Friday, June 27, 2014

Kelly G Rogers--60 Days in slammer.

On this Independence weekend, I wanted to remind you that we're free and Kelly G Rogers is not.

To celebrate 60 days of incarceration , lets all reach out with a text of love and affection. Text Kelly at 214-837-0000 and remind him of your freedom. You can also send Carrie a text at 214-837-0001 as inquire about who's money she's spending this weekend.

Is that mean? That's not the appropriate question here. Is it mean to take all of someone's money, make big promises to make them rich, only to lose it all and keep most of the money to support your wife's thirst for riches? Oh and without as much as an "I'm sorry"?

Now that's cold blooded. Enjoy the weekend everybody and as soon as Rogers get's transferred to a State of Texas facility, is assigned a prisoner record, we'll let you know.

In the meantime, read the May 2014 write up at the Texas state Securities Board website.


Anonymous Anonymous said... 
Just to add some additional information to the report and "shed additional light".
Rogers will be transported to TDCJ on a Thursday Morning in the not so distant future. He will be awakened at roughly 2:00 a.m., told to get his belongings, place them in rather chic non description plastic see through garbage liner. He will sit in a holding cell for about 6 hours awaiting the "jail chain" bus. It's actually not black, it is a bluebird special without AC and like an armored bus from "Mad Max beyond Thunderdome".

I think it will be at least thirty days from the conviction date, as his TDC Packet has been sent to the jail. I would request that a separate clock be installed to monitor his parole consideration date, which by my calculations, is 2 years, 4 months and 12 days from the date of sentencing.
That can be done by writing PROTEST letters to the Texas Board of Pardons Paroles, in Austin and state your opposition to Rogers being Paroled and why.  
The Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles
8610 Shoal Creek Blvd
Austin, TX 78757
(512) 406-5452
Parole in Texas is not easy, it is not guaranteed and there is no due process. The more letters that are written in protest will have a significant impact on the release or the non release of an offender. So, while we focus on Carrie, let's not forget that for once in this very disturbing, financially and emotionally devastating saga, we have more control than Rogers does of his next step, which is to generate, starting even now and up to the first consideration for Rogers parole, as many opposition letters describing in as much detail, the acts committed by this miscreant upon all of us.
Rogers will be transferred to Joe F. Gurney, in Palestine, upon arrival, Rogers fat head will be totally shaved, stripped naked, searched in his body cavities, verbally humiliated, and then spend his next weeks sitting in cages being tested, poked and diagnosed. His accommodations will not be to his liking, right now he is in a very safe, air conditioned environment, upon his arrival in TDCJ, he will be in a non air conditioned, confined environment during the hottest times of the summer. The temperature inside the dorms at Joe F. Gurney reaches in the 120's, showers are wide open, conveniently placed in front of a caged television, with the toilets lined up in a row.
The protest letters are taken SERIOUSLY by the Board and since TDCJ Offenders are not paid, TDCJ has no real incentive to parole offenders. The parole rate is usually only 33 percent and far much lower for first time consideration. The Board can also give a lengthy set off as well, meaning that based upon numerous opposition letters to Rogers parole, the Board can set off his next review or consideration for three to five years if they elect to. So let's combine efforts, use this blog to reach out to those wronged by this dirtbag and administer our justice and vigorously protest his release. I will post the various addresses to write the protest letters to, one to the Institutional Parole Office in Palestine and to The Board of Pardons and Paroles in Austin.
This isn't over by a long shot and now the next part is in our capable hands, to personally see to it that Rogers stays in TDCJ a very long time.

June 27, 2014 at 7:49 AM

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Kelly Rogers Gets A Plea Bargain Deal

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Before the official proceedings started, his lawyer Nolte was chatting with Dale Baron, the state prosecutor, and remarked, "there's our friend," motioning over in my direction. I just stared back at him until he looked away. Why would I want to be a friend of someone who defended a dirtbag like Rogers? I'm all for being entitled to effectively defended, but Rogers is now a CONVICTED FELON. Such hubris! If there was any question I considered myself a "friend" of Nolte (and there wasn't), he slammed the door on that thought. At least it was a dirt- bag representing a dirtbag, so they probably got along well. Anyway, I was the ONLY person who was watching, no friends or family for Rogers were present.

Rogers showed up in court in a standard drab olive green "onesies" type jumpsuit, with full "jewelry" of ankle chains, waist chain, handcuffs attached to the waist chain, and prison type plastic standard issue glasses. He also had a fresh buzz cut, less than 1/4 inch long.

The judged swore in Rogers, and asked him to raise his right hand, at least as far as he could, given his wrist was attached to the waist chain.

The deal is Rogers promised not to appeal his conviction in exchange for the other 6 charges being dropped.

Even though they went through the normal "do you really understand this deal" exchange, Dale asked him one question, along the lines of "Now you understand Mr. Rogers, if you find the penitentiary environment not to your liking, if you appeal we can reinstate the other 6 charges, right?" Rogers of course responded affirmatively.

The judge indicated he would be leaving for prison very soon, such as today or tomorrow, as the Sheriff likes to get rid of those sentenced to 10 years or more the quickest. I saw two large black with black windowed buses in the parking lot while I was there, so I assume that will be where he sits for his last trip for a very long time.

There was no "lecture" from the judge, a bit disappointing as well.

So, not a single extra day for this scumbag who caused much more damage than what came from the single charge he was convicted of, including damaged relationships, divorces, bankruptcies, and at least one suicide.

However, I can understand the state's position, as this is now a fully closed case, and they need to save some room prison space for Rogers' partners in crime, and it is after all OUR tax dollars that keep this creep locked up for the next 10-15 years or so.

Therefore, let's focus on Carrie and the others who helped Rogers with the above results, I'm sure Nolte is looking for some new clients, because he stuck the fork in Rogers - HE'S DONE!
June 26, 2014 at 10:52 AM  (Thank you court room reporter for the overview!)

Monday, June 23, 2014

Hearing Scheduled for Kelly Gordon Rogers. Plea Bargain imminent.

It looks like Kelly Gordon Rogers has waived is right an appeal and will accept a Plea Bargain on Thursday. The Collin County Website shows a hearing is scheduled for 9:00 am on Thursday.

Let's make sure our Dallas readers make a visit to the courtroom with cameras in hand.

We knew something was up last Thursday when six warrants were issued for his arrest and "W's" were attached to his jail record. The warrants were served to him in his prison cell (that gives  me "warm and fuzzies") and it raised a red flag as to what was going on. Here's an interesting comment from the website.
"Looks like a plea deal is in the works for the remainder of Kelly Rogers cases. A waiver of appeal was filed on June 20, 2014. There will be a hearing on June 26, 2014 which should require Rogers personal attendance and a chance to see our favorite felon, post conviction. By waiving his appeal he is negotiating or is agreeing to negotiate a deal on the other cases. Looks like Dale Barron has broken Rogers down. Might be worth a trip to the Courthouse to possibly see Rogers final court appearance for long time unless or until he pleas the remainder of the cases, which he will be required to be present for".

By the way, concerning Rogers' status as an attorney. Standard operating procedure is the court automatically sends these rulings to the State Bar of Texas. They take the necessary action to disbar Der-Slick-Meister. Then in December, of each year, the Texas Supreme Court finalizes the action and it's over.
Once that happens, AVVO will discontinue his rating and website. It's disgusting that a convicted Felon like Rogers has a higher AVVO rating than Dale Barron, the prosecutor.
Now let's get onto Carrie Rogers who's still enjoying the fine Country Club living, complete with spa time, shopping in her spare time, luxuries and other shenanigans. One question for the ACCOMPLICE....where did the money come from and who does it belong to?

To her, life has not changed one iota, other than her soon to be "Former Husband" is in jail. She's an accessory, an involved participant and needs to go to jail too.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

New Email Notification Service

Now that Rogers has gotten what he deserves, we're all trying to return to a somewhat "normal" life. Obviously, we won't be posting as much content as in the past.
You could say I'm moving into "Semi-Retirement". 
As a debt of gratitude, I want to thank Dale Barron for the wonderful job he did in prosecuting our favorite scoundrel. There's so much we didn't know, private information we simply didn't have the access to review.
We tried to do our best over these many years. Yea, we got some of it wrong but we got a lot of it right. And at the end of the day, we knew as long as Mr. Barron had the facts, Rogers wasn't going to sleaze his way out of this predicament. (BTW: Rogers moved to a new cell).
And to all the readers who posted tons of comments, sent insightful information (anonymously) to our confidential and private email, thank you. You can't imagine the impact we've had collectively in exposing this guy and his money grubbing wife. 
Of the 78,508 page-views since 2009, May 2014 had 16,522 page-views alone. Wow, that's 21% of total views in one month. Just goes to show, everyone was hungry for justice to be served by a jury and prove this couple was no-good.

And the day-to-day account of the trial received 3,194 views alone. The previous best-in-class story was "Rogers Files Bankruptcy" with 533 views.
So today we celebrate "Day 18" of Kelly G Rogers 20 year sentence by introducing a new feature on the blog. It's a email notification. This way, you can keep up with the week-to-week activities of Mr. Scam-o-Rama without needing to check the website each day.
You absolutely know many new and exciting stories will develop as time passes.

For example, will Carrie divorce Kelly in search of a fresh source of money? Will Rogers plea bargain the remainder of his charges or will Carrie be indicted? When Rogers finally gets transferred to a State facility, will he finally room with his new best friend "Bubba"?
All these issues are important. Each time we discover a fresh stories, you'll receive an email notification that a new story has posted.
In the meantime, you can still email your confidential stories to