sued by the DK group for his part in Lionheart Energy
In February of 2008 the Rogers borrow $1,232,000 for home improvements
In 2008 investors from Rio Grand Mining sue Kelly and Carrie Rogers for Embezzlement and Fraud
In February of 2009 Series C LP loans $125,000 to Kelly and Carrie Rogers for Personal use
In March of 2009 Ari-Tex Electric files a lien for $28,592.00
In April 2009 arbitration board awards plaintiff’s $712,623 against Kelly Rogers for the Lionheart energy.
In April 2009 Williams Insulation files lien for $2,784.00
In April 2009 Metro Architectural Sheet metal files lien for $6,753.00
In April 2009 Wellborn Roofing Inc files lien for $32,555.00
In May of 2009 the DK Joint venture group file suit against
In June of 2009 Bank sells 3 rental homes purchased by Rogers from 2005-2007
In July 2nd 2009 MJB Distinctive Homes files lien for $104,929.24
On July 27th, 2009 Kelly G Rogers files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
On July 30th, 2009 Kelly G Rogers is indicted on Felony 1 charges for misappropriating $435,000
In August of 2009 Kelly G Rogers stops paying on his GMC Denali vehicle

Kelly Gordon Rogers describes the action in his bankruptcy filing; “Debtor is being sued by a Plaintiff who loaned Debtor $125,000 for work on his homestead, and to pay some bills on which Debtor was behind in making payments. After the loan was made, Plaintiff demanded that Debtor and Debtors wife execute a Deed of Trust giving Plaintiff a security interest in debtor’s homestead at 8 Riva Ridge in Frisco, TX. Debtor and Debtor’s wife vehemently objected to the request, but finally consented when Plaintiff told Debtor’s wife that he would not try to take her house, and if there were any problems with the loan, she could just call him, and we would all work it out. Three days later Plaintiff called the note in full, and accused Debtor of fraud because Plaintiff discovered that the lien he demanded was invalid as a violation of the Texas HELOC laws. Plaintiff’s admitted violations of the Texas HELOC laws invalidating Plaintiff’s lien, and cause him to lose all of his principal and interest in the Promissory note. So Plaintiff is suing Debtor claiming that Debtor somehow tricked Plaintiff into demanding the HELOC against Debtors objections, because Debtor had practiced law in the past. Plaintiff’s claims have no merit, and Debtors’ affirmative defenses in the case will cause Plaintiff to lose his claim for the $125,000 loan. Debtor also has counterclaims against Plaintiff for slander, breach of contract, tortuous interference with a business relationship, and theft of corporate opportunity, which Debtor has not yet filed in this case. The Plaintiff is suing Debtor for the $125,000 loan, $100,000 for fraud damages, and attorney’s fees and cost of court. The case is still pending”.

The Kelly G Rogers report could have served Michael well if it was up and running in February of 2009. We review our goal;  This blog is dedicated to; telling the Truth about Kelly Gordon Rogers, exercising my First Amendment rights to Free Speech, and acting in a matter of "public concern" for the sole purpose of protecting individuals from getting involved in his financial schemes.