Sunday, November 18, 2012

Judge Rusch loses patience with Kelly G Rogers

Kelly G Rogers of Frisco made his second appearance on Friday  in the 401st District court of Texas. Appearing before the Honorable Mark Rusch, it didn’t take long for Rogers to push the Judges buttons.

The Judge began by asking both parties to approach the bench.

The Judge then pointed out that Kelly G Rogers of Frisco, TX was to appear with an attorney. Mr. Rogers said he’d called 12 law firms and each wanted a retainer of $75,000 to $300,000 upfront. He said he didn’t have that kind of money.

Judge Rusch then asked for Rogers to provide a list of lawyers contacted.

A retainer is smart move considering that contained in Rogers July 2009 bankruptcy filing, he listed owing Scheef & Stone LLP $77,934 and Fitch & Richardson PC for $28,263.

Rogers told the Judge he took the Judges advice and got a job. He didn’t say where but said he was earning $12,000 per month.  Does anyone know who has hired this man?

Rogers also indicated that he was waiting on a “Deal” to close. While we’re not sure what kind of “Deal”, the best we can tell he’s doing two other things in the background. 

First, supposedly he's purchasing oil and gas leases at low prices and selling them high. This sounds like the “Land and Minerals” operation that Bradley Dean is suing him over.

Second, it appears he has a legal client he's representing and he thinks a settlement is forthcoming. Supposedly the income produced by one or both of these deals will net Rogers between $325,000-$600,000. 

However, consider the source. This from a man who filed documents saying his home in Frisco was worth $2.8 million and had it listed for $3.2 Million. Eventually it was foreclosed on by the bank who paid $1.4 million and resold for less than $2.0.   

Also from the man who filed bankruptcy paperwork saying he was making $30,000 a month and Carrie $45,000. In reality, we heard Rogers never made a single payment on him Chapter 13 agreement which caused the trustee to convert the bankruptcy to a Chapter 7. 

Anyways, at this point Judge Rusch was clearly perturbed at Rogers for appearing without representation. He now comments that he has some 1,600 cases in his docket and the fact that this case ends with “09” is extremely troubling to him. He said he’s sat on this bench for some 26 years and seen his share of “Con-men” come and go through his court.

He now put his thumb and index finger almost together and said something to the effect of; You are this close to forcing me to take some drastic action. The Judge went on to say that Rogers is indicted on SEVEN FIRST DEGREE FELONIES, each carry a minimum of 5 years and a maximum of 99 years to life penalty.  Further, it was up to HIS digression as to whether they run concurrently or consecutively. 

Given consecutively, Rogers would spend a minimum of 35 years and a maximum of 7 life sentences or the rest of his life in jail if convicted. 

The Judge then instructed Rogers that he was going to schedule another date between January 14thand the 21st (Officially scheduled for January 18th @ 9 am) and he’d better appear with an attorney or the Judge would put him in jail until his trial begins. 

I’d say this Judge has read Kelly G Rogers for who he really is…

Sunday, November 11, 2012

One Crook reelected, will the other go down?

After four years of liberal engineering, irresponsible spending, distortions, an adorning media, four dead Americans from a terrorist attack (yet to be explained), the great messiah of the political world has somehow won reelection.

Garnering a coalition of takers, Santa Clause delivers free stuff in the final year leading up to the election.

Via freebies, Santa was successful in motivating 93% of Blacks, 71% of Hispanics, young people, gays and lesbians and single women (who's main focus was apparently Sex and Vagina related issues like free abortions and birth control) to deliver the votes needed to end an amazing run of 236 years of a free America.  

I can't say this is totally unexpected from a guy who received a Nobel Peace Prize by just getting elected! Give me a break.

News flash everyone; if you want to put people on the government dole, hire a community organizer. If you want to expanding the economy and jobs creation, hire a job creator.

But that's not how this coalition of morons voted. And the consequences are already beginning to be felt. Companies of all sizes are beginning to announce layoffs in advance of full socialism kicking in for 2013.

Hopefully, the morons will begin to lose their jobs.

And speaking of morons, let's shift our attention to Kelly G Rogers and Carrie S. Rogers.  Indicted SEVEN times since 2009, does Rogers' really understand the hole he's dug for he and Carrie?

Let's pop some popcorn, pull up a chair and enjoy next weeks court date as the Rogers begin to be outed as the "alleged" crooks that investors have accused them of being. But are they really cheats? Time and evidence will tell.

If everyone will continue to comment on this blog your thoughts and information, we will continue to provide a front row seat as the story unfold over the next 12  months.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Anonymous Commenter on Kelly G Rgoers Reports;

"Just one more example of the ridiculous system currently in place.

Why would the State Bar of Texas not temporarily suspend Rogers' license to practice law? More victims due to the inability of The State of Texas to take any action.

I have one correction, Rogers' faces 5 to 99 on the 1st Degree Felony charges. The District Attorney's Office can file a "Motion to Stack" or run the sentences consecutive as opposed to concurrent. Rogers', believe it or not,  is eligible for probation--unfortunately.

Finally, Rogers' is aware that trying these cases in State Court is very very costly, timely and not something that STATE COURT generally does. These types of cases are usually tried by the Government.

If Rogers' makes a deal to plead, I suspect it would be 25 years and everything would run concurrently. However, at that point victims could make "impact statements" and protest his release to parole; of which I believe Rogers' would be eligible for Parole after 2 years or something like that.

Rogers' knows ALL of this and so does his lawyer who often tries these types of cases in Federal Court. The Collin County District Attorney's Office needs to only accept a plea of 50 years and our friend will spend his TDCJ time in a very rough place".

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Marco Frattarelli--How'd this turn out for you?

Marco Frattarelli--How'd using Kelly G Rogers of Frisco, TX work out for you?

Did you know he'd been indicted when he represented you or did he keep that a secret?

Did he disclose he'd been sued by the SEC and settled in 2007? And did you see that he's now been indicted SIX more times since he filed this bankruptcy filing as your legal council?

BTW: Each indictment is a Felony one charge including; Money laundering, Securities fraud, Theft of stolen property, MISAPPLICATION of fiduciary property or property of a financial institution.

Each criminal charge carries a "Minimum" of five years (35 years minimum) and "Maximum" of 99 years to life per occurrence (That's SEVEN life sentences).

Just curious on his disclosure to you as a client. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Team Dean continues to clean Kelly Rogers Clock!

Kelly G Rogers and Carrie S. Rogers continues to get their clock cleaned in civil case 366-00485-2010, Bradley Dean v. Land And Mineral Corporation. 

According to the Bankruptcy records, Kelly G Rogers listed Carrie S. Rogers as the owner of Land and Minerals Corporation and himself as the President. However, actual ownership has become unclear as Kelly G Rogers has contradicted himself in statements provided to the court.  

But on Thursday, October 11th, the Honorable Judge Ray Wheless granted Plaintiff Brad Dean's Motion to Compel Records from BOKF, N.A. d/b/a Bank of Texas (According to the Collin County Website).


Apparently, these are the financial records Kelly G Rogers has been hesitant to turn over for one reason or another. Hmmm...that sounds fishy in itself. 

So what does it mean now that he's been ordered by Judge Wheless to turn over the books? (You can read motion by clicking to the Collin County link and looking up Rogers, Kelly). 

Is the jig is now up? Maybe now Team Dean will get the truthful answers to; 

  • Who really owns Land and Minerals Corporation?
  • Where did Bradley Dean's money go? 
  • Did Rogers use Dean's funds to pay off other investors or personal bills? 
  • Would that make Land and Minerals Corporation another Ponzi Scheme similar to level par? 
  • Since Rogers has already been busted by the SEC, would this further incriminate him as a primary Ponzi facilitator?
  • Has Rogers co-mingling corporate funds?
  • Is Kelly G Rogers running a "Control Group" of corporations to avoid paying taxes? 
  • Will the Dean team succeed in pierce the corporate veil?  
  • Is Rogers paying his rent to George Shipp directly from Land and Minerals Corporation?

Anyone see other answers coming out of the Bank of Texas records?

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Anonymous has left a new comment on "Kelly G Rogers and Debbie Wasserman Schultz"

"Kelly G Rogers has astutely studied how this process works. 

Collin County indicted Robert Rodriguez almost 4 years ago on several cases. Rodriguez was the President of Boardwalk Porsche, Audi and Volkswagen in Plano. The indictment alleges that Rodriguez (who goes by Bobby) stole millions through his partnership with Scott Ginsburg, the complainant. 4 cases have been dismissed and the delay game has worked. Rogers knows Rodriguez and has business ties to him. 

Rogers is guilty of "Economic Homicide" (so) why is he not in jail? I would encourage victims to contact the Frisco FBI 
(214) 705-7000 and promulgate complaints or inquiries. 

(While) Rogers has the previous SEC Complaint, the FBI cannot pursue complaints unless citizens make them. I would suspect Agents would be interested in pursuing any economic criminal."

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Kelly G Rogers and Debbie Wasserman Schultz

What does Kelly G Rogers and Debbie Wasserman Schultz both have in common? 

It's my opinion that they both are pathological liars.

In  a recent comment posted to this blog, a reader outlined the masterful job the DA's office had done in researching and collecting business information from 12 different business sources and submitting 20 bundles of evidence to the court on 9-27-2012.

Kelly G Rogers appeared in court one day later on the 28th for his 2009 first degree felony indictment 32.45(c)(7): MISAPPLICATION OF FIDUCIARY PROPERTY OR PROPERTY OF FINANCIAL INSTITUTION.

You can verify the sources by clicking on this Collin County link, enter last name-first name and hit search. Then scroll down to the second page, second to the last from the bottom is the 2009 indictment. If you scroll all the way down to 9-27-2012, you see the following list:

  • Stillwater National Bank
  • CG Operating -Lisa Gourley
  • Generational Equity LLC - Beth Schmiedel
  • Noble Royalties- Fred O Hull Jr.
  • Bank of America- Ricio Lopez
  • Bank of Texas
  • JP Morgan Chase Bank
  • Plains Capital Bank
  • Morgan Stanly Smith Barney
  • George Shipp - Owner of 18 Stonebriar Way
  • Texas Land & Petroleum Company
  • Ramer Concrete Inc - John Winger
So the question of the day; if Kelly G Rogers and Debbie Wasserman Schultz are both pathological liars, would Rogers continue to lie to Judge Mark Rusch on the assumption that Judge Rusch does not have access to the truth or would Rogers come clean since he knows the evidence will contradict him?

In other words, did he tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth to the court or did this evidence incriminate Kelly Rogers and prove he's a liar? Time will tell as we have not yet seen the transcripts.

But as you watch this video, you'll see the net effect of being a pathological liar. See how she looks straight into the eyes of the reporter and let's it fly! In my opinion, people like Schultz and Rogers have been lying so often and so frequently, they've lost any sense of reality. First little fibs, then intentional distortions, withholding key pieces of the truth, then just flat out deception.

But when deception advances to personal investment schemes which NEVER pays back the investors but ALWAYS pays to Kelly G Rogers and his accomplice Carrie S Rogers, then it's called a "Felony".    

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Anonymous Said on 10/1/2012....

"Since it is official now, that Rogers has been appointed an attorney some facets of this are worth exploring. 

First, The Texas Fair Defense Act requires certain elements to be declared "indigent" It might be worth posting the Act on the blog. Further, Rogers is required to fill out an indigency form, affidavit, etc. It would be worthwhile in the civil cases to explore or determine what Rogers submitted and how he is in fact "indigent" There is a Texas Fair Defense Act Commission, but ultimately the tax payers of Collin County will assume the liability of Rogers defense. 

Ironic isn't it? Only in Collin County can you post $350,000.00 in bonds, be a lawyer, live in a $2.0 million dollar home and be indigent. One more slap in the face of the victims. 

Is there anything else we can provide Rogers with? A new cellphone, computer? Please we are anxiously waiting for his requests. The bottom line is that this is a joke and an insult to the Justice System and the citizens of this County. There really should be an inquiry into this entire situation promulgated by The Attorney General of Texas as to why Rogers is continuing to be given preferential treatment. I will remind readers, he was indicted in 2009! There is not one possible reason for at least one of these cases to have not gone to trial and now the next announcement is November. I thought Felony announcements were required every 30 days? 


Friday, September 28, 2012

More comments flow in from our readers

Anonymous Anonymous said...
"The previous comment was obviously made by Kelly Rogers".
(Anonymous said..."research before you talk. Your ignorance is showing!")

"Believe me brother---my research, unfortunately for you Kelly, is superlative and One Hundred Percent Accurate! 

The District Attorney's Office filed a tremendous amount of business records on the 27th. Kudos to them! 

Amongst the records are filings related to a CD and George Shipp. So obviously they have procured some information from Shipp. 

The vice grip around your head is slowly tightening Kelly. You will have a lot of time to reflect upon the sadistic acts perpetrated upon friends and family using your religious faith to help beguile those who trusted you. 

Your day of reckoning is coming soon and Judge Rusch is just the Judge to oversee your case. Your delay games and manipulation will come to a screeching halt in Judge Rusch's Court. 

Wait and See."

Friday, September 21, 2012

Kelly G Rogers: Thought of the Day--DELAY

Anonymous said...Friday, September 21st, 2012:

One more interesting thought. 

On the Events and Orders of the Court in the plethora of cases pertaining to our favorite local scumbag, KELLY ROGERS, Judge RICHARD DAVIS, ORDERED, the cases of Rogers to proceed to trial on DECEMBER 1ST, this entry was made on August 2nd, 2012. 

( 08/02/2012   General Docket Entry: Reset in 30 days for counsel and if counsel not retained then proceed with appointment of attorney or Pro-Se and set for Trial by December1, 2012. Judge R. Davis)

Typically a Court Order is followed???? 

Why is Kelly Rogers the only citizen immune from Court Orders. 

Does this mean that Orders from Judge Davis are void??? The case has been reset for announcement (layman's terms "delay") WHY???? 

A sitting District Court Judge ORDERED the cases(s) to trial by December...What is going on????? 
The cases could have been transferred to Judge Rusch already, he is the Administrative Judge. 

Why is this being allowed???

Monday, September 17, 2012

380th District Court Being Played by Kelly G Rogers

The 380th District Court and especially the Collin County DA Greg Willis  have been played like a fiddle by Kelly G Rogers.

Let me think....was Greg Willis the one Rogers' was talking about at that baseball game? The time Rogers was overheard telling a friend that his lifelong "friend" was about to become the Collin County District Attorney and things should settle down a bit?

Are things settling down Mr. Willis? 

Delay, delay, delay. Rogers was first indicted on July 30th of 2009 and indicted SIX TIMES SINCE, yet his trial has been delayed ELEVEN times since. Did you hear that? ELEVEN TIMES.

In addition to the delays, we've seen two judges come and go. Did you hear that...TWO JUDGES. The first was INDICTED--Judge Suzanne Wooten. The second served in the DA's office when Rogers was indicted in 2009--Honorable Benjamin N. Smith so the case was moved to the 401st under the Honorable Mark Rusch pictured below.

So Judge Rusch....wipe that damn smile off your face because you've got a real son-of-a-bitch headed your way on September 27th.

In his parting shot to the Honorable Benjamin N. Smith, Rogers solicited representation from former Republican--turned Democrat-- Rafael de la Garza. Now catch this sleazy move by Rogers.

He shows up with a lawyer as demanded by Judge Smith, then has the balls to ask the judge to grant him "indigent" status and allow the taxpayers to pick up the tab for Garza to represent him!  As one reader put it: : under the Texas Fair Defense Act, the taxpayers are on the hook to provide legal counsel to "indigent" (dead flat broke) defendants. 

But how can Rogers be indigent? After all, Carrie Rogers posted bail SEVEN Times at $50,0000 per occurrence. That's $350,000 in assets Carrie needed to put up and $35,000 cash. So, where did that money come from? And if they're indigent, how the hell can they rent George Shipp's home for the tune of $3,000 per month?  

BTW: Rumor has it that Kelly G Rogers and Carrie S Rogers are moving out? Can anyone confirm this? Was this George Shipp's decision or the Rogers? 

So if this is true, a reader put it best: Apparently the 380th Judicial District Court was under the impression that Kelly G Rogers is still living at the George Shipp residence when he obviously is not. 

So this brings up three pressing questions that MUST be addressed;  

  1. Where is Kelly Rogers and why is he not being monitored properly? 
  2. If it's true that stricter bond conditions were not implemented, then maybe the responsibility needs to fall on Greg Willis as being an incompetent District Attorney over the handling and pacifying of Kelly Rogers. 
  3. Are Rogers and Willis really lifelong friends and are WE VICTIMS actually the ones being played?
Last: I noticed in the Bradley Dean vs.Land And Mineral Corporation, on 09/12/2012  a certificate of deposition was issued for Thomas R. Benson.  Best put from an anonymous reader:

"The interesting question of the day is this. Rogers posted his surety bonds through a Bail Bond Company called Act Quick Bail Bonds in Mckinney, Texas. This company is owned by Dallas Attorney Tom Benson.

 At this point Rogers is without an attorney and out on over 350,000.00 in surety bonds. Who is the signer? Is it Carrie Rodgers? If so where did she get assets of 350,000.00? Rogers is purportedly broke and his Chapter 7 Bankruptcy was discharged, so where does the money come from?
Is Act Quick or Act Now about to be another victim in the slew of carnage of the Rogers clan? Why is the Collin County District Attorney's Office not moving to hold the bonds insufficient? Once again, my point is that there are safeguards in our judicial system to impede "economic predators" like Kelly Rogers from perpetuating his fraudulent activity upon society. Why are they not being employed? 
Why is Rogers not being subjected to a GPS monitor as part of his bond conditions? is he not a flight risk? Seven Felony First Degree Indictments, you would think someone could submit this to the Court and implement a stricter bond requirement.

 Finally, let's get to the bottom of all this...shall we?

AnonymousAnonymous said...
The writer of this blog is illuminating the salient points that MUST be addressed. 
I can represent that calls were made to John Schomburger and The Collin County District Attorney's Office about these questions over a month ago, yet they do nothing? At some point if Rogers is committing more crimes are not the Collin County District Attorney's Office complicit in these crimes? possibly co-conspirator's? They are the State and have the resources to put this sumbitch in jail and save the tax payers time and money, yet they refuse.
I assure the writer of this blog that the Federal Prosecutor's in The Eastern District are just waiting and chomping at the bit for Collin County to finally wrap these cases up and then they will charge Rogers' with the Federal Cases, they are coming and Carrie will be co-indicted, I assure you of that. 
Collin County get your head out of your ass and do something, grow some balls and put Rogers in jail, we have done your work for you, hold the bonds insufficient and throw him in jail.
September 18, 2012 11:19 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said...
A suggestion to the litigant in the Bradley Dean litigation..... Why not put Carrie Rogers into an involuntary 7, with two other creditor's, keep the state litigation ongoing as to Rogers "fake" businesses? It would be a strategical litigation nightmare for the Rogers and it would utilize a nice little trick that our friend Kelly likes to use against others. Finally it would actually be comical to see Rogers get a taste of his own medicine. Just think about it.....

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Time is ticking down. Just two days before Kelly G Rogers appears before the 380th Judicial District Court in Collin County and judge Benjamin N. Smith

Will Rogers appear with lawyer Rafael de la Garza? Who knows. 

But one this is for sure. Rogers is playing out an old strategy that dates back to 1997. It's the same strategy Rogers has used since his initial arrest on July 30th 2009 for misappropriation of Corporate funds.

Delay, delay, delay, delay, delay, delay and delay. 

It only takes a small amount of research to find the evidence. I hope all of you involved in legal proceedings against Kelly G Rogers will take notice and point this out to the judges who are presiding over your cases.

It started with a few speeding tickets back in 1997. He had no idea how to deal with his excessive speeding problem. A total disdain for the rule of law. Just by accident,  he figures out that eventually the officer who issued the ticket will not show up for court and the case gets dismissed if he can just delay long enough.

So why not apply that to every aspect of his life?
  1. 1/18/1997-SPEEDING 1-20, GUILTY-FINE PD OF $120.00 ON 03/07/1997 .  < 60 days.
  2. 7/9/1997-SPEEDING 9/17/1997 GUILTY-FINE PAID of $165.00 09/17/1997. > 60 days.
  3. 03/26/1998 RAN RED LIGHT. GUILTY PD FINE on 9/19/2002. > 4 Years. 
  4. 1/20/2002 SPEEDING 1-20. DISMISSED BEFORE THE CT ON 09/30/2004. > 2 Years. 
  5. 2/27/2002 SPEEDING 1-20. DISMISSED BEFORE THE CT ON 09/05/2007. >5 Years. 
  6. 02/27/2002 Failure to maintain financial responsibility. 04/24/2009. > 7 years. Guilty-bond forfeiture. Fine amount of $455.00. 
See the pattern here? Rogers almost stumbles into the strategy in 1997. Less than 60 days, than more than 60, then 4 years, then pay-dirt.....2 years and dismissed, 5 years and dismissed. YES it work!

Now he gets indicted in 2009 for Misappropriations of corporate funds....he's now up a 3 year delay. Can anyone see what he's doing?

Hello, Honorable Judge Benjamin N. Smith????

Anonymous said...

You are choing my sentiments precisely!! In my opinion the system that is intended to prosecute those who commit crimes allowed Kelly G Rogers to "persecute" and "perpetuate" his many frauds upon society. 

The Securities Exchange Commission brought its claims in 2007, it was already more than obvious that Rogers was in his advance stages of "scofflawing" yet he plays the delay game and that game allows him to continue to stay out of jail as he manipulates the system. 

I once again prevail upon those judicial entities which have now undertaken the prosecution of Kelly Rogers, increase his bonds, hold them insufficient and at least attempt to make Kelly And Carrie accountable for the current fraud they have both recently engaged in, which is this bond fiasco. 

I would submit that Rafael De La Garza WILL NOT be present in Court with Rogers. 

Anonymous said..

If Kelly Rogers is no longer living at the 18 Stonebriar Way address in Frisco then where is he living?

One would hope a person under indictment for 7 (DID I SAY SEVEN?????!!!!!!!) 1ST DEGREE FELONY INDICTMENTS would be closely monitored by the law enforcement entities that are presumably attempting to put Rogers away for a very very long time. It is way past time for law enforcement to take affirmative and proactive steps to impede Kelly Rogers blatant manipulation of the judical system in all facets. 

Apparently the 380th Judicial District Court is under the impression that Kelly Rogers is still living at the Stonebriar residence, when he obviously is not. The question begs where is Kelly Rogers and why is he not being monitored properly? Maybe these questions will be answered in a resounding forum on September 7th, one would certainly hope so.

 Anonymous said...

When you see a small glimpse of the reality of the outright disregard, wanton and malicious conduct of the Kelly and Carrie Rogers it really makes you wonder how does this happen in Collin County or any County in this country. 

Here is a list of just some "victims" in the Rogers' pursuit to literally steal by way of deception from any vendor or person they both come into contact with. Services provided at 8 Riva Ridge and NOT EVER paid:

Wellborn Roofing $32,555.00
Aritex Electric $14,469.50
Williams Insulation $2,784.00
Metro Sheetmetal $6,753.00
Houk $4,613.00
Angel Properties $14,300.00
Mendoza Masonry $10,603.00
William Mckee $6,366.00
Anvil and Forge $2400.00
Rescom $500.00
Fresh Coat Stucco $1,860.00
Entrada $522.91
Trim Co $1,620.00
Landpro Creations $93.16
united Site Services$87.17
Ricks Woodworks $533.00
Premier Plumbers $2,000.00
Scott Loven $350.00
Eagle Cleanup $395.00
Bee Builders $239.12
Lowes $43.90

And Finally and Most unbelievable the Rogers did not pay the CLEANING SERVICE NINA HAYES CLEANING a whopping $38.52. Interestingly enough there is a Mechanic's Lien against both Carrie and Kelly for over $100,000.00 which once again begs the question of How can Carrie Rogers have $350,000.00 in liquid assets for Kelly Rogers' bonds???????????????? This is justice? Why is this man and woman not in jail right now?????!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Rogers was successful again in his delay game, with the next announcement on September 27th, 2012. It does not appear that stricter bond conditions were implemented or really anything. 

Reader's of this blog need to remember this when it comes election time. Although I believe that Greg Willis is a capable, competent, District Attorney, the handling and pacifying of Kelly Rogers is baffling to me and it should baffle and concern readers of this blog and citizens of Collin County and most of all victims of Kelly Rogers