Friday, September 21, 2012

Kelly G Rogers: Thought of the Day--DELAY

Anonymous said...Friday, September 21st, 2012:

One more interesting thought. 

On the Events and Orders of the Court in the plethora of cases pertaining to our favorite local scumbag, KELLY ROGERS, Judge RICHARD DAVIS, ORDERED, the cases of Rogers to proceed to trial on DECEMBER 1ST, this entry was made on August 2nd, 2012. 

( 08/02/2012   General Docket Entry: Reset in 30 days for counsel and if counsel not retained then proceed with appointment of attorney or Pro-Se and set for Trial by December1, 2012. Judge R. Davis)

Typically a Court Order is followed???? 

Why is Kelly Rogers the only citizen immune from Court Orders. 

Does this mean that Orders from Judge Davis are void??? The case has been reset for announcement (layman's terms "delay") WHY???? 

A sitting District Court Judge ORDERED the cases(s) to trial by December...What is going on????? 
The cases could have been transferred to Judge Rusch already, he is the Administrative Judge. 

Why is this being allowed???


Anonymous said...

research before you talk. Your ignorance is showing!

Anonymous said...

The previous comment was obviously made by Kelly Rogers, believe me brother my research, unfortunately for you, Kelly, is superlative and One Hundred Percent Accurate! The District Attorney's Office filed a tremendous amount of business records on the 27th. Kudos to them! Amongst the records are filings related to a CD and George Shipp, so obviously they have procured some information from Shipp. The vice grip around your head is slowly tightening Kelly, you will have a lot of time to reflect upon the sadistic acts perpetrated upon friends and family using your religious faith to help beguile those who trusted you. Your day of reckoning is coming soon and Judge Rusch is just the Judge to oversee your case. Your delay games and manipulation will come to a screeching halt in Judge Rusch's Court. Wait and See.