Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kelly and Carrie Rogers lower sale price for the THIRD TIME!

Kelly and Carrie Rogers have one again lowered the sale price of their 8 Riva Ridge home. Originally offered at $3.2 Million back in December,  it was quickly lowered to $2.999 MM, then $2.4 MM and now $2.25 Million. The listing is still being offered by the Jan Richey team.

A quick check on Zillo shows the 11,826 square foot home worth an estimated $805,500. I'm sure it does not take into account the additions. But it's curious that it shows the home sold on 2/7/2008 but does not list the amount. The neighboring home at 7 Riva Ridge is a 12,249 square foot compound that listed at $2,399,999. This home’s been on Zillo for 467 days and shows an estimated value of $1,838,000. In light of the days on the market, it would appear that both homes are grossly overpriced.

The pricing of this home, relative to its valuation and the ensuing lack of sales results are haunting similarity to the outcome most experienced when investing in one of Kelly G Rogers’s opportunities. One distinction this time around; unlike in the past where Rogers was the only one who make money, it appears this time Rogers will join those who ended up losing everything. I'm sure the 70 creditors who are owed $4.6 million in debt will continue to watch this situation, along with his bankruptcy proceedings, very closely.

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