Friday, February 11, 2011

Citi Bank sues Carrie Rogers


Carrie S. Rogers, wife of indicted Kelly G Rogers, has been sued--again. The Rogers are residents of Frisco Texas. Evicted from their home due to Chapter 7 bankruptcy, they now live kiddie corner from their old partner, Richard Weyand.

The lawsuit; Citibank ( South Dakota) NA Vs. Carrie S Rogers, case 199-04132-2010, filed on 10/05/2010. Case involves Consumer and Commercial Debt. Defending Carrie Rogers is Michael A Moss is at the Office of The General Counsel, 1301 Young Street, Suite A702, Dallas, TX 75202 214-767-6943.

On December 10th, 2010 the order granting a new Trial REOPEN - OCA was posted to the case history. We don't have a copy of the specific lawsuit but will provide details when we get a copy.


Anonymous said...

how many court cases are there on the weynads who kelley was in partnering with on busines things?

Shining the light of truth on Kelly Rogers said...


Anonymous said...

will the Weynands rich and kaylin be at the court trial of Kelly?