Wednesday, December 18, 2013


It's now become clear why Kelly G Rogers was jailed for nine days in November. He was trying to FLEE to MEXICO! A business trip?

According to the States Response to Defendants Motion to Release Defendant and set Reasonable Bond;

Section VI: "Further, the State has learned that the surety who was previously discharged by the Court (Act Now Bail Bonds) was previously requested by the defendant to permit him to obtain an expedited passport to travel to Mexico, presumably on business. Were defendant allowed to do so, he would be beyond the jurisdiction of this Honorable Court and beyond the ability of the surety to surrender the defendant for violation of his surety agreement with the bonding company".

Well, thank God someone found out about this little "Business Trip"!

So once Act Now Bail Bonds was granted the discharge, Rogers had to be jailed until he posted a new bond. Possibly being short of cash, Mitchell R. Nolte (Attorney for the Scammer) filed a Motion to lower the bond from the current $50,000 per felony to $10,000. It was denied.

In the State's response, Dale R. Barron, Special Assistant Criminal District Attorney for Collin Count,  reminded the Court;

"The defendant is charged with seven first degree felony offenses, including the charge from 2009, which all carry a penalty range of from 5 to 99 years or life confinement in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Institutional division, and as such should require a significant and sufficient bond to insure the appearance of the defendant at trial which is scheduled for February 17, 2013, in this Honorable Court. The State believes that the current bonds set for the six causes of action at issue in this matter are reasonable and necessary due to the severity of the charges the defendant is charged with".

The Court ordered to keep the bond at $50,0000 per occurrence, required the defendant to surrender any US Passport but denied the State request that Rogers be fitted with a GPS tracking devise.

Additionally, the court ordered Tom Bensen d/b/a Act Now Bail Bonds to refund the full amount of fees paid for the execution of the bond by the Defendant as follows;

  1. $20,000 to Fred Sewell (Defendant's Father-in-Law).
  2. $  4,025 to Carrie Sewell Rogers (Defendant's wife).
  3. Any other fees personally paid by the defendant ($5,975).
Fred Sewell is a fine man and sits on the Board of Directors of Comstock. Back in 2004-2006, Kelly Rogers was raising money for his Oil and Gas shell games with Rick Weyand, and would OFTEN dropped Mr. Sewell's name as an investor in his deals. He was quick to point out that he wasn't supposed to disclose that information but it sounded good, making the appeal of the opportunity seem that much better to the investors.

Each variation of the Oil and Gas investments would ultimately go bankrupt and those investors who believed his line of B.S. lost their total investment. Par for the course.

When Rogers was arrested on May 4th, 2012, his neighbor was M. Jay Allison, CEO of Comstock. Five days later, Comstock announced the appointment of Fredrick Sewell to the board.

How embarrassing.


Anonymous said...

interesting about Mexico,
wonder if it is a coincidence?

I saw where one of Weyand's companies is or was involved in real estate properties in Mexico, maybe convenient


Tex said...

What is the evidence he was fleeing to Mexico? It doesn't make sense that the judge (especially THIS judge) wouldn't either put him in jail until the trial or at least make him wear the ankle GPS device.

Anonymous said...

I agree with TEX, it is surprising that Rusch did not require at least the GPS. Rusch isn't known to give Defendant's much latitude at all. On another note, there is a hearing on Act Now's Motion to Vacate the prior a Order, in which the money paid by the Roger's clan had to be returned. So Kelly "lil madoff's " freedom may be short lived if the Court vacates the previous Order. On a side note, what's with the constipated look on Roger's face in the mugshot? He looks like he is trying to poop out a mailbox or something...

Shining the light of truth on Kelly Rogers said...

I believe someone overheard Carrie talking on the cell phone, discussing a "Business" trip Rogers had planned to Mexico. The wheels began to turn from that point on and lead to his arrest.

Can anyone attend the January 6th hearing concerning Act Now bail bonds getting the order reversed? If successful, the money would be surrendered and land Rogers back in jail, possibly until his trial.

That would be a great way to start the new year.

Anonymous said...

Yes anyone can attend and our favorite miscreant will be present as well. Hopefully Judge Rusch rules in the forceful way he usually does. Rogers should at the very least have a GPS Monitor. If he isn't a flight risk, then they need to change the definition of it.