Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Attorney Kelly Rogers' Trial Rescheduled for May 19, 2014

Disappointing news for all the victims of Attorney Kelly Rogers came out of Judge Mark Rusch's courtroom today. His trial on six counts of first degree felony charges has now been rescheduled for May 19th. Bummer.


Anonymous said...

Tex and any others, Did anyone else notice on the real estate sites that it looks like the big estate of Kelly's neighbor and former partner, Weyand at #15 Stonebriar Way, in Frisco appears to either recently sold or is up for sale? Anyone wonder why this is happening at this time?

Tex said...

Looks like he sold it last October: http://www.collincad.org/propertysearch?prop=2674237&year=2014 My guess is Weyand is broke, his lawyers have his money.

Anonymous said...

Richard Wayand is bumping on the bottom right now. He is close to filing bankruptcy, doing Oil & Gas deals with convicted felon (Ronald Blackburn), and is rumored to be undergoing an IRS criminal investigation over deals he and Rogers did.

I've heard Rogers was providing the info to the IRS, attempting to get even with Weyand over how he hung Rogers out to dry in the Level Par Ponzi Scheme deal with the SEC.

Two IRS agents showed up at someone's house 8 months or so ago asking questions. They had business cards saying they were from the criminal investigation division.

So why shouldn't Weyand suffer like all the people he screwed?

Anonymous said...

Tex, I wonder where Richard is living now, hes listed on Spokeo as having several houses in the metroplex. It does seems difficult to move out of a mansion estate into an apartment I would think.

Does anyone know where Blackburn is now? I couldn't find anything on google search for sure.

Anonymous said...

Weyand sold the house on Stonebriar Way last fall. I heard they are renting a house in Frisco and staying here until their daughter graduates from high school.