Saturday, October 27, 2012

Marco Frattarelli--How'd this turn out for you?

Marco Frattarelli--How'd using Kelly G Rogers of Frisco, TX work out for you?

Did you know he'd been indicted when he represented you or did he keep that a secret?

Did he disclose he'd been sued by the SEC and settled in 2007? And did you see that he's now been indicted SIX more times since he filed this bankruptcy filing as your legal council?

BTW: Each indictment is a Felony one charge including; Money laundering, Securities fraud, Theft of stolen property, MISAPPLICATION of fiduciary property or property of a financial institution.

Each criminal charge carries a "Minimum" of five years (35 years minimum) and "Maximum" of 99 years to life per occurrence (That's SEVEN life sentences).

Just curious on his disclosure to you as a client. 

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Anonymous said...

Just one more example of the ridiculous system currently in place. Why would the State Bar of Texas not temporarily suspend Roger's license to practice law? More victims due to the inability of The State of Texas to take any action. I have one corection, Roger's faces 5 to 99 on the !st Degree Felony charges, The District Attorney's Office can file a "Motion to Stack" or run the sentences consecutive as opposed to concurrent. Roger's believe it or not is eligible for probation, unfortunately. Finally, Roger's is aware that trying these cases in State Court is very very costly, timely and not something that State Court's generally do. These types of cases are usually tried by the Government. If Roger's makes a deal to plead, I suspect it would be 25 years and everything would run concurrent. However, at that point victims can make impact statements and protest his release to parole; of which I believe Roger's would be eligible for Parole after 2 years or something like that. Roger's knows ALL of this and so does his lawyer, who often tries these types of cases in Federal Court. The Collin County District Attorney's Office, needs to only accept a plea of 50 years and our friend will spend his TDCJ time in a very rough place.