Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Anonymous Commenter on Kelly G Rgoers Reports;

"Just one more example of the ridiculous system currently in place.

Why would the State Bar of Texas not temporarily suspend Rogers' license to practice law? More victims due to the inability of The State of Texas to take any action.

I have one correction, Rogers' faces 5 to 99 on the 1st Degree Felony charges. The District Attorney's Office can file a "Motion to Stack" or run the sentences consecutive as opposed to concurrent. Rogers', believe it or not,  is eligible for probation--unfortunately.

Finally, Rogers' is aware that trying these cases in State Court is very very costly, timely and not something that STATE COURT generally does. These types of cases are usually tried by the Government.

If Rogers' makes a deal to plead, I suspect it would be 25 years and everything would run concurrently. However, at that point victims could make "impact statements" and protest his release to parole; of which I believe Rogers' would be eligible for Parole after 2 years or something like that.

Rogers' knows ALL of this and so does his lawyer who often tries these types of cases in Federal Court. The Collin County District Attorney's Office needs to only accept a plea of 50 years and our friend will spend his TDCJ time in a very rough place".

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Anonymous said...

Something extremely odd seems to be developing or has developed in the Bradley Dean Lawsuit v. Kelly Rogers and Co. How is Kelly Roger's representing a Corporation (Land and Mineral Corporation) that is not authorized to do business in Texas? in fact a quick check of the State Comptroller's web-site will reveal that the Charter was forfeited quite some time ago, for failure to pay franchise taxes. The only similar name to Roger's facade of a corporation is THE LAND AND MINERAL CORPORATION, out of Oklahoma; The entity was formed after Rogers' failed to pay the franchise tax on Land and Mineral Corporation. How is Rogers filing pleadings on behalf of a corporation that does not exist? (obviously we know how, because he is a lying crook) It might be worth looking into by the Plaintiff's in the case, if it hasn't already been looked into. It appears that Land and Mineral ceased doing business involuntarily in 2009, which is odd, due to the fact its Attorney of Record (the esteemed, Kelly Rogers, Esquire, was filing requests for protection order's and other motion's on behalf of a non-existent corporation. Which also explains why Land Mineral Corporation retained the blundering idiot, Kelly Rogers. Just some things to think about today and going forward.