Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Anonymous Said on 10/1/2012....

"Since it is official now, that Rogers has been appointed an attorney some facets of this are worth exploring. 

First, The Texas Fair Defense Act requires certain elements to be declared "indigent" It might be worth posting the Act on the blog. Further, Rogers is required to fill out an indigency form, affidavit, etc. It would be worthwhile in the civil cases to explore or determine what Rogers submitted and how he is in fact "indigent" There is a Texas Fair Defense Act Commission, but ultimately the tax payers of Collin County will assume the liability of Rogers defense. 

Ironic isn't it? Only in Collin County can you post $350,000.00 in bonds, be a lawyer, live in a $2.0 million dollar home and be indigent. One more slap in the face of the victims. 

Is there anything else we can provide Rogers with? A new cellphone, computer? Please we are anxiously waiting for his requests. The bottom line is that this is a joke and an insult to the Justice System and the citizens of this County. There really should be an inquiry into this entire situation promulgated by The Attorney General of Texas as to why Rogers is continuing to be given preferential treatment. I will remind readers, he was indicted in 2009! There is not one possible reason for at least one of these cases to have not gone to trial and now the next announcement is November. I thought Felony announcements were required every 30 days? 


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