Friday, January 30, 2015


On November 14th, 2014, the Texas State Security Board released a presser identifying the "TOP 10 INVESTOR THREATS".

Guess who was called out for Oil and Gas investments (last on the list)? Kelly Gordon Rogers.

"Oil and Gas investments are highly speculative and complex. It is difficult for a potential investor to investigate a promoter’s claims about how much oil or gas will be produced, the time it will take to start production, and how the investment is structured will affect revenue and potential profits. In addition, not all investors in oil and gas projects have the expertise to decipher geological maps, production reports, and filings with state energy regulators. Investors should not rely solely on the promoter’s promises about any aspect of the investment. It’s also critical to know the background of the promoters – some may be inexperienced or have repeatedly failed in previous ventures, but not disclosed those facts to investors.Even if the underlying project is legitimate, any revenue realized can be negated by commissions and other fees or expenses skimmed off by the managing partner, who typically sets the terms and timing of payments to investors. Interests in general partnerships or joint ventures are often non-transferable and illiquid".

State of Texas v. Kelly Gordon Rogers

U.S. v. Bruce Kyle Griffith


Anonymous said...

Let's hope he doesn't get back on the street next year by submitting letters to the State prison system, as described in the threads below. If he gets out next year and YOU didn't submit a letter, it's YOUR fault!

Anonymous said...

Is anyone aware of how many individuals that were working in the Frisco boiler room office where all these schemes went on for so long,are being investigated by the feds and law and authoroties?

Its so hard to believe that just one person Mr KR, as guilty as he surely is was the sole doer of all these complicated money frauds!

Makes me wonder if they have moved him to this other prison for the purpose to bargain with him to turn on his "partners" in crime" for a easier sentence for him. The detectives are ALWAYS looking for the "bigger fish" if you watch any of the investigative documentaries on crime fraud stings.