Thursday, May 4, 2017



Those who seek truth and  justice in the Kelly G Rogers case were vindicated once again today as Kelly G Rogers failed to receive parole. He was denied based on “Untrustworthy” issues (Denial reason(s): 11D). 

Similar to the denial of 2016, the parole board recognizes Rogers as someone who cannot be trusted. He can’t tell the truth. He’s a pathological liar who is focused on the CONN of the day, having difficulty distinguishing between fact and fiction. 

When he finally does qualify for release in 2022, he’d make an excellent politician where no standards are required. 

Thank you to all who wrote letters to the parole board. You can’t impact a majority of issues in America but you can make a difference in this situation. 

And you did. 


Tex said...

Good news! Thanks for the update. He's still up for release next May, so we have to keep it up. But it looks like he's "helping" us out, too. I thought he was more deceptive than this, given his background, but perhaps they broke him down a bit and he is showing his true colors. I'll be ready to brush off my letter and revise it for next year.

Anonymous said...

I would like to provide a helpful comment to those of you who read this report and are “pro” Rogers. I will not speak for those who rejoice that Rogers will spend another year behind bars although I too am thankful. You might want to consider reaching out to your “friend” and talk some sense into his heartless head. I could move on from this situation with a very heartfelt apology and acknowledgement that he willingly and purposely stole from and manipulated his victims.

Until the time I believe he truly repents for his actions I will write letters to the parole board and encourage others to do so. Instead of telling us that we need to change our hearts you should be telling Rogers to change his.

For now I will celebrate that he remains locked up where he cannot victimize others for another year…

Unknown said...

Good thing you aren't God.

Tex said...


Anyone who is pro-Rogers belongs in his prison cell, especially his dirtbag lawyer and wife I confronted after the trial. I'm writing letters every single year until this scumbag is released. Even IF he says he's sorry, I won't believe it, as he is a serial liar. He does not deserve to be in society, where he will take advantage of others, guaranteed.


Good thing God agrees with me.

Anonymous said...

Tex: He is a serial liar. The parole board did get audio tapes of comments rogers made publically. These discussions say one thing but privately, he did another. Character counts and he has none. So, I'm with you on the letter writing campaign. I feel sorry for his youngest daughter who I would guess, wrote that God comment. She's in denial but it is her father. She'll never know or recognize what a scum bag he really is.