Monday, February 10, 2014

Have You invested with Attorney Kelly Rogers since May of 2012?


Have you or someone you know, invested with Attorney Kelly Rogers since he was indicted in May of 2012?

Equally important, are you sick and tired of seeing these trials delayed for perpetuity? 

Do you feel like Attorney Kelly Rogers should be forced to sit in jail until his May 17th, 2014 trial?

Then listen up.

You need to network with your contacts and find those who've been solicited by Rogers since these indictments were handed down in May of 2012. If Rogers has continued his pattern of soliciting the investing public with these fraudulent investment scams, then he is a menace to the public and needs to have his bond revoked.

We need to hear from you. You can confidentially email any information to or  you can post your information on this blog Anonymously. 


Anonymous said...

What will you do if Kelly is acquitted?

Anonymous said...

With the stack of evidence, the bank accounts showing distribution of dollars to others and witness list, highly, highly unlikely.

Is that what your hoping for...Carrie?

Anonymous said...

Let's see, there is about as much of a chance of me finding a unicorn in my backyard today, as the chance of Rogers being acquitted. Obviously a member of the Rogers Klan decided to raise their head ( in typical Rogers cowardly fashion, anonymously ). A nerve probably has been struck due to the fact that Rogers is clearly scamming more innocent people. He has had over 4 years to continue his fraud upon society. He and Carrie do not know any other way to live. I fault the District Attorneys Office for lacking in aggressiveness to find ways to put Rogers in jail, pending trial. In the days and months to come after Rogers gets an enormous sentence, it will come to fruition that many more we're scammed after Rogers was indicted. I tried calling the Law Office number listed on The State Bar for Kelly a Rogers, 214 837 0000, no answer. Hmmmmmm... How fitting, his phone number is predominantly made of zeros. Like his conscience level. By The Way, I saw Carrie the other day, it appears the stress of the failure of the Ponzi Scheme, has taken its toll, she looked like she had been dumped out of a dryer, prior to the wrinkle free cycle from being completed. Carrie and Kelly Rogers are a joke, and an embarrassment to society, just go away already, Carrie needs to find an old gray beard to take care of her while Kelly experiences his new forced alternative lifestyle in TDCJ.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what are the chances that some other people in that Frisco office where the computers were raided on the parent ponzi scheme, will be indicted and pursued ? Hard to believe Mr Rogers was all alone in all of this ???

Anonymous said...

To the person wondering if anyone else from the old Frisco office would be indicted for all of this.

First, you obviously have it out for Richard Weyand, so do something about it. Call the DA and give them your evidence!

Fact is, while Weyand has cheated many out of their funds (A fool and his money are easily parted), he's not going to be indicted or it would have happened already. It might be wishful thinking on your part but it ain't going to happen.

I will say that one of the more interesting things pulled off those computers was evidence that Rogers had subscribed to a porn dating site where his log in information was something like "Big Boy". It was never published on the website. No wonder Carrie kept him under such close scrutiny.

Anonymous said...

"Fact is, while Weyand has cheated many out of their funds... "

name even ONE ??

Barbara said...

I once did work for Rogers before I knew what a crook he is and was never paid. He wanted a settlement agreement to weasel out of paying me. I haven't heard from him since. Seems that he preys no only on investors but honest working folks.

Shining the light of truth on Kelly Rogers said...

To the anonymous person who said;
"Fact is, while Weyand has cheated many out of their funds... " name even ONE??
February 17, 2014 at 3:47 PM

How about each and every Oil and Gas investor who put up money in any of the deals he did, including the Vinton Dome? How about DK Joint Venture 1 v. Weyand where an arbitration panel nailed him with a $12.0 Million dollar judgment which he was able to get overturned by the 5th circuit court? Every single investor lost their money.

How about Level Par scam? How about the Orpheum Theater in New Orleans that still sits as a scourge on the city and the investors got screwed? How about the Patterson Company LLC v. Weyand, filed: April 7, 2009 as 6:2009cv00133?

How about his car wash deals that Bradley Dean invested in and was forced to file lawsuits against ever entity Weyand owned before his investment was finally returned. And to my knowledge, he is about the only one that ever got his money back.

I assure you that real people put up there money in good faith and if you dig hard enough, you can find the investor names yourself.

Anonymous said...

Shining Light, that is quite a list of offenses.
Why is Richard Weyand NOT in jail then with Kelly Rogers? Or is he just a lot smarter? Does he have a law degree like Rogers? What legal or otherwise credentials does he have if not a lawyer?

Shining the light of truth on Kelly Rogers said...

I my view, he had a the right attorney at the right time to deflect the attention off himself and onto rogers when all this crap hit. And he properly distanced himself from rogers. So of the 7 indictments against rogers, only 1 came as a result of team rogers and weyand. That was misappropriation of corporate funds.

However, after the 2007 SEC agreed settlement, rogers went on his own and continued raising money, not disclosing lawsuits against him or registering the money raises with the state security commission. Ultimately, he solicited Brad Dean and the rest is history.

As for Weyand, he's kept his head low and stayed off the radar.

Anonymous said...

Who is the idiot that keeps asking about Richard Weyand? Is it Kelly Rogers? Does it matter that criminal charges weren't filed against him? Weyand is a scofflaw, a dirtball and a disgrace to society. The barometer isn't whether or not criminal charges were filed, the barometer is they are both miscreants that took people's hard earned money. At the end of this, they will both meet the same maker. I'm really done with the idiot that keeps asking about Richard Weyand. Start a Richard Weyand Blog. This is about Kelly Rogers and his fraudulent conduct upon society.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Anonymous - lighten up. I was finding the Weyand discussion interesting. I am also interested in why he didn't run into the same issues as Rogers. I was always under the impression that he was doing much of the same things. Regardless - take a pill - relax!

Anonymous said...

Ouch looks like that idiot hit someone's nerve !! wonder whose??!!
Last time anyone looked there is still a thing called due process and presumption of innocence. RW could just be is a fine upstanding citizen with no arrest record to anyone's knowledge. Also who appointed anyone other than the moderator as the "word cop" hehehe

Shining the light of truth on Kelly Rogers said...

I want to remind everyone of the task at hand. We are looking for evidence of an investment offering made by Rogers to anyone out there since his indictments. As a flight risk and lying piece of crap, we would love to see him back in jail. You can help make that happen by finding someone whose been solicited!

Anonymous said...

Excellent point concerning staying on task. Rogers was listed as part of Golden Eagle Investments Inc, unlike several other business entities, it is still listed in the online business directories as located in Frisco. If it is the same one and currently in operation it may be a source of names of individuals who are being taken advantage of.

Anonymous said...

Golden Eagle and Rogers reference

MONDAY, JUNE 7, 2010
Investors take heart; God said to Joel; "I will restore to you the years"....

This story is a gift to all who've been wiped out financially as a result of being involved in the various schemes offered by Kelly G.Rogers. Whether it was; Level Par, Discovery Energy, Discovery Oil and gas, DRD, Flagship CW, Gibraltar Energy, Golden Eagle Investments,

Global Lime, Global Lime No La, Greystone, GS Investors, Jet Operations, Lionheart Energy, Mexicoal (Rio Grand Coal Mining), Orion Energy, Orion Oil and Gas, Star drilling and Workover, Superior Soils, Superior Concrete, Texas New Homes, Vinton Drilling, Weyand Properties, Series C Holdings, Industrial Alliance or Falcon Energy-Buck Hamilton Series, you know who you are.