Thursday, November 7, 2013

Kelly Rogers Readers Share the Love--Comments

Anonymous said...

Doc's Bail Bonds posted our local miscreant's 50,000.00 bonds. Jerry Wynne Dillard is the agent for Doc's. What collateral could Roger's possibly have that is worth 350,000.00? Is he putting Carrie to work? Thanks Doc's for bailing lil' Madoff out. Whatever the Rogers' clan produced, rest assured it's fake! 

November 9, 2013 at 10:51                                                

                                                      Anonymous said...
"So it looks like our favorite deadbeat con man, has once again magically been able to post $350,000 in surety bonds. Amazing how a bankrupt person seems to keep coming up with large amounts of money?! So Rogers gets out for a few more months and continues his path of fraud upon society. At the end of the day, does it really make any difference? The pursuit of greed and lust for material possessions is worth being known as the local scofflaw? What a disgrace Rogers is as a father, husband, lawyer and human being.

Yes, he still is licensed to practice law in Texas. Kelly, you bonded out of jail temporarily but you can't bond out or delay the fact that you are a worthless piece of trash that took advantage of his friends, clients, fellow Christians Wow, you are so clever! Prison won't be as easy as your stay in the Collin County Detention Facility, you have a few months to prepare for it, unless the State or someone files a Motion to keep you in jail, or your Federal Indictment comes sooner. The Feds usually wait until after the State case is resolved to take their pound of flesh. It is coming, maybe you and Carrie will be together after all, as joint inmates in State and Federal Correctional Institutions. Nice Couple".

November 7, 2013 at 10:52 PM

                                     Anonymous said...

"I am one of those mentioned in this blog from "out of state". My relationship with Kelly Rogers prior to 2005 cost me at least $420,000, as well as my successful career. More importantly many of my family members who I love and some of those I worked with were damaged as well. If and when the time becomes appropriate, I look forward to sharing further documentation of how the relationship with Mr. Rogers caused an onslaught of the civil and arbitration cases and the devastation it caused. I only have one thing to say to Kelly Rogers at this point. You are absolutely pathetic".

November 7, 2013 at 6:30 PM
        Anonymous said...

"This story will be like the hundreds of other "ponzi" schemes in American History. While Rogers delayed his Collin County trial(s) for over four years, he was continuing to perpetuate his fraud (s) upon society.

The rumor is that Rogers is being investigated for Bankruptcy Fraud ( not sure what the investigation would be, since how many people go bankrupt and live in a two million dollar home that isn't their own). However, more victims from out of state or other areas will emerge and if Rogers had been locked up, he couldn't have done it.

So the Court finds that Act Now didn't follow the proper procedures in discharging Rogers Bond? It will be funny to see how this plays out! Rogers trying to get his 35 k back from Act Now Bail Bonds? Hopefully they delay and make him work for it, like he made everybody else! What bonding company would post this miscreant's bond? How would either Carrie or Kelly have 350k in assets? Thought they were bankrupt. Grab some popcorn, enjoy the show"!

 November 6, 2013 at 8:00 PM

                                              Anonymous said...

"Rogers has a bond reduction hearing set for November the 6th. He is once again trying to manipulate the system. His attorney filed a motion to set a "reasonable" bail.

I think 50k per first degree felony is more than fair. I would encourage all that are victims to attend the hearing and voice their protests. Rogers will be brought over from the jail in a belly chain and shackles for viewing purposes".

November 4, 2013 at 11:34 AM
                                            Anonymous said...

"Very good points on your article. How nice it is to see that Act Now finally got the picture! Yes, what you are saying in theory is true, however, I would doubt that any bonding company in Collin County would take this risk, unless Rogers came up with at least 50k in principal for the bonds. He is charged with 1st degree felony cases, certainly a flight risk.

Even if he could make bond, I suspect the State would then come back with a Motion to Increase Bond. Judge Rusch would grant it and Rogers would have to come up with more money. Act now felt as though Rogers was going to flee or had ( shocking) lied about his true assets. If he can't bond he is at the mercy of the State, defending complex financial cases from jail, is nearly impossible.

November 2, 2013 at 12:15 PM

                                    Anonymous said...

The jail has I-care packages you can send through the jail commissary. Maybe we can all send an " I don't effing care" package!

Rogers is totally screwed, he rejected the plea offers, he may get more time than the amount of yards the Detroit Lions put up on the Cowboys last week. The wheels of justice churned slow, however, for Rogers this is the worst scenario, ever.  I love it "!!

November 2, 2013