Thursday, January 31, 2013


As he prepares for his appearance in Judge Rusch's court on the 8th,  let's take a closer look at the indictments faced by Kelly G Rogers

In a law abiding society, a line clearly exists between right and wrong, good and evil, black and white. If a society is to enjoy law and order, people of sound mind choose to honor boundaries because it's the right thing to do.

Attorney Kelly Rogers seems to be of a sound mind. Judging from his ability to impress the average investor, one would assume he's smart enough to recognize them. Yet, after reading the indictments, it appears he simply ignored them.

Much of this reminds me of Bill Clinton during his perjury charges. He posed the now famous question; "It depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is". Everything to Bill Clinton was some shade of gray. No right, no wrong....just shades of gray. Is this a lawyer thing, arrogance or both?

Clinton was suspended from practicing law in Arkansas and paid a $250,000 fine as a result of Monica Lewinski incident He was also disbarred from practicing law in front of the Supreme Court and he's the first sitting president to be held in contempt of court for lying under oath. So it is with arrogant lawyers.
I found this wonderful example to illustrate the point about Rogers.   

On July 9th, 2007, Kelly G Rogers signed an "Agreed Judgement" to settle his part in the lawsuit Sec vs. Global Finance & Investments, Inc., et al (Page 11: Rogers' fraudulent offering).

Rogers was sued for his involvement in the Level Par Ponzi scheme that he and his former partner, Richard Weyand operated. As part of the settlement, he paid a small fine, got a slap on the wrist and out the door practically unscathed.


If you read cause 380-81034-2012, Rogers is indicted for Theft PC 31.03 F1, Securities Fraud; Article 581, Section 29 C (1) of Texas Securities Act, and Money Laundering TPC 34.02 F1.

Detailed in the indictment, Rogers appears to have walked out from signing the SEC Agreement on July 9th and 44 days later he's already got a new DEAL he's spinning to unknowing investors. He begins to accept new money on August 22nd from DFG LP and Nick Diguseppe.

Amazing...only 44 days later. I wonder if this new deal was in the works as he signed his name to the SEC agreement?

In the indictment for Security Fraud, it lists three specific charges; 
  1. Failing to disclose a lawsuit from 2/16/07 for allegedly committing violations of the federal securities act, the Securities Act of the State of Texas, common law fraud and breach of his fiduciary duties to the petitioners in connection with the sale of investments in an oil and gas venture located in the Vinton Dome in Louisiana. 
  2. Failing to disclose a 7/18/2007 lawsuit filed by the US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas styled as SEC vs. Global Finance & Investments, Inc alleging in part that Rogers violated provisions of the federal securities laws.
  3. Failing to disclose that funds invested by previous investors in Falcon Energy LLC and Buck Hamilton Series were used for purposes other than those for which said funds were invested. 
Let's see if Kelly Rogers shows up to court with an attorney as directed. It'd be appropriate if it was Bill Clinton.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Look Who's Associating with Kelly G. Rogers

You have to ask yourself, why on earth would anyone still associate with a user like Kelly G Rogers? Especially when you consider the saying; You're truly judged by the company you keep!

But apparently, the following people never got that memo.

Check out the names below and website that links them all together. It says it was "updated on November 10, 2012". So is everyone still associated with a seven time indicted ponzi schemer?

We welcome and will publish any and all comments as a live thread to help those clear their good name if need be. 

Land and Minerals Corporation:  This one is interesting! (Click on the photo's for a larger image). I think we know the full story here. Kelly Rogers insisting that Carrie owned Land and Minerals Corporation so he could file bankruptcy and steer the trustee clear of touching his cash cow. Yet, I don't see Carrie's name listed below? What's up with that?

Legacy Christian Academy:     Jay Allison, Curt Welwood, Roland Burns, Bill Dearien, Robert Copple. How on earth can anyone welcome a wolf in sheep's clothing into their flock of sheep and not expect a train-wreck of an ending? I though I had received an email from Legacy saying they no longer have Kelly on the board, yet this website says it was recently updated.

Bsh 103 Texas LLC:  6756 NORTHAVEN RD,DALLAS, TX  75230. Texas LLC, Not in good standing. 3 year old.  Floyd Donald Drake III is the Registered Agent. Company is 3 years and 11 months old. Amon Mahon, Ryan Johnston, Bobby Zache, Bruce Johnston, Floyd Drake and  Corey Smith. So what the heck is this? My guess is it's an old deal gone bad and those who invested lost their money.

CS Investment Group:     William C. Wikerson. Anyone ever heard of this entity?

Liberty Institute: Dale A. Brown, Mark Cover, Kelly Shackleford, Al Angell, Cindy Asche, Archer Bonnema, Deborah Carlson, Bill Crocker, Linda Flower, Paul Pressler, James Robertson, W.W. Caruth, Tim Dunn, Mark Swafford. Can a political organization afford to associate with someone like Kelly Rogers? I could see the TV ads that would blindside a candidate...why is Paul Ryan affiliated with a SEVEN time indicted attorney from Frisco, TX? Game over, end of campaign and political career.  

Kelly Rogers: Here's a list you don't want to be on.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


After much deliberation, the KELLY G ROGERS REPORT has named
D. Bradley Dean, D.D.S., M.S. as its "Man of the Year".

This was a difficult decision because so many new faces had emerged onto the playing field of the Kelly G Rogers and Carrie S Rogers show.

For example, Dale Barron of the Texas State Securities Board has worked tirelessly in conjunction with the Collin County DA's office to vigorously enforce the Texas Securities Act violations committed by Kelly G Rogers.

How about the Honorable Mark Rusch of the 401st District Court? Here's a 27 year, no nonsense purveyor of good judgement over crooks and con-men.  In less than 60 days, Judge Rusch has provided verbal smack-downs on TWO different occasions on Kelly G Rogers.

And how can we overlook the fine work of James Skinner of Pezzulli Barnes, LLP? With 25-years of law enforcement and prosecutor, he's brought a vast amount of investigative knowledge and experience to this case. With the combined talents of Michael F. Pezzulli, they continue to bring the hammer down on Rogers' seemingly loose grip of the facts.

But at the end of the day, it's been D. Bradley Dean's drive, focus and perseverance that has brought all these good men to the table. Through a good sense of right and wrong, he's kept motivated to push forward in doing the right thing.

We've talked to many past investors and they all held this same view of right and wrong, all wanted to move forward with their own litigation but most found themselves wiped out financially after the affair was over.

And this is why the KELLY G ROGERS REPORT has voted D. Bradley Dean as its "Man of the Year". 

In the words of Harry S. Truman: “I don’t give them Hell, I just tell the truth about them and they think it’s Hell.”