Saturday, May 5, 2012

Kelly Rogers Arrested --Served with FIVE Warrents


Holy Cow. It's been SEVEN years since Kelly G. Rogers invested in his first illegal pyramid scheme called the "Program" or, as the SEC calls it,  the "Travis Correll" Ponzi Scheme. My how time flies.

But today, four squad cars rolled into his quiet Frisco, TX neighborhood and arrested him. They served FIVE Active warrants for his arrest including; 
  • TWO Counts of Money Laundering
  • TWO Counts of Theft of Stolen Property
  • ONE Count of Securities Fraud
As you recall, it was spring of 2006 that Kelly G Rogers was sued by the SEC for his involvement in the Level Par Ponzi Scheme. He settled with the SEC by paying a minimal fine and signing some papers saying he'll never do it again. A simple slap on the wrist.

Once the SEC settlement was behind him, it was like the starter gun going off in a 400 meter track event because he was off to the races. In fact, it appears he never stopped doing what the SEC warned him not to do.

Check it out, if you search Kelly G Rogers and Carrie on the Collin County Court record Inquiry, the following activity comes up is:
It appears to me that Kelly G Rogers is a very crafty attorney who uses the law to bully, intimidate and manipulate others into giving him what he wants. And if he thinks he's been wronged? He'll sue you. But this time, it seems Kelly Rogers has messed with the wrong guys.

Introducing the DA's Office of Collin County, the State of Texas Security Commission and Dale Barron--attorney in the enforcement division of the State Securities Board.

The cooperation among these agencies resulted in Kelly G Rogers being arrested on May 4th, 2012. His wonderful mug shot.


Anonymous said...

There is a link to a copy of the charges from the May 2012 Bulletin published by the Texas State Securities Board:



Severely Burned By Rogers

Shining the light of truth on Kelly Rogers said...

I've posted that link in the next story, bottom of the page. You can actually read the Indictments one by one. Thank you Severely Burned by Rogers!

Anonymous said...

You'll want to read this recap of Rogers activities at the Dallas Observer. Don't forget to read the comments. They're pretty funny.

Anonymous said...

Kelly Rogers continues to post meaningless blog-posts like "Kelly Rogers Attorney" as an attempt to hide the truthful reports from the public when they search his name.

He must think this will all magically go away and he'll continue his life as an attorney and Oil tycoon once it all blows over.

This seems delusional to me. Does he not get the fact that he's going to jail?