Monday, July 22, 2013

Countdown to Justice for Kelly & Carrie Rogers

We're now less than 60 days until the trial of Kelly and Carrie Rogers in case #429-00485-2010; Bradley Dean v. Land and Mineral Corporation, Carrie Rogers, et.

This is the civil case that opened the door to 6 criminal indictments including; money laundering, theft of stolen property and securities fraud.

The criminal trial on these felony charges against Kelly G Rogers begins in 90 days. Rogers was indicted in 2009 for misappropriation of corporate funds resulting from the partnerships with Richard Weyand and the 32 entities they created.

Level Par was one of these entities. Rogers would eventually be named in an action filed by the SEC. He would sign an agreed settlement in April of 2007. The SEC's involvement would split up this partnership when it became apparent that corporate funds had been misappropriated by Rogers. An indictment followed in 2009 by the District Attorney of Collin County, TX.

But this didn't deter Rogers.

It was just a learning opportunity to enable him to launch his Oil and Gas shell game which Bradley Dean invested. As a result, Rogers was indicted 6 more times on felony charges as the Dean team performed the investigation and unearthed Rogers sins.

Having consolidated all 7 indictments, that trial will begin on October 21st, 2013.

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