Sunday, November 18, 2012

Judge Rusch loses patience with Kelly G Rogers

Kelly G Rogers of Frisco made his second appearance on Friday  in the 401st District court of Texas. Appearing before the Honorable Mark Rusch, it didn’t take long for Rogers to push the Judges buttons.

The Judge began by asking both parties to approach the bench.

The Judge then pointed out that Kelly G Rogers of Frisco, TX was to appear with an attorney. Mr. Rogers said he’d called 12 law firms and each wanted a retainer of $75,000 to $300,000 upfront. He said he didn’t have that kind of money.

Judge Rusch then asked for Rogers to provide a list of lawyers contacted.

A retainer is smart move considering that contained in Rogers July 2009 bankruptcy filing, he listed owing Scheef & Stone LLP $77,934 and Fitch & Richardson PC for $28,263.

Rogers told the Judge he took the Judges advice and got a job. He didn’t say where but said he was earning $12,000 per month.  Does anyone know who has hired this man?

Rogers also indicated that he was waiting on a “Deal” to close. While we’re not sure what kind of “Deal”, the best we can tell he’s doing two other things in the background. 

First, supposedly he's purchasing oil and gas leases at low prices and selling them high. This sounds like the “Land and Minerals” operation that Bradley Dean is suing him over.

Second, it appears he has a legal client he's representing and he thinks a settlement is forthcoming. Supposedly the income produced by one or both of these deals will net Rogers between $325,000-$600,000. 

However, consider the source. This from a man who filed documents saying his home in Frisco was worth $2.8 million and had it listed for $3.2 Million. Eventually it was foreclosed on by the bank who paid $1.4 million and resold for less than $2.0.   

Also from the man who filed bankruptcy paperwork saying he was making $30,000 a month and Carrie $45,000. In reality, we heard Rogers never made a single payment on him Chapter 13 agreement which caused the trustee to convert the bankruptcy to a Chapter 7. 

Anyways, at this point Judge Rusch was clearly perturbed at Rogers for appearing without representation. He now comments that he has some 1,600 cases in his docket and the fact that this case ends with “09” is extremely troubling to him. He said he’s sat on this bench for some 26 years and seen his share of “Con-men” come and go through his court.

He now put his thumb and index finger almost together and said something to the effect of; You are this close to forcing me to take some drastic action. The Judge went on to say that Rogers is indicted on SEVEN FIRST DEGREE FELONIES, each carry a minimum of 5 years and a maximum of 99 years to life penalty.  Further, it was up to HIS digression as to whether they run concurrently or consecutively. 

Given consecutively, Rogers would spend a minimum of 35 years and a maximum of 7 life sentences or the rest of his life in jail if convicted. 

The Judge then instructed Rogers that he was going to schedule another date between January 14thand the 21st (Officially scheduled for January 18th @ 9 am) and he’d better appear with an attorney or the Judge would put him in jail until his trial begins. 

I’d say this Judge has read Kelly G Rogers for who he really is…

Sunday, November 11, 2012

One Crook reelected, will the other go down?

After four years of liberal engineering, irresponsible spending, distortions, an adorning media, four dead Americans from a terrorist attack (yet to be explained), the great messiah of the political world has somehow won reelection.

Garnering a coalition of takers, Santa Clause delivers free stuff in the final year leading up to the election.

Via freebies, Santa was successful in motivating 93% of Blacks, 71% of Hispanics, young people, gays and lesbians and single women (who's main focus was apparently Sex and Vagina related issues like free abortions and birth control) to deliver the votes needed to end an amazing run of 236 years of a free America.  

I can't say this is totally unexpected from a guy who received a Nobel Peace Prize by just getting elected! Give me a break.

News flash everyone; if you want to put people on the government dole, hire a community organizer. If you want to expanding the economy and jobs creation, hire a job creator.

But that's not how this coalition of morons voted. And the consequences are already beginning to be felt. Companies of all sizes are beginning to announce layoffs in advance of full socialism kicking in for 2013.

Hopefully, the morons will begin to lose their jobs.

And speaking of morons, let's shift our attention to Kelly G Rogers and Carrie S. Rogers.  Indicted SEVEN times since 2009, does Rogers' really understand the hole he's dug for he and Carrie?

Let's pop some popcorn, pull up a chair and enjoy next weeks court date as the Rogers begin to be outed as the "alleged" crooks that investors have accused them of being. But are they really cheats? Time and evidence will tell.

If everyone will continue to comment on this blog your thoughts and information, we will continue to provide a front row seat as the story unfold over the next 12  months.