Friday, March 13, 2015


Kelly G Rogers was booked into the Dallas County Jail on February 17th, 2015. He currently resides in the North Tower, 3E04. Here's his latest mugshot.

Apparently, Rogers was shipped from the JW Hamilton Prison to the Dallas County Jail to testify in the DK Joint Ventures, et al vs. Richard Weyand case 3:07-CV-0509-K. However, that case was settled on February 20, 2015.

Yet, here he sits in the Dallas County Country Club.

In the past week, we checked into his status within the TDCJ and saw his current status as Temporary Release. WHAT?!! How could he get out at this point? Didn't the Parole board get all the letters?

But then we took a collective sigh of relief. According to the Dallas County Jail Website, his charge is WRIT OF HABEAS CORPUS AD TESTIFICANDUM (A writ of habeas corpus orders the custodian of an individual in custody to produce the individual before the court to make an inquiry concerning his or her detention, to appear for prosecution (ad prosequendum) or to appear to testify (ad testificandum).

He looks happy and I think the color of his jumpsuit fits within his color palette better than the prison orange...don't you? 



Anonymous said...

I would prefer the orange jumpsuit with Rogers in ISIS custody.

Anonymous said...

" Anonymous said...
I would prefer the orange jumpsuit with Rogers in ISIS custody"

That is actually some brilliant idea on many a level, KR living in their midst could put on his Carrie swooning charm and scam ISIS out of their millions of oil daily income, convincing them he was buying weaponry from FriscoMunitions to be sent over, then send the funds to that DK oil venture scam account already set up, then the funds could be captured by Mr Wined and returned to investors, bringing ISIS to their bankrupt knees, and paying everyone back, The only problem with the plan would be that he would then become a national hero, and everyone would want to join his AMWAY organization to be associated with a hero they don’t really know. The cycle begins again. !!

Anonymous said...

LOL on that last comment. You'll be glad to know that AMWAY terminated Rogers after he was convicted on a felony and he is no longer allowed to participate in Amway. So rest easy my friend.

Anonymous said...

You're assuming Rogers would last more than 5 seconds with his head connected to his body in ISIS custody.