Monday, February 24, 2014

Oil and Gas Attorney Kelly G Rogers

According to the State Bar of Texas, Oil and Gas Attorney Kelly G Rogers has a new office! Make sure to grab your checkbook and take a visit as I'm sure he needs the business. Which leads to the question; who would rent him office space?

Also, the Rogers former home at 8 Riva Ridge in Frisco remains empty. The Rogers has been seen on numerous occasions at the house working.

According to Zillow, the bank foreclosed on the property back on 9/8/2010 and the lender purchase price is $1,400,000. The bank resold the home to someone on 1/17/2012 for $1,856,250. Yes, no one has moved in, which seems very peculiar. Who drops almost $2.0 Million and then leaves it empty for 2 years plus?

Maybe someone is holding the home until the Rogers' legal trouble blows over?


Anonymous said...

So...Maybe the property management company, ACRON Management, 972.732.7311 doesn't do credit ot background checks??? The office building is chock full of businesses that make our local miscreant salivate, Jefferson Bank, Midsouth Bank, a DENTIST, Home HealthCare Agency, Mortgage Company and um ah hem, Oil and Gas Company.. I think that the tenanats of the building should be aware of the new neighbor and Acron Management should be probably be made aware of their temporary lapse in judgment..Rest assured it is related to future and probably present scams of Rogers. Did he turn his passport in as Ordered by the Court?? The Motion to Vacate the prior Order related to the proceeds of his bond is being heard? There was an agreement to abate the appeal, surprising that the District Attorney's Office doesn't seem to press this, although Rogers has maintained all along that Greg Willis will see him through this time of tribulation..Just some thoughts....

Anonymous said...

Should this information be a current?

Shining the light of truth on Kelly Rogers said...

My understanding is that Rogers did surrender his passport. As for the motion to vacate, that's all about the previous bond company trying to get his money. I terms of Greg Willis, they claim to be all about integrity, so we will see.

That information on Riva Ridge is old. It was assessor information from 2009. I know this because it shows Richard and Kaylynn Weyand living at 15 Stonebriar Way and we know they sold their house and moved.

Its interesting it does not show an 18 Stonebriar way...George Shipp's house?