Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Attorney Kelly Gordon Rogers Dallas

Attorney Kelly Gordon Rogers Dallas
The pinnacle of success?

"When you solve a case and you’re working for yourself, there’s always the question of whether your client will pay you or not,” says Kelly. “I was always stressed because of money, or because I had money but no time to enjoy it.”

We never saw him,” says Carrie, referring to herself and their children. “All I could see down the road was the kids and me having plenty of fun, with Kelly always missing from the picture. We wanted to have fun as a whole family.”

Then, a long-time friend showed them the business opportunity powered by Quixtar.

“We trusted these people,” says Carrie. “They listened to us. They showed us a way to get what we wanted, and then they led by example.”

Attorney Kelly Gordon Rogers Dallas-- Working Together

Together, Kelly and Carrie began building their business. Was it all clear sailing from day one? Far from it.

“We were so excited and wanted things quickly, but we’d never worked together as a team. At first, we’d come home from meetings and argue about things,” remembers Carrie.

“I’d think she was attacking me when she made suggestions,” says Kelly. “We had to learn how to communicate better. There were a lot of 3 a.m. and 4 a.m. mornings, hashing things out.”

There are always challenges along the way, and one of their biggest was “staying focused,” as Carrie puts it, especially with young children.

“The first year we were in business, Carrie found a lump in her throat. “We discovered she had thyroid cancer. We had to keep moving even though there were two surgeries and the treatment to go through,” recalls Kelly. “Then we got pregnant, which was a real blessing – and, more responsibility.”

“You just have to learn to juggle your family obligations with the business opportunity,” says Carrie. “Lots of women stress out trying to work the business and keep a perfect house, etc.”

Instead, Carrie suggests leaving behind the small stuff. “Will it really matter, long term, if your house isn’t completely pulled together?” she asks. “There are more important questions to ask yourself: Are you happy with your life? Are you spending quality time with your family? Those are the priorities. Your house can wait.”

So their house is still in need of some remodeling. “We reached one goal, and that was to make our future more secure. Our next is to finish making our house what we want it to be,” says Carrie. “That’s my approach with this business: I’d rather work really hard now, so I can play later.”
Along the way, Kelly and Carrie discovered that this business is about having your life under your control. “It’s not about us and our goals,” says Kelly. “It’s about other people and their goals. As you help other people attain their goals, you’ll naturally achieve the ones you’ve set for yourself, too.”
As for Kelly, he’s a much happier man these days. “I’ve found that practicing law is the exact opposite of the Quixtar opportunity. In law, you win by intimidation. In this business, you win by making friends.”