Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Germany, Russia and Latvia LOVE Kelly Rogers!

Germany, Russia and Latvia love to read about the antics of Attorney Kelly G Rogers. With only 25 days until the start of his trial, foreigners continue to FLOCK to the website to read these stories. Got to love it. It's all about Rogers.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Famous Confrontation gets 6,600 views

This video of Kelly G Rogers being confronted by one of his investment victims has been viewed over 6,600 times. Awesome.

It's short and sweet, showing Rogers' and his classic arrogance which will hopefully land him in jail for the rest of his life.

Counting down the 30 days until the trial.

Does it sound like Carrie in the background? Woo-woo!  Alright.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Who do you believe--Kelly G Rogers or Avie DeSwardt?

I'm giving you, our readers, a homework assignment today. Read these two comments and simply tell us who you believe?

On August 02, 2009, Kelly Rogers wrote the following on the Ripoff Report about A.D. Design; 

DO not have your cabinets done by Avie De Swardt or A. D. Designs. He is a swindler and a fraud. He will take your deposit and not deliver your cabinets. If he does deliver any cabinets they will be substandard, different than what you ordered, and he will not care.

He will make promises to you to make you believe that his work is the best in the industry. Then he will steal your money, refuse to take your calls, agree to meet with you and fail to show up, and never meet his promised dates for delivery and installation. 

Then he will try to intimidate you with his size and threaten you into accepting his sorry excuse for cabinets, and then he will file a lien against you if you don't pay him for what he failed to deliver.

Former Customer Dallas, Texas U.S.A.
Mr. Avie De Swardt from A.D Designs responds......

I have only filed a lien on one persons property in my 22 years in business. That was against Mr. Kelly Rogers. I filed the lien for one reason only and that is because he didn't pay me. 

My builder on the project was Mr. Mike Brown had advised me to file a lien as he (Home owner Kelly Rogers) was not paying him either or his bills. Mr. Mike Brown of MJB Homes can be contacted at 214-236-2617 to confirm this information. 

Mr. Kelly Rogers was sued by my lawyers at Higgier & Allen in Dallas and we settled. The outstanding money owed to my company by Rogers was delivered to my lawyers office before the case went to court.

I, Avie De Swardt, settled for about 40 cents on the dollar so I was the only one who lost money here. I believe my builder/customer Mr. Brown lost in excess of $100,000 that was owed to him by Mr. Rogers. I also did not get a final payment of approximately $1500 from Rogers and did not bother to pursue it and just moved on. 

The only truth about his report is that I did run into him afterwards at a Costco and I was rude to him in front of his wife, however, I did not threaten him in any way.  I did insult him and that's probably why he filed this nonsense to try and hurt me or my company. I can send you a customer list of a few hundred if needed so your office can make this false report disappear. 

Many Thanks, 


Friday, April 4, 2014

Kelly G Rogers retains James P. Whalen

Today on the Collin County website, a letter of representation was submitted to the court to retain James P. Whalen on Kelly G Rogers defense team.

So the question becomes; Where is Rogers getting the money to retain this guy?

If you study Attorney Kelly Rogers' track record, he's stiffed more lawyers than he's paid (Scheef & Stone, LLP $77,934/ Fish & Richardson, PC $28,264). So where's this newly attained wealth originating?

Is Rogers raising more Oil and Gas money? Is he working for someone, knocking down big six-figure income? Or selling his body to raise money? Is he back working for Scott Noble at Noble Royalties?