Sunday, January 12, 2014

Scam-o-Ramma Sunday brought to you by Kelly G Rogers plus one

Good morning everyone.

Like counting down the days to the big game, we are now approaching the 30 DAY mark until the scammer faces his day in court.

What will life be like once the trial is over, once Rogers is sentenced and is rotting in jail? Once Carrie moves back into her parents condo complex and vacates the status of her current home? Once the greater Frisco investing and Church community is safe from his financial shell games?

I don't know but I can't wait!

Today we get to revisit a scam called LEVEL PAR. It's a snap shot into the creation of a Ponzi scheme. It was sent to us under a cloak of secrecy, in the cover of darkness. Two people, meeting in an alley, in a driving rain storm. Lightning and got the "Package"? Here you go! Nondescript manilla envelop passed between two individuals in raincoats. Then the two parties slither off into the darkness. Nothing short of a Tom Clancy movie!

Notice there are TWO names associated with this presentation?

It's an EIGHT slide deck and presented to honor the SEC and Marshall Gandy's successful prosecution of Kelly G Rogers.


Tex said...

Did you know the address on your slides is the EXACT address that used to be the address for dirtbag lawyer Charles Bundren, who also worked with Rogers on the "candy cane" Plano lawsuit? Do you know what Bundren's involvement with Level Par was?

Tex said...

What is the role of Richard Weyand in this scam?

Anonymous said...

Lawyer Charles Bundren had absolutely no involvement in Level Par. In fact, he was the lawyer who worked with the SEC, a former FBI agent named James Skinner and others to trace the financial dealings of Kelly Rogers.

It happened that they all had offices in the same building because it was close to where they lived. Other than that, don't read too much into it.

Anonymous said...

Weyand was actively involved in raising money for Level Par. On more than one occasion, he and Rogers we're in New York or some other state working on the deal. When the crap hit the fan, Weyand hired a really good attorney to separate him from Rogers in the eyes of the SEC to make sure they looked the other way....and it worked. He got off scott free while Rogers took the full facial on Level Par.

Tex said...

That's too bad about Bundren not being involved, because Bundren got nailed on a condominium scam: and has been involved in other shady dealings. What is Weyand's background, such as, what did he do for a living before, during, and after this scam? Also, it sounds like Weyand is just as guilty as Rogers, and this may come out during the Rogers trial. It also sounds like the SEC isn't very bright, but we already knew that from the Bernie Madoff scam with Harry Markopolos spoon feeding the SEC information they ignored.

Anonymous said...

Richard Weyand's claim to fame was Oasis car wash. At one time, it was the largest chain of car washes in the US.

However, Weyand's style (as with all these scammer) is to raise money, borrow against that money and repeat. So at the end of the day, the investors never get their money back. I researched this subject. Seems the only one out there who got their investment back was Bradley Dean who's the same guy who's investment with Kelly Rogers ultimately led to these indictments.

If you Google search Richard Weyand you'll see his deeds online. He's screwed the people of buying the Orpheum Theater, borrowing all the equity out to support his lifestyle and leaving an eye soar for the people of New Orleans.

He's now doing Oil and Gas deals with Ronald Blackburn, a convicted felon who did time in a federal pen. He's a bad dude and Weyand was warned but has chosen to climb into bed with a mobster.

Tex said...

Looks like Weyand was a bigger player than Rogers: see especially page 4.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Does any of that matter?? Throw awY your law license, life and put your family through this for how much? Rogers is going to get a lengthy prison sentence and his legacy is what? The investors lost money and Rogers and his clan of dirt bags scammed some money. But who really loses in the end? I would rather lose money than lose my freedom. You can't make the money back, but you can't get your freedom back. TDCJ isn't club fed. Rogers would have been better off getting charged by The US Government his prison setting would have been a lot better. In the end he gets what he deserves, ........Hopefully.......

Tex said...

Does any of WHAT matter?

Anonymous said...

here's an article that gives a glimpse into just some of these related scams, oil and theater, etc, poor people taken advantage of...
sounds like this character is just more clever than Rogers and knows how not to get caught by using lawyers

Anonymous said...

I just read through this "slide deck" presentation. If this is really what they were selling this thing on, then why in the world is this other person "Rick Weyand" NOT being pursued by the authorities just as Rogers ? Have they seen this ?
It is not clear from the statement
- "It's an EIGHT slide deck and presented to honor the SEC and Marshall Gandy's successful prosecution of Kelly G Rogers." -

whether or not this SEC official is aware of this sales piece ??

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the SEC reviewed all the files contained within the computers confiscated by the FBI. Every slide, every file, every piece of evidence.

I like the job Marshall Gandy did in this investigation.

This was all litigated back in 2007. Weyand was putting up the appropriate front to wart off any appearance of being guilty, plus he hired a top-notch lawyer to represent him.

He must have done a good enough job because the SEC overlooked him and went straight for Rogers. Rogers was the one that was sent deposits direct to his personal account. He was the one who wrote company checks for private expenditures (like a backyard pool for $50,000 of company money).

Look, I'm not saying Weyand isn't guilty as hell. He is. He's a scumbag too. He's cheated and stolen from his investors just like Rogers. But he was never as overt as Rogers so he didn't get caught.

Such is life.

Tex said...

I think we can all agree on that.

Anonymous said...

This excerpt was quite eye opening from an article at

Much more insight at this link than what is below.

Looks like Weyand has a wife partner at least equal to Rogers wife.

"While the theater deteriorates, Weyand has been parrying lawsuits in at least one state court and two federal courts. A group of investors sued him in federal court in Dallas in 2007, alleging he defrauded them of millions of dollars on an oil and gas deal in the Vinton Dome area of Louisiana. In an April ruling, a federal arbitration panel found "clear and convincing evidence" of fraud in that case.

That panel awarded more than $14.4 million in damages to the investors who had entrusted money to several companies controlled by Weyand, who is personally responsible for $13.4 million of the total claim. A federal judge must approve the arbitration panel's award.

Meanwhile, Paragon National Bank has sued Weyand and his wife, KayLynn, in federal court in Memphis over a delinquent loan for a project in Oxford, Miss. The couple owes the bank more than $2 million plus accrued interest. Weyand and several business partners are also fighting a lawsuit in state court in Connecticut over a hedge fund gone bad. "

Anonymous said...

This is also in that same article at

My wife's brother attends Charles Swindoll's Stonebriar church in Frisco. Weyand had something to do with them getting the property but the report is that he was rejected to be an elder apparently once his background was checked.

"Weyand has a business address in Frisco, Texas. He maintains a personal Web site with various news stories about him, one of which says he grew up in West Monroe and other cities before attending Southern Methodist University. He told a Texas newspaper that he likes to read the Bible and tries to conduct business "successfully and with integrity."

Anonymous said...

Weyand did in fact live in the same neighborhood as Kelly Rogers. Weyand, Rogers, Robbie Gowdy, Andy Haase and Brad Dean all lived there.

The key phrase that describes Weyand's MO is this one; "bought the theater in 2006 for what is widely considered a fire-sale price -- $675,000". Then :This past week, the Weyand Properties Group amended the mortgage to reflect that it had borrowed $2.18 million against the value of the property.

Mortgage all the value out of a deal and move on...screwing the investors.

Last, the part about the group of investors that a panel awarded more than $14.4 million in damages was Rogers Father-in-law's investor group that was trying to get even with Weyand for turning on Rogers during the Level Par deal. Eventually, Weyand and Theissen got the ruling overturned. A judge ruled the two had never agreed to arbitration in the first place.

It was a landmark ruling.

Anonymous said...

I have two friends that were screwed by Rogers. One of them was supposedly a business partner of his. I did a real estate deal with Rogers a few years ago and all he could talk about was how much of a crook this other guy was. Rogers is the crook here. This guy did nothing but brag about himself the entire hour we were in there doing the transaction. I can believe he has not been disbarred. What a scumbag.