Friday, June 27, 2014

Kelly G Rogers--60 Days in slammer.

On this Independence weekend, I wanted to remind you that we're free and Kelly G Rogers is not.

To celebrate 60 days of incarceration , lets all reach out with a text of love and affection. Text Kelly at 214-837-0000 and remind him of your freedom. You can also send Carrie a text at 214-837-0001 as inquire about who's money she's spending this weekend.

Is that mean? That's not the appropriate question here. Is it mean to take all of someone's money, make big promises to make them rich, only to lose it all and keep most of the money to support your wife's thirst for riches? Oh and without as much as an "I'm sorry"?

Now that's cold blooded. Enjoy the weekend everybody and as soon as Rogers get's transferred to a State of Texas facility, is assigned a prisoner record, we'll let you know.

In the meantime, read the May 2014 write up at the Texas state Securities Board website.


Anonymous said...

It is not mean at all. If the roles were reversed what would Kelly and Carrie be doing? They still had the unmitigated audacity, even at the very end of the sentencing, to somehow try to divert the blame to bloggers and postings. Both Kelly and Carrie were and are vindictive people with no soul, so it's "gloves off" theory as it pertains to each of them. My bet is that Rogers is transferred this Thursday or next Thursday to TDCJ. When you get to 45 days and beyond after the TDCJ packet has been sent, then it is close! The bus usually leaves around 8:30 am on Thursday morning, I'll be having a cup of coffee in the parking lot each Thursday from this point forward, enjoying the scenery of the new Courthouse and maybe I will get a picture of our friend's exit to prison! Happy 4th of July, truly a celebration of independence this year and every year we keep Kelly Rogers incarcerated.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Kelly's phone is still active, as he obviously can't have it back for the next several YEARS. LOL

Anonymous said...

Does anybody have any updates when other partners-in-crime may be indicted?

Anonymous said...

Rogers should have been transferred by now. Any news on this?