Monday, June 23, 2014

Hearing Scheduled for Kelly Gordon Rogers. Plea Bargain imminent.

It looks like Kelly Gordon Rogers has waived is right an appeal and will accept a Plea Bargain on Thursday. The Collin County Website shows a hearing is scheduled for 9:00 am on Thursday.

Let's make sure our Dallas readers make a visit to the courtroom with cameras in hand.

We knew something was up last Thursday when six warrants were issued for his arrest and "W's" were attached to his jail record. The warrants were served to him in his prison cell (that gives  me "warm and fuzzies") and it raised a red flag as to what was going on. Here's an interesting comment from the website.
"Looks like a plea deal is in the works for the remainder of Kelly Rogers cases. A waiver of appeal was filed on June 20, 2014. There will be a hearing on June 26, 2014 which should require Rogers personal attendance and a chance to see our favorite felon, post conviction. By waiving his appeal he is negotiating or is agreeing to negotiate a deal on the other cases. Looks like Dale Barron has broken Rogers down. Might be worth a trip to the Courthouse to possibly see Rogers final court appearance for long time unless or until he pleas the remainder of the cases, which he will be required to be present for".

By the way, concerning Rogers' status as an attorney. Standard operating procedure is the court automatically sends these rulings to the State Bar of Texas. They take the necessary action to disbar Der-Slick-Meister. Then in December, of each year, the Texas Supreme Court finalizes the action and it's over.
Once that happens, AVVO will discontinue his rating and website. It's disgusting that a convicted Felon like Rogers has a higher AVVO rating than Dale Barron, the prosecutor.
Now let's get onto Carrie Rogers who's still enjoying the fine Country Club living, complete with spa time, shopping in her spare time, luxuries and other shenanigans. One question for the ACCOMPLICE....where did the money come from and who does it belong to?

To her, life has not changed one iota, other than her soon to be "Former Husband" is in jail. She's an accessory, an involved participant and needs to go to jail too.


Anonymous said...

" Now let's get onto Carrie Rogers who's still enjoying the fine Country Club living, complete with spa time, shopping in her spare time, luxuries and other shenanigans. One question for the ACCOMPLICE....where did the money come from and who does it belong to?
To her, life has not changed one iota, other than her soon to be "Former Husband" is in jail. She's an accessory, an involved participant and needs to go to jail too. "

Some guess, dad won't let that happen some would wager, as well as any of his former theoretical scam partners helping her, as it would be in their best interest to help keep her out of the slammer in exchange for none of the potential testimony to come out about participation in any of the scams... if they were involved in any way, which is doubtful.

Anonymous said...


This is confusing about “Level Par Investments LLC” which was named in association with Rogers in a below SEC dot Gov release.

Was this entity “Level Par Investments LLC” a ponzi scheme in and of itself? Or was the crime just that Kelly Rogers “embezzled” money from it as is claimed at this site ?

Here is the Gov release

it says:
“The complaint also alleges that Rogers, through Level Par (Frisco, Texas), solicited 35 investors by representing that his investment, purportedly involving the trading of bank debentures, was totally secure and paid weekly returns of 25 percent. According to the Commission's complaint, the investment programs were shams and the investors' funds were used for purposes other than "investments," including the personal use of the promoters.”

Here is something confusing, here are the listed “Company Principals” for “LEVEL PAR INVESTMENTS LLC”

it says:
“Level Par Investments, LLC is a Texas Limited-Liability Company filed on September 28, 2005. The company's filing status is listed as Not In Good Standing and its File Number is 0800550498.

The Registered Agent on file for this company is Kelly G Rogers and is located at 8 Riva Ridge Frisco, TX 75034. The company's principal address is 5300 Town And Country Blvd Ste 150 Frisco, TX 75034-6907.

The company has 3 principals on record. The principals are Andy Haase from Frisco TX, Kelly G. Rogers from Frisco TX, and Richard W. Weyand from Frisco TX.”


at this link 5 of the many companies listed at this same address in Frisco at bizapedia show “Kelly G Rogers” listed as the “registered agent” INCLUDING the “LEVEL PAR INVESTMENTS, LLC”
what does “registered agent” mean?
And who are the other people involved in “Level Par” and what if anything did they have to do with this entity “Level Par”?

It sounds like "Level Par Investments" might have been a legal entity but Rogers got caught for embezzlement? Or was this entity an illegal "Ponzi scheme" in and of itself?

Shining the light of truth said...

You're coming late to the table on Level Par. Rogers began investing in Ponzi schemes in 2005, first in the Travis-Correll scheme which Robbie Gowdey introduced him to (and the SEC later froze assets in Dec. 05) and later in Global Finance and CR Davis via level par.

Rogers was sited as a "Facilitator" in the SEC action against Global-Finance. He did embezzle $200,000 which he had CR Davis wire to his PERSONAL account rather than Level Par. But he was never charged with that.

The SEC contacted the office of level par when they discovered a deposit from L.P. in CR Davis' account in late spring of 06. Weyand and the entire group, including an attorney, laid all of the facts out to Rogers who refused to accept the fact that Global Finance was a Ponzi. All others began to cooperate with the SEC investigation and Rogers was eventually nailed for violating the security and exchange rules.

Rogers' first indictment was for taking money out of the DRD Oil and Gas company and paying for personal items such as a $50,000 pool and gifts at Disney world's gift shop on a company credit card.

Level Par was never considered a Ponzi on it's own but was part of the Global-Finance receivership.

Anonymous said...

Before the official proceedings started, his lawyer Nolte was chatting with Dale Baron, the state prosecutor, and remarked, "there's our friend," motioning over in my direction. I just stared back at him until he looked away. Why would I want to be a friend of someone who defended a dirtbag like Rogers? I'm all for being entitled to effectively defended, but Rogers is now a CONVICTED FELON. Such hubris! If there was any question I considered myself a "friend" of Nolte (and there wasn't), he slammed the door on that thought. At least it was a dirtbag representing a dirtbag, so they probably got along well. Anyway, I was the ONLY person who was watching, no friends or family for Rogers were present.

Rogers showed up in court in a standard drab olive green "onsies" type jumpsuit, with full "jewelry" of ankle chains, waist chain, handcuffs attached to the waist chain, and prison type plastic standard issue glasses. He also had a fresh buzz cut, less than 1/4 inch long.

The judged swore in Rogers, and asked him to raise his right hand, at least as far as he could, given his wrist was attached to the waist chain.

The deal is Rogers promised not to appeal his conviction in exchange for the other 6 charges being dropped.

Even though they went through the normal "do you really understand this deal" exchange, Dale asked him one question, along the lines of "Now you understand Mr. Rogers, if you find the penitentiary environment not to your liking, if you appeal we can reinstate the other 6 charges, right?" Rogers of course responded affirmatively.

The judge indicated he would be leaving for prison very soon, such as today or tomorrow, as the Sheriff likes to get rid of those sentenced to 10 years or more the quickest. I saw two large black with black windowed buses in the parking lot while I was there, so I assume that will be where he sits for his last trip for a very long time.

There was no "lecture" from the judge, a bit disappointing as well.

So, not a single extra day for this scumbag who caused much more damage than what came from the single charge he was convicted of, including damaged relationships, divorces, bankruptcies, and at least one suicide.

However, I can understand the state's position, as this is now a fully closed case, and they need to save some room prison space for Rogers' partners in crime, and it is after all OUR tax dollars that keep this creep locked up for the next 10-15 years or so.

Therefore, let's focus on Carrie and the others who helped Rogers with the above results, I'm sure Nolte is looking for some new clients, because he stuck the fork in Rogers - HE'S DONE!