Thursday, May 8, 2014

Is this a Fraudulent Post by Kelly G Rogers?

Just 10 days before Attorney Kelly G Rogers goes on trial, we continue to discover more of his fraudulent internet communications.

This website appears to be an attempt to lure in new and unsuspecting investors into his "Deals".

I came across this Tumblr blog during a Google search, probably 10 or so pages back from the Kelly G Rogers Report (The #1 informational site on our favorite attorney).

Note the description: "I'm a Legal Expert and Investment Advisor who loves sharing his passion for people and experiences on the Internet".

Created in 2010, I wonder if Rogers was breaking his SEC agreement by not disclosing he was being sued by several investors at the time of this solicitation?

Seems awfully shady to me. And notice the photo used in his profile. He's wearing a "Prison Orange" T-Shirt! Must be looking forward to some hard time.

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