Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What's going on at 8 Riva Ridge?

There's a great app for seeing who lives in your neighborhood. It's called "White Pages Neighbors". You simply enter your address and it provides a complete rundown of who lives in your neighborhood. That is, except if your Kelly G Rogers.

Kelly G Rogers no longer exists in his neighborhood. If you enter the Rogers current address at 18 Stonebriar Way, Frisco, TX you only get Carrie Rogers. Doesn't Kelly live here anymore?

But it gets way more interesting when you enter 8 Riva Ridge. An error occurs in the program? That's curious.
We reported last week that according to Zillow, the bank foreclosed on the property on 9/8/2010 and the lender purchased the property for $1,400,000. The bank resold the home to someone on 1/17/2012 for $1,856,250. Yet, no one has moved in, which seems very peculiar.

We posed the question; who drops almost $2.0 Million and then leaves a house empty for 2 years?

Do a reverse lookup on Attorney Kelly Rogers cell phone 214-837-0000, his Stonebriar Way address appears as his business office address. So who owns Riva Ridge? Anyone know? 


Anonymous said...

So here is the pertinent question.. If Rogers isn't living at the address, why are his bonds not being revoked..certainly a condition has to be that the District Attorney's Office is aware of his address. Also, did Rogers surrender his passport to the Court registry as he was Ordered to do months ago? It quite frankly continues to be mind boggling why a District Attorney's Office known for aggressive prosecution, allows this creep to continue to get away with his there any person that walks erect that doesn't believe Rogers is still scamming people?

Shining the light of truth on Kelly Rogers said...

Rogers surrendered his passport before he was able to leave jail back in November. On the house, I'm sure Carrie did not include Kelly on the phone listing with the White Pages. However, Rogers lists his business at this location, which is probably why back in November, the police were seen removing boxes of evidence from the Stonebriar rental home.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, I just learned about all this from a friend who still lives in Dallas. We used to know Carrie many years back, in the 80s when we lived there. How in the round world did she ever get hooked up with this person!! This is quite disheartening, she was a sweet girl with a fine family we knew at church.

Anonymous said...

How come the court website says "announcement" on 5/15/14 and nothing about trial on 5/19/14?

Shining the light of truth on Kelly Rogers said...

Not sure what site your looking at. However, if you go into the third case from the bottom...380-81036-2012, that's where they keep all the details of the case.

It clearly says pre-trial on 5-15 and jury trial on 5-19.

Tex said...

You can find out who owns a property by using the Collin County property tax website:

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tex. Thanks to your great link, we've found out who owns the Rogers home and are preparing a completed story for later this week.

Anonymous said...

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