Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Kelly & Carrie Rogers Lower Sale Price of Home

Kelly G Rogers and Carrie S Rogers have lowed the selling price of their home at 8 Riva Ridge in Frisco, Texas. The new selling price is now $2,999,000, reduced from $3,200,000. The listing agent is the "Jan Richey Team".

According to Zillo, this 10,675 square foot home at 8 Riva Ridge has a value range of between $534,750-$727,260, with a current value of $713,000...which seems very low. In comparison, the home at 7 Riva Ridge is a 12,081 square foot home that's been on Zillo for 340 days (which means it's been overpriced and everyone knows it) is valued between $1,168,805 to $1,509,090. It has a current Zillo value of $1,479,500 and is listed at $2,499,900. So it appears in the midst of this  economic downturn, the Rogers are in no hurry to sell this home at a listing price of $2,999,000.

Interestingly, this home has been at the epicenter of the problems created for Kelly and Carrie Rogers. You could call it the "Contributing Factor". For example, in the "Thompson " lawsuit, investors claim; ...although it is undisputed that the $180,000 received from the operator was the property of the company, Rogers testified that he "borrowed" the $180,000 for his personal use. According to Rogers, the $180,000 was used for home improvement. To date, Rogers has provided no promissory note or other evidence that he "borrowed" the money. Further, Rogers has so far repaid none of the money.

And in the State of Texas v Kelly Rogers’s indictment, the State identified transfers from the Lionheart Energy LLC checking account; specific monetary transactions described in the indictment for misapplication of fiduciary property as follows;

Check #992 to Pool Environments on 3/11/2005 = $26,661.00
• Check #998 to Pool Environments on 3/29/2005 = $30,000.00

The Rogers' make the claim that the inability to refinance the $1,200,000 construction loan that matured in February of 2009 resulted in the bankruptcy filing of Kelly G Rogers on July 27th of 2009. However, apparently it didn't wipe out Carrie S Rogers because she was not included in the bankruptcy filing. Yet in the papers filed on 12/4/2009, it states; Unfortunately, the cost of the home exeeded $1,800,000, wiped out all the Rogers' available cash and life savings, caused even more indebtedness, and the home is still not finished. It did say Rogers', didn't it?

In the end, it boiled down to the "Big Dream" home that finally sunk the Amway Dream Machine.

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