Monday, August 1, 2011


Five Reasons why Judge Suzanne Wooten SHOULD NOT GRANT another continuance to Kelly G. Rogers--Frisco Lawyer.

We're coming up on the moment of truth for Kelly G Rogers, Frisco Lawyer. Less that TWO weeks until he stands trial after he was indicted in July of 2009. Here we are--some TWO years later and we're still not assured of a trial.

While we fully expect Kelly Rogers--Dallas Lawyer--to request ANOTHER continuance, we at the Kelly Rogers Report have FIVE REASONS why we are begging Judge Suzanne Wooten to stand firm and move the trial forward as scheduled.

Eight Trial Dates Have Come and Gone: How much time does someone need to prepare for trial? Yet, the court has passed trial dates on EIGHT different occasions: October 29th, 20009, December 3rd, 2009, January 15th, 2010, March 19, 2010, May 25th, 2010, July 14th, 2010, November 3rd, 2010 and April 13th, 2011. Frankly, we're questioning the competency of the Collin County DA's office here. So let's keep this date...

Justice Needs to be Served: Many who read this blog each week have one thing on their mind--watching justice served to Kelly G Rogers--Frisco lawyer. Many have lost everything as a result of investing with this guy. He's as slippery as a bloated codfish and seems to lye his way out of everything. It's never his fault. Well, this time it is his fault and we need to see him served.

Kelly G Rogers Needs to do some Jail time: It's not clear what the sentence is for a first degree Felony for Misapplication of funds. However, it's important that Kelly G Rogers be humbled by serving time and being labeled a convicted felon. Maybe then he will be humbled...although it's doubtful. Until he serves jail time, he will continue to be a "Get-Rich-Quick-Schemer" that is always looking at how to make a fast buck--regardless of who he hurts or what rules he breaks. No remorse. No fair play. No team of advisers. Just complete and unadulterated arrogance.

Kelly G Rogers needs to be Disbarred: Lawyer. It's a title he flashes around like a "Get out of Jail Free" card. It gives him the self promotion and credibility he needs to scam people into thinking he's someone special. They're impressed, they invest, Rogers moves the money somewhere other than where it should be, the investor sues and Rogers represents himself at nominal costs. However, the investors are forced to pay an outside Lawyer $150-$250 per hour to find their money. If Rogers is convicted of a felony and disbarred, he'll then need to come up with his own money to defend all these lawsuits. It would level the playing field and safeguard the public by taking away his title and ability to bully his opponents and manipulate the legal system.

Need to put an End to this Case and Move on: We've all been watching the development of this of this case since 2009. However, many have been praying for justice since 2006 when Kelly Rogers Frisco Lawyer decided to raise money, start companies and invest in Ponzi schemes. Now we need to see this come to any end--by convicting the scoundrel--and allowing us to move on with our lives. It's been a sad, pathetic and very costly five years for many. While most have put all this in the  past, some need to see this last chapter close. Like the Harry Potter story, a bitter sweet ending to journey that was exciting for a few days before smashing our dreams on the rocks of disappointment, despair, shame and anguish.

So Judge Suzanne Wooten, we beg that you REJECT ANY and ALL attempts by Kelly Rogers to gain a continuance on this trial.

How do we know he'll ask for an extension?

He's Kelly Rogers--Frisco why would you expect anything different?