Monday, May 30, 2016

Kelly G Rogers DENIED Parole!

On Thursday, May 26th, 2016 the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Parole Parole board DENIED Kelly G Rogers'parole. Instead, the board scheduled the next review for May of 2017 and called it a day.

I found this in the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles handbook for criminals; "What if parole is denied? If an offender is denied parole, he or she is given either a Serve-All (SA) or a Next Review (NR) date. NR vote means that the parole panel has decided the offender is not ready for parole but that a subsequent review should be conducted at a specified future date within one to five years for offenders serving a sentence listed in §508.149(a), Government Code, and one year for an offender not serving a sentence under §508.149(a) Government Code."  

So the moral of the story, you did write letters to the Parole board and they read each and every one of them. The denial code was called an 11d but no other explanation was provided.

The stark reality Rogers is absorbing this Memorial Day weekend is another year of his life is slipping away while locked up at POWLEDGE prison.

*****UPDATE: Email from the Texas Board of Pardons and Parole offered clarification on the meaning of 11d:

11D - (violation of trust; abuse of trust).  

That figures. 


Tex said...

This is great news. Now it's time to send in another round of letters to ensure he stays there next year as well.

Anonymous said...

Was the 11d reason based on the nature of his conviction or his behavior while in prison?

Anonymous said...

Do you know whether Rogers was convicted under §508.149(a)? Given he was given another day only one year in the future, it seems more likely he will be given parole, as they could have picked the next parole review to be 2-5 years in the future if his conviction did fall under §508.149(a). Too bad he wasn't given an SA status, then we wouldn't have to back into society for almost 2 decades.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Rogers has good company, and Powledge is apparently not air conditioned: Stay warm this summer, Kelly! LOL

Shining the light of truth said...

If you go onto the TDCJ site link below and look up Rogers, it shows his next parole date. One year. Great news on no AC, that's awesome. I hope he doesn't get any chafing. I would assume the parole board makes judgements based solely on inmates behavior while in prison.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the amount of hate being said here is ridiculous. I will continue to pray for you all that you find peace with yourselves and can forgive someone. To continuously show hate and anger is not helping out. At some point, you will need to look in the mirror and ask is all this hatred really worth it? Will you be able to move forward from this incident and move on in life or just bring more hate to the situation?

Shining the light of truth said...

Oh, I'm sorry Anonymous post from 8/17/2016. We've all moved on with our lives and don't check this site very often.

We don't need your precious prayers. We've spend hours in prayer, praying that BOTH Kelly and Carrie would be locked up for 20 years for the money they stole from friends.

We're over it but apparently YOU ARE NOT. Should we pray for you?

Brad Obert said...

Not sure what religion you believe in, but hate isn't on my list. If you believe in our justice system, justice is being carried out. Someone praying for you is a good thing.

Tex said...

Brad, you apparently have no clue how many lives Rogers has damaged/destroyed. He got 20 years because the government agreed not to continue prosecuting him on several other valid charges as long as he didn't appeal his single-charge conviction. The jury probably had no idea that "20 doesn't mean 20" and should have sentenced him to the maximum 60 years. Regarding parole, I believe it is related to both the assigned sentence, behavior while in prison, the amount/severity of the letters sent to the prison in favor and against an early parole, overcrowding conditions and the severity of crimes from the other inmates, etc., so it isn't a simple calculation. So keep sending in those letters telling the prison system what a dirtbag this monster is, as they are a part of Brad's precious judicial (not justice) system. I also think Brad is doing some selective reading in the Bible, there are several passages about hating evil, and Rogers is the personification of evil.