Friday, April 20, 2012

Bradley Dean Expands Lawsuit against Kelly & Carrie Rogers

Bradley Dean has expanded his lawsuit against Kelly G. Rogers and Carrie S. Rogers.

Based on the Collin County Courts Records Inquiry if you enter "Civil and Family Case Records" and enter Rogers, Carrie it takes you to the files. Click on the second to the last and you'll find it. It now reads;

Bradley Dean v. Land And Mineral Corporation, Carrie Rogers, Kelly G Rogers, Series C, L.P.,  LMC Financing, L.L.C., Kelly G Rogers as Trustee of the Kelly Rogers Family Trust, and Carrie Rogers as Trustee of the Kelly Rogers Family Trust. 

A couple of events worth noting. First, Bradley Dean filed a motion and it was granted on April 9tth, 2011 disqualify Kelly G. Rogers as the attorney for his wife. Now he's named in the suit and will have to hire and  pay someone real money to represent him.

Second, the Judge granted plaintiff Bradley Dean's motions to reconsider an order dismissing claims against Carrie Rogers. So the Judge is not going to dismiss the suit as requested by Kelly G. Rogers. That's good if you're someone who's interested in getting to the bottom of what Kelly and Carrie did with the money Bradley Dean invested with them or how the Rogers found the money to arrange moving back into their 8 Riva Ridge home in Frisco, Texas. 

Third, the case has been radically expanded beyond the investment entity of Land and Mineral Corporation and Carrie Rogers. It now include Kelly G Rogers (subject of this blog), Series C, LP, and LMC Financing, LLC. Introducing a new entity to the Kelly G Rogers Report; LMC Financing, LLC.

LMC Financing, LLC? Chances are, it stands for Larry, Moe and Curly Financing! We've never heard of this entity before.

So the case moves forward. Citations were issued on April 10th, 2012 and were served and returned from Series C, L.P., LMC Financing, L.L.C., Kelly G. Rogers and Carrie Rogers.

Also on April 10th, 2012, Plaintiff Bradley Dean's filed his third amended petition. When this petition becomes public we'll break it down for you.

I'm sure it'll provide more details as to what this case is all about. Until then....

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