Friday, September 30, 2011

Update: State of Texas v. Kelly G. Rogers

This time it's different.

This time it would appear the trial of Kelly G. Rogers will proceed with a pretrial conference on December 7th and the trial scheduled on December 12, 2011.

This time an agenda has accompanied the subpoenas sent to SEVEN individuals who will testify against the actions of Kelly G. Rogers. These agendas have never been forwarded with previous subpoenas so something is different this time around.

John Charles Hardin will face off against the DA's office to see who can prove their point.

Can Hardin convince anyone that $435,000 taken from the company was some type of compensation for Kelly Rogers hard work? Or will the DA prove it's just another investment scheme propagated by Rogers Ala:  Rio Grande Coal Mine, LLC v Kelly Rogers, Carrie Rogers, Bradley Dean v. Land and Minerals Corporation, Series C LLP v. Kelly G Rogers, Bill Thompson v. Kelly Gordon Rogers SEC v. Kelly G Rogers, etc.

Stay tuned.