Sunday, February 3, 2013

A reader asks; How much money did Kelly Rogers give to LEGACY CHRISTIAN ACADEMY

A recent comment opens the door to a very interesting subject:

"Has anyone looked into the Football Stadium that Legacy Christian built around 5 years ago when Rogers' was active and serving on the Board? There are rumor's money was funneled possibly to the construction of the stadium as Legacy was very small at that time and Kelly Rogers" was apparently its biggest donor."

Legacy Christian Academy is an awesome organization. We admire and appreciate them for doing God's work. We need a ton more God in America and by no means is this story meant to demean Legacy.

However, the transactions which resulted in the May 2012 indictments for fraud, theft of property and money laundering, all took place between August 22nd of 2007 and October 28th of 2011. This is right in the middle of when Rogers was serving on the board at Legacy.

So the reader is asking an obvious question; who's money was it that Kelly G Rogers donated to Legacy Christian Academy? Was it yours? Further, was he a "HERITAGE" level investor of $250,000 or more? 

So we're suggesting that someone follows to money.

The Facts Seem Clear

Clearly, Kelly Rogers was serving on the board at the time same time he was wheeling and dealing. 

The graphic to the left shows an auction held on November 3rd, 2007 and the graphic below, pulled from the same PDF, lists Kelly Rogers as a board member in 2007 and 2008. According to the indictment, this is the exact time when the allegedly  fraudulent transactions were being completed.

And what if he serviced on the board from 2005 through 2009? That would open up the possibility that ANY money donated during this time-frame could have come from the Level Par Ponzi Scheme, the Falcon Energy project, the Buck Hamilton Series or other "Deals" offered by Rogers.

Do you know how much of "Other Peoples Money" was lost during that time-frame? It was well over $6.3 Million. And this number doesn't include the $6.4 owned to creditors at the time of his bankruptcy filing on July 27th, 2009.

If it can be proven that Rogers stole, laundered, then donated this funny money to Legacy, what's the legal status of those donations? Can the authorities take legal action against Legacy, naming Legacy as a relief defendant and recover the stolen funds?

If we review Kelly G Rogers money raising history, it starts in late 2004 and seems to peak in 2009 . Specifically, he rolls out of the Travis-Correll Ponzi Scheme and starts Level Par where, according to the SEC, page 11, item 47: "Rogers raised $4.7 million from approximately 35 investors".

Then look a the indictments issued by the Collin County DA's office, Theft PC 31.03 F1 , Rogers is accused of stealing $1,589,000 and they list 29 specific entities affected. Combined, that's $6.3 Million. 

How hard would it be to peel off $250,000, give it to Legacy and even write off the donation on his taxes!

So this reader is correct in wondering if any donations were laundered funds taken from unsuspecting investors. The entire list of investors is in the indictment? click here.

Our thanks to this reader for bringing up this issue. I'm sure the Texas State Securities Commission or the Collin County DA's office has enough subpoenaed information to answers these questions.

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Anonymous said...

I know the people whose money it was. Thank you for keeping this website and exposing the truth. Please keep it up.