Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Why is Kelly G Rogers name on this?

I think it's kinda strange that Kelly G Rogers' name has appeared on the story below. I mean, what's this guy doing writing about "Gay Marrying" Myrtle? Does Carrie know about this? LOL!

This follows a long list of strange happenings for this Frisco Lawyer.

First he devotes his entire career to law. He works to establish the reputation of respected lawyer, then takes a hard tact to the "Dark Side" of Ponzi  (Travis-Correll and Level Par) and oil and gas schemes (Land and Minerals Corporation and Falcon Ten LLC).

What's he thinking? Is the wife pushing him so hard to get rich that she pushes him over the edge? Or is he just that corrupt where his moral compass was thrown overboard during the pursuit of riches?

Now his past seems to be catching up with him as the Texas State Securities Commission takes Kelly G Rogers to school over what constitutes "Legal Investing Etiquette" in the State of Texas.

For those who lost tens of thousands of dollars, if not hundreds of thousands, this one's for you. 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Kelly G Rogers--Arrested for a FOURTH Time!

Kelly G Rogers Frisco Indicted for 7th Felony

Oh bummer-- for Kelly G Rogers of Frisco Texas as he was arrested again today. While most of us are looking forward to the Independence day holiday on Wednesday, Kelly G Rogers Frisco must be thinking about when and how this is all going to end. 

Will he be looking forward to some serious time in the slammer? Time will tell.

According to our count, this is the EIGHTH Felony-one indictments issued by the State. While the first was issued Collin County DA's office, the other SEVEN have been pouring out of the Texas State Securities Board like sweat flowing out of someone working outdoors on a hot and humid day.

By the way, we routinely locate this warrant and inmate information at the Collin County Sheriff's website. On Friday mornings you can look under the "Active Warrant List" to find Kelly G Rogers name. If he appears in this section, then shift over to the "Current Inmate List" to find our Attorney friend.

The Texas State Securities Commission is a strict and harsh agency when it comes to corruption. In the case of William Seelye, who bilked $400,000 out of investors in an Oil and Gas scheme, he got the following--quoting from Texas District & County Attorneys Association site : 

"Prosecutors offered Seelye a plea bargain involving a 50-year sentence early in the case, and the offer stood until trial. Seelye did not accept this offer, and he was ultimately convicted at trial and sentenced by a jury to serve 99 years in prison".

Kelly G Rogers Score Card