Sunday, January 16, 2011

Kelly G Rogers--total disrespect for the rule of law

What does Barack Obama and Kelly G Rogers have in common? OK, OK, stop laughing for a moment because we want to make a serious point here.

Both think they are the "Chosen one"? No. Both think they're the Messiah? No. Both have been indicted by a grand jury? No, not yet. Give up?

The answer, based on the evidence we've managed to accumulate; both share a total disrespect for the rule of law! I think you could call it arrogance.

Arrogance is the attitude that the rules don't apply to you, just everyone else. Arrogant people like Obama and Rogers seem to take advantage of every situation. They know the law, therefore, know where it starts and stops--and know the gray areas. They walk right up to the line, urinate on it and continue right over it because the law only applies to the "Little People" and not to them.

Similar to the Pirates of the Caribbean whereby the "code" was more like a guideline that a hard-fast rule. Same attitude with these two. As a matter of fact, the American people and those who know Kelly G Rogers of Frisco, TX know exactly what I'm talking about. These two will simply not be bothered by these petty rules.

To illustrate the point, just take a look at the attached page outlining the infractions of Kelly G Rogers of Dallas. Located on the Collin County site, this recap is just dandy. Once you enter Kelly Roger and hit enter, an entire page of violations and lawsuits appear. I counted,  20 entries credited to his arrogance. How many do you count? And how many do you have? I'll bet its no where near 20? Why so many? Arrogance.

Go ahead, put the names of some friends in and see if they come up. I entered a few names I know and the most I could find was ONE --and that was another lawyer here in Dallas. But TWENTY?

Total disrespect for the rule of law. And as such, its not hard to understand why so many stood up and cheered when the Rogers lost their home to foreclosure and were forced to move. A small amount of payback for the time being. Happy New Year.