Sunday, March 14, 2010

Master of deception--Kelly Gordon Rogers

Does Kelly G Rogers speak with forked tongue? More importantly, is he a master of deception? This is an excellent question and one that's been discussed often among those who've lost money or been involved with Kelly Rogers. After all, how else can you explain why one person ends up being indicted, sued by multiple investor groups, disliked by so many......all the while claiming that somehow he's a "victim" of a vast right wing conspiracy...a plot of some type.

The short answer to this question can be found on the professional networking site called Linkedin. This is the site used to discover his involvement in the "Takedown Group" and "Land and Minerals Corporation" and a host of other corporation.  Recently, we conducted a search for "Kelly Gordon Rogers" and found 4 different profiles. First, Kelly Rogers; President at Land and Mineral Corporation of Dallas, TX. Second, we found Kelly Rogers; Law Terms and Legal Definitions in the Greater New York City Area. Third, we found Kelly G Rogers Kelly Gordon Rogers; Legal definitions in Houston, Texas. Fourth, Kelly Rogers Dallas Kelly Gordon Texas; Lawyer Kelly Rogers in the Greater Los Angeles Area.

Hmmmmmm, Dallas, Houston, New York and Los Angeles? The master of deception?

This information was turned over the General Counsel for Linkedin as a violation of the User Agreement as published by the company. In response; "We have received your inquiry regarding profiles belonging to Kelly Rogers on LinkedIn. We are currently reviewing the profiles in question and will take the appropriate actions upon them. Please note, per privacy reasons, we are unable to disclose further details regarding actions taken upon the accounts”.

Our guess is that these profiles are an attempt to deluge the internet with misleading Kelly G Rogers’s propaganda so the truthful site that discuss his indictment, lawsuits and bankruptcies are hidden to the general public. When attempting to pursuade someone to invest in one of his finanical schemes, the last thing he wants is to have any information about his real life available for all to see.

And as evidence to support these deceptions, Mr. Rogers evoked the cooperation of a convicted felon assigned to harass and intimidate individuals related to cases against Kelly G Rogers. These activities were abruptly halted after phone calls were placed to the Collin County District Attorney's office to report what was happening. No one knows exactly what happened from there but the campaign came to an abrupt halt.

And were happy to report that Linkedin has enforced their user agreements to the extent that the deceptive profile pages have been removed from the site. Chalk one up for the good guys!

These are just a few of the bazaar events taking place in the day to day operations of our subject. Master of deception? You draw your own conclusions.

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