Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Kelly G Rogers moves furniture from home

Oil and Gas investor extraordinaire, Kelly G Rogers was spotted moving furniture from his rental home in Frisco Texas last Saturday.

Speculation initially gauged it as moving the kids back to college. However, unless the kids are taking the expensive and rickety antique dinning room set, something else must be up.

Upon further speculation, they're either selling off furniture to pay for a new attorney (since his last one quit), they're moving to another location OR Kelly's preparing for the event that he's going to jail and his Carrie S Rogers and kids need to move. 

If I had to wager a guess, I'd say they're selling stuff at top dollar to buy an attorney before word gets out that he's done some dirty deeds and he's desperate for cash. Then, the price will be at fire sale levels. 

Remember, if he chooses to show up for the September 7th court date without an attorney, he'll either be assigned a public defender or have to go it Pro Se or representing himself. This judge looks to have had enough of this guys crap. Time for Kelly G Rogers to put up or shut up. 

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