Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Thank You to All our Readers!

Happy New Year and THANK YOU to all our readers!

Without you and your informed comments, we couldn't have achieved the stated mission of this website.

"This blog is dedicated to; telling the Truth about Kelly Gordon Rogers (A Frisco, TX Attorney), exercising my First Amendment rights to Free Speech, and acting in a matter of "public concern" for the sole purpose of protecting individuals from getting involved in his financial schemes."

Over four years ago (September 1st, 2009) we began our effort to make sure the investing public was fully informed of the various scams brought forward by Kelly G Rogers. From his MLM deals to the Level Par Ponzi scheme, from his Oil and Gas shell games to his Medicare scam, people all over the Frisco area fell victim to these "Deals of a lifetime".

So keep those comments coming because we can't do it without you. Keep your eyes and ears open. You can email any important information to burnedbyrogers@gmail.com. Your identity will be held in strict confidentiality, never to see the light of day.

Happy New Year to everyone and only 47 more days until his first judgment day!

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Anonymous said...

Marshall Gandy was the investigator from the Ft Worth SEC office who did the investigation and brought down the Dwight Johnson & Robbie Gowdy schemers while they were at Weyands office in Frisco. The FBI raided and confiscated their computers from what I heard from Gowdys ex-friends.