Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Kelly G Rogers Court Appearance for 2012 Indictments

Kelly G Rogers was scheduled to make his first court appearance tomorrow as a result of his May 4th arrest. However, that appearance has been rescheduled to June 29th. According to the Collin County Website, an attorney representing Kelly G Rogers has not been designated. This could be the reason for the delay.

Think about it, who's going to represent him? After all, on his bankruptcy filing he listed Scheef & Stone, LLP as being owed $77,934 and Fish & Richardson, PC another $28,263. Imagine calling one of those firms and begging for representation?

Ironically, Kelly G Rogers has another appointment with the 380th District court on June 21st, his pretrial conference from his 2009 Felony indictment. His trial is scheduled for June 25 for misappropriation of corporate funds. 

On Friday, we will be releasing specific details from the Bradley Dean lawsuit. Through cooperation between Dale Barnes with the Texas State Securities Commission and the Collin County DA's office, the effort resulted in five new indictments for money laundering, fraud and theft.

At this point, Rogers is maneuvering to hide assets in anticipation of his July bankruptcy filing. First, we know the Rogers called Amway trying to have his name removed from the distributorship. They got caught and Amway wouldn't do it. Then on March 25th, 2009, a deed of Trust filed on a Mississippi deal in name of The Kelly Rogers Trust. Yes, ahead of the bankruptcy.

But on August 3rd, pulled from a Section 341 meeting transcript, Kelly G Rogers testified that Carrie owned LMC. Again, he's filing bankruptcy in July so the last thing he wants it LMC to be tied to him. Further, at an August 25th deposition, Kelly testifies that Carrie owns LMC and he was President. However, in a May 12th, 2010  motion filed by Kelly on Carrie behalf, Carrie swears that she had NEVER had ownership interest in LMC.

Then at an April 3rd evidentiary hearing,  Kelly contradicts his Section 341 and August 25th, 2010 deposition testimony and stated that his wife, Carrie, owned no interest in LMC and that "the actual ownership of the corporation is in a trust. That trust is managed by Carrie Rogers, my wife.

"Kelly G Rogers swindled Dean out of $102,000 with false promises that he and Land and Minerals would pay Dean $122,000 by March 20, 2009. But Rogers and the company simply wired the money to Series C LP in Oklahoma. No evidence indicates that they bought anything or tried to perform on the Joint Venture contract. The company never made a substantial payment to Dean. Judging from the nature of the description of other creditors' motions and objections on the Court's docket sheet, Rogers swindled others as well. On February 1, 2012, the Chapter 7 Trustee found that there were no non-exempt assets for distribution".

"On Friday, May 4, 2012, state authorities arrested Rogers on multiple felony counts, including two counts of theft of property (over $200,000), fraud (in which he obtained over $1,000,000), obtaining over $1,300,000 by deception (including $102,000 from Dean), and another count of obtaining over $200,000 by deception. On the same day, Rogers posted--or arranged for the posting--of a $250,000 bond." 


Anonymous said...

Are you going to release details on the original Bradley Dean Lawsuit against Richard Weyand for Fraud and collection of an old judgment in Midland? Or, just the more recent lawsuit by Bradley Dean against Mr. Weyand's former attorney/partner Kelly Rogers?

Shining the light of truth on Kelly Rogers said...

The recent one...although if you have the old one and would email it to burnedbyrogers@gmail.com we'd be happy to publish that too.