Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kelly Rogers pins hope on Lawyer John C. Hardin

In checking the Collin County website, I noticed that Kelly Rogers will rely on John Charles Hardin as his defense lawyer in his July 19th trial. At issue will be Mr. Rogers indictment concerning the "Misapplication of fiduciary property" amounting to $435,355. The indictment details the transfer of money from Lion-heart Energy to his personal account, QBiz, Rio Grande Coal, Pool Environments, Superior Soils, GS Investors, TNT Office Supply and Cash. This is a Felony 1 indictment and Rogers could face jail time.

Rogers is hoping the retirement of John Roach as Collin County District Attorney will put him on the fast track to freedom. It's rumored that Rogers was overheard discussing his indictment and pointed out that a "Lifelong Friend" was about to become the DA and he'll finally be able to put this entire "conspiracy" in the past. In checking the primary election results, one can only assume that "Friend" would be Greg Willis who won the primary handily over Jeff Bray. Even more bothersome is the fact that John Charles Hardin openly endorsed Greg Willis in a published webpage. Here's a link (go to bottom of page and you'll see the bar to scroll across) for you to view. So you can only imagine what could happen from here.

Given this arrogance towards his past actions, one can only wonder if the criminal justice system in Texas would be so politically driven that it would change direction at a drop of a hat. In this "Culture of Corruption" would an incoming DA overlook the string of lawsuits that outline in detail; the multitude of investments gone bad, the 70 creditors owned $4.6 million, the SEC lawsuit over the Level Par Ponzi scheme, the money removed from businesses and invested for Rogers personal gain, the taking of company funds to purchase a swimming pool...all while he shows not a single shred of remorse towards his "victims" who lost everything?

I challenge the DA's office to complete this trial before the November elections so there is NO
CHANCE that justice will not be served. I challenge the DA to push forward, bring all the evidence from the various scams Rogers perpetrated so these investors can finally have the peace of mind.

Justice must be served. Put this man in jail, take away his freedom and let him think about what he's done to others while sitting in his orange jump suit. Let him lose his house through the Chapter 7 liquidation he's facing in his bankruptcy proceedings. Many have suffered at his hands and lost everything. Many were forced to filed bankruptcy, lost friendships and lost entire careers due to his actions.

And Rogers attitude towards the entire episode? Screw them, I'm moving on with my life, tuff luck, they approached me, it's a conspiracy.... hey, I'm the victim here?!

Yes, justice needs to be served so we can finally enjoy a good night sleep knowing Kelly G Rogers bully tactics didn't get him what he wanted this time around. Yes, justice needs to be served to Kelly Rogers.


Anonymous said...

If you're concerned about anything other than a fair trial under Greg Willis then you don't know Greg Willis.

Shining the light of truth on Kelly Rogers said...

Dear Anonymous; We are pointing out that Kelly Rogers was overheard commenting that a "Lifelong Friend" was about to be elected into the DA's office and hopefully this "thing" will go away. He seemed fairly confident a relationship will influence the outcome. His words, not ours. Take what you will from that comment. I'm sure Greg Willis is a stand up guy.